Domestic violence: know the causes and cycle of phases

domestic violence

There is a significant difference between the brain of a child who is currently in a loving and supportive environment than a child who has seen Domestic violence and aggression. These battered children would develop the need of isolation in fear of getting hurt by peers. They are also more prone to psychological dysfunctions such as depression and anxiety.

Causes of Domestic Violence and Aggressiondomestic violence


It is influential on a person’s aggressive behavior. Toddlers at the age of one to three years old are aggressive due to the use of physical aggression to acquire ones’ needs and wants.


Males are more aggressive than females. This does not mean females are never physically aggressive. Females do when provoked by the same species. It’s found that women tend to use physical aggression more than men. But, when men use physical aggression, men are more likely to cause serious injuries and death.


More specifically, unpleasant events are sure to cause frustrations and aggression. Unpleasant events such as cramming for class requirements, loud noises, scolded or criticized by people, social withdrawal, etc.

Alcoholdomestic violence

This increases the likelihood of domestic violence and aggression instead of causing this. In other words, alcohol is only one factor that influences a person to be hostile. Intoxicated aggression falls into two categories. This disrupts cognitive processes and the social attitudes of an intoxicated person.

All these factors may influence the hostile behavior of a person.  But there is a theory called, a cycle of violence. It explains the behavior of a person who causes and commits to domestic and family violence. which also explains the effect to the people who continually face these events.

Cycle of Violence: 6 Stagesdomestic violence

Build-up stage

It is when a relationship begins, and there is a gradual increase in tension. This will be verbal, emotional, physical, or financial abuse.

Stand over phase

It is when the violence increases inevitably that the people who experience the person’s outbursts feel empty and fearful of causing the situation to worsen.


The time when the perpetrator seeks to burst out their tension and is out of control, the person uses violence to control and have power over others.

Remorse phase

The perpetrator feels guilty of the actions and withdraws from the relationship.

Pursuit phase

The stage where the perpetrator promises the person or people affected to treat them better and to not act negatively again.

Honeymoon phase

When the perpetrator and victim are in denial of the abuse and violence that happened but later on, the cycle would begin again.domestic violence

Children exposed to an aggressive and violent household is more likely to adopt this on ones’ future relationships. The link between being a spectator of the violent behaviors of ones’ parents and bringing it to adulthood still has a vague answer.

According to the researchers from Indiana University’s Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, one of the reasons behind a child carrying out the hostile behaviors witnessed maybe because of these children observed how their parents solve problems in a hostile and destructive manner.

Thus, as these children grow up, the child learns to process that the kind of behavior their parents showed was a good way to handle conflicts.

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Solo travel: what are the perks of travelling alone?

solo travel

Travel makes you modest. You’ll see what a tiny space you occupy in this world. As Dalai Lama once said, “once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”. Solo travel will not only push you out from your comfort zone, but it’ll also push you out from others’ expectations.solo travel

It’s not a choice that many can make. Though, if you’re willing to break your limitations and planning to go on an adventure. Here are some reasons to follow your heart:

You’ll get to understand who you aresolo travel

When you finally go out from your comfort zone on your own. You’ll need to make decisions, overcome your fears, and find yourself in order to conquer the adventure. It’s not going to be an easy task considering the situations that you’re about to face.

Travelling will expose you to difficult situations where you’ll get to know the person inside you. Even though the first few days may make you worn out, the importance of following your heart will make the experience enjoyable. Travelling to a far away destination will help you understand the purpose of life.

It will bring new meanings into your lifesolo travel

Travelling alone will help you learn how to rely on yourself at difficult circumstances. It will expose you to taking on challenges that’ll test your patience. At times, you’ll need to travel through stranded places or will have to get direction from a local person who doesn’t even speak your language. These are some situations worth experiencing if you ask me.

By putting you out there, you’ll learn how the world works. It is definite to present you with experience for a lifetime.

You’ll make new friends

You’re going to meet a lot of people out there. Some may won’t even speak your language, and others will give you a curious eye. However, the local people are excited to know what you’re doing in their country. The curiosity ends in a friendship most of the time. This experience will make your interactions easier in real-life.

You’ll learn how to rely on yourself

Solo travel will teach the importance of relying on yourself in difficult situations. You’re the most important person in your life, you need to make your own decisions and trust your heart. When you’re out traveling alone, you’ll be the only person that you can rely on. This will help you make important decisions in your life ahead.

