India’s Most Wanted Dawood Ibrahim ‘wants to come back’

Dawood Ibrahim

The fugitive mafia don, Dawood Ibrahim has announced his wish to return to India on certain conditions that are not otherwise acceptable to the Government of India.

One of the renowned criminal lawyers, Mr.ShyamKeswani, who spoke to the media in Thane, hinted that Dawood has placed the demand that he should be lodged only in the high-secure precincts of Arthur Road Central Jail (ARCJ) in Mumbai.

Dawood Ibrahim

Ajmal Kasab, a Pakistani terrorist was also lodged in ARCJ for more than four years, after which, he was hanged for the Mumbai terror attack in 2008.

Mr.Keswani said, “He had earlier conveyed his intentions through Ram Jethmalani (former Union Minister and eminent lawyer), but the Indian Government has not entertained any of his conditions to return”.

Now the latest statement by Mr.Keswani comes more than six months following Maharashtra NavnirmanSena(MNS) President, Raj Thackeray’s revelation. According to Thackeray, the BJP wants to bring back Dawood and claim credit before the forthcoming general elections.

Mr. Thackeray had made a similar revelation in Mumbai that Dawood had a keen intention of getting back, and was negotiating with the government in this regard. The MNS further said that Dawood is not well and wanted to breathe his last in the country.

Meanwhile, IqbalKaskar, Dawood’s brother, has been sent to police custody by a Special Court in Thane this week, in connection with land-grab and extortion case. Two others involved in this case – BhavarKothar and Bharat Jain, have been absconding, reveals Chief Pradeep Sharma, Chief, Anti-Extortion Cell (AEC).

Mr.Keswani, Iqbal’s lawyer, said that it seems puzzling, as when the crime was committed, Iqbal had been in judicial custody in Thane since his arrest on 19th September from Mumbai. This is the case for which the police have shown the three Kaskar siblings as accused.

Dawood Ibrahim

Court proceedings

During the court proceedings, the Chief Judicial Magistrate asked Iqbal Kaskar if he was aware of the whereabouts of his family members. And if he was, he should share the information with the police. But, Kaskar responded with a terse ‘No’.

The magistrate also asked Kaskar if he had spoken to Dawood recently, for which Kaskar agreed that he spoke to Dawood Ibrahim on the mobile phone, but his number was never displayed and so IqbalKaskar was not aware of his brother’s current location.

This is when Kaskar’s lawyer, Keswani, told the court that Dawood Ibrahim wanted to return to India, and had conveyed it to the government through Jethmalani.

Keswani further pointed out that after Kaskar’s deportation from Dubai in 2003, he brought him in front of the court, and only after that the law enforcement agency became aware of Kaskar’s identity.

Kewani further requested that as his client is suffering from diabetes and he was in need of medical treatment, the treatment should be made available to him.

The investigators were directed by the court to take Kaskar to Thane Civil Hospital. Kaskar is said to be in police custody until 9th March.


The case is regarding the alleged coercion of Rs. 3 crore in a deal in Gorai village in Thane, Mumbai. The case involves 38-acre plot of land that is worth crores of rupees.

Who is Dawood Ibrahim?

Dawood Ibrahim is a criminal and a designated terrorist originally from Mumbai. He is currently residing in Karachi. Taking the lead in organized crimes, he is wanted on charges of murder and targeted killing. Apart from that, he is also wanted in extortion, drug trafficking, terrorism, and several other cases. He is declared a global terrorist and is named among the world’s top 5 most wanted criminals.


Shami’s Marital Controversy- What’s the Truth behind it?


It seems the marital bliss of the famous Indian pacer Mohammad Shami is over. The last few days have shown the ugliest rift in his marital cord with his indecent text messages with multiple women being uploaded to social media. So, what’s the whole case about? Let’s dig deeper into this controversy.


What’s the controversy?

