5 Best Must Have Android Apps of 2017

Struggling to get started with the best Android apps of 2017 to install on your new Android device? Then don’t worry anymore, as we are here to give you a heads-up on apps that can give you a nice feel for your device.

Android Apps of 2017

Note, there are nearly three million apps in the Google Play Store. So, most of the time users are confused about what to install or the one which should be rejected. Simply running the numbers, one can easily estimate that most of them aren’t worth to be installed or cover up space on your Android smartphone.

So how do you cut through the trash to find out the best Android apps you really need?

Here is the list of 5 best must-have Android apps of 2017 that every Android user must install on their Android device:-

1. Amazon Kindle:

Gone are the days when one use to buy books from the store, all the book lovers are moving to eBooks in this digital era. If you’re a bookworm and finding it really difficult to get rid of hard copies of your favorite books and at the same time you can’t just give up on your passion for reading, this Android App is a must-have. Amazon is the king of eBooks, despite the best efforts from other companies like Barnes & Noble, it allows you to sync your current read between your phone, tablet, and Kindle so you can keep all your devices on the same page. If you’re not a Kindle user, there are other great options in the Play Store such as Moon+ Reader and Overdrive, which allows you to borrow eBooks from your library.


2. Google maps:

If you’re still following the good old ways like “Asking people” or “Remembering landmarks” for navigating to places, you’re still living in Adam’s era. Google maps is the best maps app on the Play Store and is always improving with new and better features like the recent addition allowing users to add a stop along their road trip.

Google maps android app


3. CamScanner:

If you ever need to scan documents on the go, CamScanner is the best option available on the Google Play Store. It’s incredibly simple to use and helpful in a pinch. You just take out your document to scan, point your phone camera, click and done; it’s that simple. The app also allows you to sync your scanned documents across multiple devices, so you can keep everything up to date.

CamScanner android app

4. Android Device Manager:

Smartphones are extremely important to one’s life in this digital era, so you must have a plan in case something goes wrong. Android Device Manager helps users locate their device when it’s gone missing, reset pin or passcode and even erase all the data. It’s not an app you’ll use on daily basis. But the one time you need it, you’ll be pleased with the amazing benefits that the app offers.

Android Device Manager

5. Facebook Messenger:

The Problem with most messaging apps is that they require you to invite your friends to join as well. Not so with the Facebook messenger, as most of the living population already has a Facebook account. This app has a vast variety of communication options like text, voice call and video calling as well. It also features lots of stickers and emoticons to express your thoughts in the virtual world.

facebook-messenger android app

I’ll admit, this list doesn’t have everything. It doesn’t even begin to touch the seemingly infinite variety of the Google Play store. What it does cover are the apps that you should install on your Android phone or tablet as soon as it comes out of the box. With the installation of the above five Android apps, you should be able to tackle just about anything.

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