Solo travel will boost your confidencesolo travel

Once conquered, the confidence in your life will rise sky high. The experience of solo travel will change your outlook on life and will help you challenge your limitations. You’ll become a strong person who can cope with the obstacles in your path. You’ll realize the word “NO” is an excuse, this will help you achieve any goals in your life.

Above are only a few perks of being a solo traveler. The most important thing is, you get to travel to any place that you wish. There’s no one to pull you back once you’re out there standing alone.

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Multiple Personality: three popular cases that made the headlines

multiple personality

Dissociative Identity Disorder, or else known as Multiple Personality, is caused by psychological trauma in a person’s life event. This condition develops in a host to protect them from unpleasant thoughts and memories. People as young as 5 years old to as old as 65 is prone to this disorder.

There were three popular cases that made the headlines. Billy Milligan, Shirley Mason, and Herschel Walkers.

1. Billy Milliganmultiple personality

Billy Milligan is a criminal and a victim; an expert actor that can split his personalities into 24. Charged with countless rape, robbery, and violence made Milligan a wanted man.

The 24 personalities ranged from an 8-year-old child to mid-30s. Some were reckless and dangerous, while others have shown passion for arts and sports. There was a personality called the “Teacher” who was aware of the rest of the personalities.

So, what was the cause of Billy Milligan’s Multiple personality?

Events such as the suicide of his father to his mother’s remarriage. To a man who made him perform sexual acts have influenced Billy Milligan. It ended up creating 24 different personalities in him.

2. Shirley Masonmultiple personality

Shirley Mason is a different case. She willed herself to go to a psychiatrist for help. She would mention events such as waking up to a strange hotel or walking in a city which was far away from her house. There would be cases wherein strangers recognize her as Peggy but Shirley would reject such recognition.

During the session, the psychiatrist saw “Peggy” who was the complete opposite of Shirley Mason. Peggy was confident and straightforward to what she wants. Mason’s childhood involves her mother torturing her through physical and verbal abuse at the age of 3.

3. Herschel Walkermultiple personality

Herschel Walker is a popular football player. He wrote a book about his journey to fighting his illness. He was once married to Cindy Grossman. She later revealed how Herschel would be different in the household from the tone of voice, characteristic, and actions.

However, the cause of Walker’s Dissociative Identity Disorder was the bullying he received in school. He used to get beaten up to the point of unconsciousness. Through this, Herschel created personalities that were strong and confident but also dangerous.

People with any kind of disorder tend to feel belittled. Thus, this makes their disorder worsen when they needed someone the most. In the case of Billy Milligan, he received negative reactions from the society after treatment. In turn, Billy Milligan’s disorder came back and got worse.multiple personality

This shows how we won’t know what our actions do to a person until we see the aftermath. In fact, it will be too late for you to solve this mistake. Why? Because you made a negative impact on the person’s life already.

People should come to a realization that no man is an island; a person should not feel isolated from the world. The perfect treatment for multiple personality is not expensive mental institutions. However, it is supporting the person by accepting who they are. Through this, the willingness to change and move forward will be evident to those diagnosed with mental disorders.

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Growth disorder in teenagers: know the causes and fixes

growth disorder

Knowing that you already stopped growing is just frustrating. But knowing that it’s your lifestyle the culprit behind your growth disorder, is more aggravating. If you’re a teenager and you’re suffering from height issues, don’t get all gloomy, you still can fix the matter of concerns.growth disorder

Know that you’re not the only one who’s suffering from this dilemma. According to a study conducted by Imperial College London, the average height of an Indian woman is 5 feet whereas for an Indian man it’s 5 feet 4.9 inches. So, if you live in India, you’re already born with a height concern when comparing to some other countries.

Maybe your concerns started as you saw your friends growing taller suddenly. That’s where I began to worry about my growth disorder. But, the truth is, a person’s height is mostly determined by things such as genes.

So, there are no fixes for growth disorder?growth disorder

There are many factors that can affect your growth. During your teenage, your growth is controlled by your activities and diets. Your body needs enough nutrition and movement to support your growth. For example, a plant needs nutrient-rich soil for its growth. It’s the same for you as well.

However, it’s too soon to give up your hopes. You can counter your growth disorder by introducing certain healthy habits.