Hasin Jahan, the wife of the cricketer, has accused him of torturing her and even having extra-marital affairs. She even said that Shami had threatened her with dire consequences if she tries to expose him publicly. All these allegations have been made on the Facebook post by an unverified account. It was titled as ‘Shami’s enjoyment’ with several pictures of Shami’s obscene chats with a number of women. Not only this, photos and phone numbers of the women with whom he has been involved were also uploaded. However, the account was deleted later.


Allegations made by Shami’s wife

Shami’s wife has also accused his family of domestic violence and physically assaulting her on several occasions. The couple who had got married in 2014 also has a 3-year-old daughter. As per Jahan’s accusations, the pacer remained repeatedly involved in extra-marital affairs since their marriage and his family even tried to kill her. She said, “Everyone in their family used to torture me. His mother and brother used to abuse me. The tortures continued till 2-3 a.m. in the morning. They even wanted to kill me.” She further added, “I gave him enough time (to rectify mistakes) and tried to calm myself down but instead of accepting his own mistakes, he used to vent his anger on me and even threaten me, asking to keep mum for my own goodwill.”

What Shami Said in his Defence

However, Shami who is currently playing in Deodhar Trophy for India A has denied all the allegations levied on him and called it a conspiracy to ruin his performance in the upcoming matches.


What can be the next step of Shami’s wife?

On the other side, Jahan’s lawyer Zakir Hussain said she was hopeful. She wanted to give chance to Shami to change his manners in order to avoid taking any legal action. “She is giving it some time. So we will wait a bit before taking any legal action,” Hussain informed on the phone.

Impact of Controversy on Shami’s Career

This whole controversy has already impacted the cricketer’s professional front as Board of Control for Cricket in India’s (BCCI) dropped his name from annual player contracts system. As per the information provided by BCCI sources, “Shami has been dropped from the player contracts system because his wife filed a complaint against him.”It was further added, “Shami has been dropped from the contract due to disciplinary reason and will be included in the contract list if (his) innocence is proved.”

Truth Eagerly Awaited

It is for the first time that the wife of a famous Indian cricketer took the help of social media to make her husband’s apparent misdemeanors public. Apart from this, she has also lodged an official complaint with Kolkata police.

As a high profile case which involves a renowned Indian cricketer, all eyes are set to know the truth behind the whole controversy. Only the time will tell if it’s a conspiracy to malign the cricketer’s image or it’s actually his true face.


Is Imran Khan’s political career going downhill after third marriage?

Imran Khan

Imran Khan Married Third Time:

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) confirmed that their party chief Imran Khan has married for the third time. Bushra Maneka, his present wife, is known to be the politician’s spiritual guide. There were speculations about the marriage from a long time, and the news had been kept a secret. The ‘Nikah’ commenced with a simple ceremony in Lahore on January 18, 2018, which was held in Maneka’s brother’s house, with the closest relatives.

 Imran Khan

Unknown unrest in the families

It is true that marriage is the union of two hearts and souls, and a wedding is a special occasion. Imran Khan is surely a happy man being wedded at 65, and for the third time. However, none of Imran’s sisters were present on the big day. This surely brought up many questions and thoughts on the public forum.

Imran Khan’s previous marriages have ended with divorce. He was first married to Jemima Goldsmith, who is the daughter of a billionaire from Britain. The marriage lasted for nine years since 1995. He also has two sons from her, and later married TV anchor Reham Anchor. The marriage only lasted for 10 months.

Bushra Maneka

Who is Bushra Maneka?

Bushra Maneka is a spiritual guide and adviser by profession. Imran Khan started visiting her last year for spiritual guidance. Maneka has also been married before and has five children from her first marriage. She belongs to the Pakpatan district which is about 250 km from Lahore.

Imran Khan got close to her after she made some political predictions which came out to be true. Later, they got intimate and finally decided to get married. Bushra, who was already married at that time divorced her husband and married the politician.

Bushra Maneka

Why Imran Khan’s political career might go downhill?

There were plenty of speculations stating that Imran’s marriage with Maneka is a contract, but he denied all the reports. He was probably under pressure from the PTI to not disclose his wedding, especially after the embarrassing failure in Punjab’s Lodhran district in the previous week.