Consume a balanced diet

Eating lean protein, meat, fish, soy, and calcium-rich foods can help to promote the growth of healthy bones. Studies also show that zinc deficiency can also stunt growth in teenagers. You can include pumpkin, squash seeds, peanuts to supplement your body with enough zinc.

Also, try to avoid or keep a control on pizza, cake, sweets, and soda. Being fit will make you look taller and feel better.

Engage in physical activitiesgrowth disorder

Getting regular exercise can help you grow taller. In fact, engaging in physical activities throughout your teenage has a huge impact on your growth. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Join a gym or join a sports team, you can see that you’re getting taller when you’re getting enough exercise.

Get enough sleepgrowth disorder

Get between 9 to 11 hours of sleep each night. Your body grows while you’re asleep. Hence, having enough sleep means that you’re giving plenty of time for your body to grow. Don’t spend the night staring at your phone’s screen, give that time for your body to grow.

Eliminate bad habits to prevent growth disordergrowth disorder

Avoid the use of cigarettes and alcohol if you don’t want to stunt your growth. These habits are proven to affect your natural growth, so avoid such bad habits while you’re young. You can expect to grow till your twenties, keep that in mind.

Above are the causes and fixes for growth disorder during teenage. So, if you’re a teenager, make sure to introduce these lifestyle changes into your life.

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Imposing personalities: top 10 successful public figures in India

imposiing personalities

Success doesn’t depend on results, but in efforts. Being the best is not so important, doing the best is all that matters. Here are the top ten imposing personalities in India. But, I’d like to present them as the most successful public figures in India.

Top 10 imposing personalities in India

1. Mukesh Ambani

imposing personalities
The name itself is familiar all-around India. He owns a net worth of $38 billion. Mukesh Ambani tops our list for the most imposing personalities. He chairs and runs the gas giants Reliance Industries with a revenue of $51 million.

Founded by Dhirubhai Ambani in 1966, the Reliance Industries has grown to become one of the most valuable companies in India.

2. Azim Premji

imposing personalities
A student who gave up his studies from the most prestigious Stanford University. But, life had another fate written for him. He has a net worth of around $19 billion. Azim Premji’s Wipro makes a $9 billion in revenue which makes it the third-largest outsourcer in India.

3. Hinduja Family

imposing personalities
With a net worth of $18.5 billion, The Hinduja Group is run by four brothers Srichand, Gopichand, Prakash, and Ashok. Their businesses range from banking and cable connections to trucks and lubricants.

4. Lakshmi Mittal

imposing personalities
Lakshmi Mittal has a net worth of around $16.5 billion. He serves as the CEO and chairman of the world’s largest steelmakers. After separating the business from his siblings, Mittal steel went on to merge with France’s Arcelor in 2006. ArcelorMittal bagged a net profit of $1.8 billion in 2016 benefitting from the increase in demand and price for the steel.

5. Pallonji Mistry

imposing personalities
Pallonji Mistry controls the 152-year-old construction giants Shapoorji Pallonji Group. Headquartered in Mumbai, the family holds 18.4% stake in Tata Sons. Pallonji Mistry has a net worth of $16 billion.

6. Godrej Family

imposing personalities
Established by Ardeshir Godrej in 1897, the 120-year-old consumer-goods giants hold a revenue of $4.6 billion. Today, the Godrej Group is chaired by Adi Godrej, a former MIT graduate. Godrej Group has a net worth of $14.2 billion.

7. Shiv Nadar

imposing personalities
Founded in 1976, the HCL Technologies has a net worth of $13.6 billion. Cofounded by the IT pioneer Shiv Nadar, the company provides jobs for over 120,000 employees worldwide. Shiv Nadar is also a leading philanthropist in India. He donated over $662 million to Nadar foundations which backs the children for their education.

8. Kumar Birla

imposing personalities
Kumar Birla is the fourth-generation head of the Aditya Birla Group. With a net worth of around $12.6 billion, Birla Groups trades span around cement, aluminium, telecom, and financial services. The group also has a $41 billion revenue.

9. Dilip Shanghvi & family

imposing personalities
With a net worth of $12.1 billion. Sun Pharmaceutical Industries is the fourth largest Pharma outfit in the world. Founded by Dilip Shanghvi 1983, the company is India’s most valuable pharma outfit with a revenue of $5 billion in 2017.

10. Gautam Adani & family

imposing personalities
With $11 billion worth of businesses, Gautam Adani finishes our ten-man list. He controls the Mundra Port in Gujrat which is the largest port in India. His businesses span through power generation and transmission, real-estate, and commodities.

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Regain self-confidence: here’s how to get rid of your uncertainty

regain self-confidence

Self-confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how great you are, if you can’t see it for yourself? Don’t worry though, you’re not alone if you’re facing this dilemma. Millions around the world suffer from low self-esteem and confidence. Be that as it may, are you looking to regain self-confidence?

If you are, you can do this by introducing certain habits into your lifestyle. Improving your competence and self-image will result in improving your self-confidence. But how to do so?

regain self-confidence
Here are some tips that will help you regain self-confidence.

Proper grooming

Yes, you heard it right. You can regain your confidence by looking attractive. Having a shower and a shave will help to lift your confidence. You might already know this, but, let me mention it here since I found it helpful in my case. Having the feel of being presentable is enough to boost your confidence sometimes.

Dress nicely

regain self-confidence
I’m not telling you to wear expensive outfits. But, wear the clothes that would make you feel comfortable. Use casual clothes that’ll look nice and presentable. By doing so, you’ll feel presentable and ready to tackle your hurdles. You’ll also feel nice inside when you’re presentable, it will help you achieve an amount of satisfaction.

Think positively and kill your negative thoughts

When you doubt your power, you give the power to your doubt. Remove the doubts from your mind. You need to set the routes to your goals instead of doubting your abilities. Worrying about things won’t make it any better, thus, try not to get influenced by your negative self-talk. You can start this by introducing lifestyle changes, for example, having a morning walk helps a lot to light up your mood for the day.

Act positive

regain self-cofidence
Okay, now you started to think positively. However, just having a positive outlook alone won’t help you regain self-confidence. Your action is the key ingredient in developing your confidence. How to do so? Well, start by acting on your goal instead of doubting your success.Your actions describe who you are, tell yourself that you certainly can.

Ignore naysayers

regain self-confidence
I remember these words, “when people undermine your dreams, predict your doom, or criticize you, remember, they are telling you their story, not yours”. I don’t remember who said this, but take a dive into these words, the things in those words are so accurate. There’ll be naysayers no matter how good you perform. Here’s my piece of advice, ignore those naysayers and follow your dreams.

Know yourself

regain self-confidence
Would you go onto the battlefield without knowing your enemy? It’s the same here. Know yourself and know what you’re capable of. In my opinion, if you work hard and set enough importance to your goals, there’s not a thing that you can’t achieve. Start by listening to your thoughts, or write a journal with your thoughts, that will help you learn more about yourself.

Be more generous

regain self-confidence
This might sound weird for some. You must be thinking why you need to be generous in order to boost your confidence. But talking from my experience, it really helps. There’s no better way to lift your self-image, nothing else could replicate the amount of pleasure you get by helping someone. Be kind and generous, this will also help you find self-esteem.

Above are only a few tips that I found useful from my experience. It worked for me, and it might work for you as well. Like we all say, you never know what works until you give it a try.

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Medical tourism: why India is the best choice for foreigners?

medical tourism

Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it. Think about it, a healthy individual is happier in every aspect. However, every person encounters sickness time-to-time.To make things even worse, the sheer priced medical bills are sure to give anyone an unpleasant surprise. That is where medical tourism comes to a person’s aid.

What is medical tourism?

medical tourism
The rapid growth in the medical field has helped to make the treatments popularly priced to benefit patients. However, there are still some extortionate treatment methods that many can’t afford.

This happens especially if you live in well-developed countries like America or European nations. The expenses for treatments are very highly priced in these countries. In such cases, the patient can opt to travel abroad for the same treatment at a much cheaper rate.

Preferred destinations for medical travellers

medical tourism
India, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico are the most favourite destinations for medical travellers. These countries offer surgical procedures like intestine transplant, heart transplant, and bone marrow transplant at a much cheaper and affordable rate. Though, the quality of treatment is almost the same when compared to European and western countries.

Medical tourism in India

medical tourism

India is witnessing a huge increase in its annual patient visits with each passing year. With international quality standards and reduced cost of treatment, India has already become the preferred treatment destination for patients from around the world.

With good repute and acclaimed doctors in the field, India’s medical industry is well-established among the international patients. In addition to that, the stats suggest the medical field will grow to $7 billion from its current size of $3 billion by 2020.

What makes India the best choice for medical tourism?