The PTI members are rumored to mention that the wedding has been the reason for this loss. If you wonder why then we must think about how Muslims are serious about a relationship like marriage. Although there are legal settlements of signing off a marriage certificate and same for divorce, by religion the majority of Muslims do not support divorces. Imran Khan has already been married twice before, and if a personality at this age goes in for a third marriage, it can be quite disliked by the public. Since the general elections are nearby, the former cricketer was asked not to disclose about his new beginning.

Bushra Maneka

Imran Khan has said that he dreams to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan after his marriage with Bushra. However, time will tell us if any of these predictions made by Bushra come true or not. The present scenario is much against the duo, but anything can change in a jiffy!

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Facts About Inspirational Avani Chaturvedi You Must Know

Avani Chaturvedi

If you are still unaware of Avani Chaturvedi, then you’ve woken up to good news. Avani Chaturvedi is the first woman in India to fly a fighter aircraft. She has made history by flying the MiG-21 Bison solo. Her first training to fly this aircraft was in Jamnagar on January 18. Air Commodore Prashant Dixit congratulated her saying that this is a unique achievement for the country and the Indian Air Force.

Avani Chaturvedi

You ought to know that MiG-21 Bison has the highest take-off and landing speed in the world with 340 km per hour. She has been poured in with congratulations on Twitter, and that includes eminent personalities like Maneka Gandhi, our Women & Child Development Minister.

Interesting Facts About Avani Chaturvedi

Avani Chaturvedi

Avani Chaturvedi has become an inspiration for the country, and it is the time, we acknowledge what makes her who she is. Read some of the interesting facts about her to know more of her valor.

  1. Avani was one of the three women pilots along with Mohana Singh and Bhawana Kanth who were inducted into the fighter squadron by Indian Air Force on June 18, 2016.
  2. Avani comes from the district in Madhya Pradesh called Rewa. Unlike metropolitan cities, lifestyle is not as urbanized in such areas. Opportunities could have been tough to find, but when there is a will there is the way.
  3. The pilots were commissioned by the Manohar Parrikar, our Defence Minister.
  4. Avani’s schooling was done in the small town of Shahdol district. She studied in Deoland and then moved towards living her dream. She completed training at Hyderabad Air Force Academy only at the age of 24.
  5. Her father, Dinkar Chaturvedi, has been an executive engineer in Water Resource Department under the Madhya Pradesh government, while her mother is a homemaker.
  6. Alike Avani, even her elder brother is into the army and joined hands in serving the nation.
  7. Apart from flying high, Avani likes to play table tennis, chess, sketch, and paint.
  8. She was inspired by other Army officers in the family and wanted to take this up as her profession. She had a short flying experience in the college days that had inspired her to join the air force.

Why is Avani an inspiration?

Avani has to wait for a year before she is deployed for the combat missions. She had mentioned that air force is all about fighters. She aspires to excel at her job and be a reliable person for the elders in the industry. Avani is a learner and for her, every experience gives something new. She wants to fly the best fighter aircraft, and she already has excelled at it.

Avani Chaturvedi

Avani Chaturvedi is an inspiration for everyone in India, especially the women who are not allowed to live their dreams. She is an example of what women can achieve when they work hard with strong will force. With a marvelous achievement at such a young age, Avani is someone we all look up to and salute!

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Rotomac Scam – another multi-crore scam brought to light after Nirav Modi Case

Rotomac Scam

After the media stormed the news of the Nirav Modi case, there is yet another scam that has come to the headlines. Vikram Kothari, the Rotomac promoter had taken the public sector banks for a ride from 2008 to 2013. They too had got foreign letters of credit (FLCs) and made payments to their buyers abroad. They worked from virtual offices located in Hong Kong, Dubai, and Sharjah.

rotomac Scam

Rotomac Scam- How it all started?