Orthopaedic, cosmetic, and cardiac surgeries are the main reasons for international patients to visit India. With the better availability of specialist doctors and state-of-the-art treatment facilities, India outranks other competitors with the quality of treatments.

Here are a few more facts which makes India the preferred medical destination.

Treatment methods

medical tourism
India offers a variety of treatment methods that aren’t available or not accessible in other parts of the world. Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Indian traditional treatments are only a few to name. These treatment methods are not available anywhere else in the world. Though if it’s available at some part, it will never be compared with India’s traditional treatment techniques.


Modern infrastructure and well-trained staffs for international treatment care are another reason for patients to choose India. Plus, the visa for arrival and treatment are easier to access for patients from selected countries.


As I mentioned earlier, the doctors and surgeons in the Indian medical field are well repute. The availability of doctors in specialty and super specialty fields give the international patients all the reason to visit India. Well, the reduced cost of treatment is another thing that’s worth mentioning.

India is the best choice for medical tourists due to these reasons. At the same time, the patients can also extend their stay by visiting traditional treatment centers. Practicing yoga and having a rejuvenating massage, are good methods to celebrate their health.

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Interesting events about to be unfold in 2018

intriguing events

A new year is on the way, like a chapter in a book waiting to be written. It brings a new beginning and endless possibilities as from the years before. However, we are about to witness some interesting events and intriguing discoveries in this coming year.

Here are some interesting events we are about to witness in 2018

Europe installing a missile defence shieldinteresting events

A continent-wide missile defence shield is being deployed in Europe. Developed by the US military, the installing phases for this shield was in talks between 2011 and 2018. If the rumours are true, once done, this will cool down the relation between US and Russia.

However, the shield is only made with an intention to prevent threats from Iran and the Middle East. Thus, the shield is neither designed and nor capable of withstanding strategic strikes from Russia.

Winter Olympicsinteresting events

PyeongChang, South Korea will become the third Asian city to host winter Olympics in 2018. This will take place from 9th February to 25th February. Pyeongchang winter Olympics will become the first winter games hosted in a ski resort town since 1992.

To make this even more amusing, new disciplines are being added to this winter Olympics. This includes Alpine skiing and snowboarding, which are sure to light things up this year.

FIFA World Cupinteresting events

Speaking of interesting events, 2018 is going to witness the most prestigious event in world football. This is the first time Russia is hosting a world cup. FIFA 2018 World Cup is the biggest sporting event this year has to offer. Russia is spending over $10 billion for the preparation of this tournament.

Universal flu vaccineinteresting events

Flu is a serious disease which causes around 250,000 to 500,000 deaths each year. Thus, even on a healthy person, the flu can turn into pneumonia by modifying the protein on its outer surface. This makes the vaccination almost useless as the virus is evolving.

But the scientists were able to derive a cure. The universal vaccine which contains T-cells will give protection against such viruses. The universal flu vaccine will be available by 2018.

Eradication of Polio

Polio is spread through poor sanitation and exposure to poor hygiene. It damages nervous system leading to paralysis and eventual death. Although the polio vaccines were able to bring down the number of deaths in recent decades. There are still reports of death all around the globe.

Be that as it may, thanks to the continuous efforts led by Rotary International, UNICEF, and WHO. Polio is going to be a story of the past by 2018.

Robotic surgeonsinteresting events

Performing a surgery can be difficult even for an experienced surgeon. But, robotic surgeons were around since the 90s. With the constant evolution of technology through the years. We are going to witness robotic surgeons performing more complex surgeries. Majority of the hospitals will make use of robotic surgeons by 2018.

However, these are only a glimpse at the most intriguing events 2018 has to offer. As I mentioned in the beginning, a new year comes with endless possibilities. We can expect to see more.

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Weight loss concerns? Know the Causes for being underweight

weight loss concerns

Being healthy and fit isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle. It not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood. When a majority of the people are thinking about losing weight and trimming their body, there are also many people with the same opposite weight loss concerns.weight loss concerns

What do we mean by being underweight? Well, dealing with weight loss concerns and being underweight can be defined as having a body mass index which is less than the appropriate mass needed to support optimal health. This is below the BMI of 18.5, whereas, over 25 is considered to be overweight.

However, people who are not below the BMI 18.5 still want to gain weight. Do you fall into this category? Or are you struggling to gain weight?

Let’s take a look at the consequences of being underweight

Life expectancy

According to recent studies, being underweight can lead to an early death in both men and women. This might come as shocking to you when people around the world blame obesity for the same. Obesity is associated with only 50% of early death, whereas, being underweight has a greater risk of around 140%. Anyhow, it should be noted that being underweight is worse for men. There are more cases of deaths recorded for men who are underweight.


Weight loss can also damage your immune system. It raises the risk of infection, and can also lead to fractures and osteoporosis. Age-related muscle wasting is another concern seen in underweight individuals. In women, this condition can lead to having fertility problems.

Causes for encountering weight loss concernsweight loss concerns


Having an overactive thyroid will lead to a faster metabolism. This will burn down the calories you took in much faster and will cause unhealthy weight loss. Having a faster metabolism is the main cause of weight loss among teenagers. No matter how much calories you take in, you never seem to gain weight while having a thyroid problem.

Diabetesweight loss concerns

Many people are unaware of the fact that having diabetes can lead to weight loss. It’s better to consult a doctor before blaming your weight loss on other conditions. Type 1 diabetes might be the culprit behind your weight loss.


Certain infections can also cause individuals to become underweight. This includes tuberculosis and parasites which feeds on your body. Although, if you’re losing weight severely, you may want to see a doctor to rule out any serious medical conditions such as HIV or AIDS.

How to gain healthy weightweight loss concerns

Eating junk foods can also help you gain fat. However, it will destroy your health and you’ll only be gifted with an unhealthy belly fat. Therefore, it is important to eat healthy foods even if you’re trying to gain weight.

You need to surpass the required calorific intake your body needs. Take in more calories than your body demands. Aim for 300-500 calories more than your body needs, this will help you gain weight gradually.

Eating nuts, dried fruit, meat, whole grain foods, and tubers can also help you gain healthy weight.

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Dissatisfaction due to aging: What is the truth behind it?


What is dissatisfaction? It is an attitude of displeasure or disappointment. However, the reason behind this dilemma can vary based on different individuals. The same can happen due to the lack of interest or it can also be due to unsatisfying events in our life.

In here, we will be talking about the most common element which causes dissatisfaction among many. Aging, it certainly is the biggest concern for many. Cerebral activities, speeches, inducing memory, deterioration of the cognitive functions can all lead to dissatisfaction while you age.

Have you ever noticed that when we hear certain words like forgetful, dependent, unhealthy we think of elderly people? Well, every living being will age with time and it’s a part of our lifecycle.

dissatisfaction due to aging

Reasons for dissatisfaction

The major reason for dissatisfaction due to ageing is because children are exposed to believe certain things since they were young. They were taught to believe they become weak as they age. However, finding satisfaction is not dependent on how old you are, you could still remain fulfilled even at the age of 70.

As children, we taught to believe that senior citizens are comparatively weak and boring. This stereotyping still continues, and it influences as we age. You picked up these impressions from school or maybe from the media.

dissatisfaction due to aging

Influence of cartoons

Do you remember these cartoon characters like Belle’s father from Beauty and the Beast, or the character Grumpy in Snow White? These characters give us a brief look at how elderly people are portrayed to children’s at a very young age.

Children’s pickup large sum of their beliefs at their young age. The dissatisfaction we encounter is mainly due to what we were exposed to when we were young. Nonetheless, we should know by now that the cartoons our children’s watch, are definite to influence their lives as they grow up.

dissatisfaction due to aging

Elderly people, are they happy when they age?

This question can be seen in two different aspects. One, of course, none want to grow so old. Two, if we consider the happiness, it certainly proves to be a happier experience. If we take the recent surveys into account, it proves that people over the age 70 are generally happier than rest of the population.

In fact, the surveys also revealed the highest concentration of depression occurs in the people between ages of 40-59. Here’s one more interesting fact. It was shown that the ages between 12-17 had a higher depression percentage compared to the age group 60 and over.

dissatisfaction due to aging

What does this mean?

Well, this clearly shows how wrong our beliefs are. We think growing old is connected with the weakening of our bodies functions or even Alzheimer’s disease. But, such concerns can develop in any person even at the age of 30.

So, is the myth true? I can confidently say that it’s not. Look at it this way, we all like to have some rest and relaxation at the end of the day. It’s the same for an elderly person, you’ll find them happier in their own way. Growing old doesn’t define one’s happiness, dissatisfaction is a common dilemma that we all face.

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