The company of Rotomac Global Pvt Ltd is engaged in intermediary trade and the making of pens. They had approached seven banks including the international business branch of Bank of Baroda at The Mall, Kanpur and sought a credit of around Rs 15 crore to Rs 200 crore in that tenure. For import and export, Bank of Baroda has been cheated by around Rs 456 crore.

Instead of paying off buyers and sellers, the amount went back to the Rotomac owners and their sister companies. For instance, Rs 15.50 crore went in packing credit and was disbursed to their current account for executing an export of $4.2 million. This was remitted to other accounts of the company through RTGS.

Bank of Baroda had given a packing credit of Rs 34 crore for export orders from Starcom Resources PTE Singapore to supply 15,700 tons of wheat. The amount got remitted to an account of the Bargadia Brothers Pvt Ltd. CBI lodged an FIR stating that the company got around Rs 16 crore from Bargadia right after this incident. This shows that there was no export made and the packing credit was in fact multi-utilised.

Laidback approach led to scam

The information had come from Bank of Baroda when they took action after knowing about the Nirav Modi case. The public sector bank didn’t take any action in the last two years even after facing a 6,172 crore rupee forex scam in 2015 when the amount was sent to Hong Kong from India and the goods were supposed to be cashew nuts, rice, and pulses. Nothing was imported to the country and the money got deposited in 59 accounts under different firms.

The scam was not brought much to light in 2015, but the assistant general manager of Bank of Baroda, Mr. S. K. Garg was arrested by CBI. The head of forex division Mr. Jainesh Dubey was also arrested.

Bank of Baroda delayed their action against Rotomac. On February 17, they filed a case and tagged six other banks with them.  As the account of Rotomac is quite high, the actual amount of fraud hasn’t yet been detected. CBI fears that the directors and guarantors might soon elope from the nation to skip legal charges.

The public money is much at stake after such disappearances like Nirav Modi’s case which has scammed Punjab National Bank with 11,400 crores. Our country is quite distressed due to these high-priced criminal cases and the authorities need to check a lot to bring law and order in balance.

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6 Signs You’re Not Happy With Your Life

Not Happy

Abraham Maslow is known to introduce the need for self-actualization within a person. A person should be inherent enough to realize the potential that they have. When a person feels that he is completely engaged and absorbed with the task that is assigned to him, he won’t question himself and feels happy, alive and gets the feeling that his life is complete.

This is just a myth though. 95 people out of 100 are not really able to answer the simple question of if they are living their life happily.

Signs of being unhappy with your life and the things that you can do to change it.

Not Happy

Envying Others’ Success

The first and the most obvious thing that you might be going through is not being able to take success stories. It does not matter if it is your neighbour or someone in your own family who has been hired for a glamorous job. To control this, ask yourself why whatever you have is not enough for you. It is important to remember that the grass always looks greener on the other side but the truth is, everyone goes through a bad situation.

Not Happy

Seeking Validation

No matter what you do, you need validation from your friends or your coworkers. Remember it is only you who can decide what is wrong and what is right. There is no need to doubt yourself and others do not need to validate what you are doing. Try to be confident, because confidence works wonders.

Not Happy

Feeling Empty

It is true that we all feel an emptiness within us at a certain point in time. But feeling empty all the time, even when you are in a room full of your close friends or family, is a sign that you are unhappy. If you feel that whatever you’re doing is not suiting your personality, stop it immediately. Do not do anything to impress others.

Not Happy

Frustrated Easily

Frustration often involves impulsive acts. If you feel that you are frustrated with everything around you, be it your job or your family, there are chances that you are not happy with your own self. Figure out your passions and try to work on them. Do not try to stick to something which is not meant to be.

Not Happy

No Direction in Life

This is one of the biggest signs that you are not happy with your life. You might be associated with a particular profession, but after a certain period of time, you start feeling that you are going to end up nowhere with this job. If you feel that your life is not going in a proper direction or you are being pushed away from your aims, quit the profession that makes you unhappy. Pursuing your own goals are much more important.

your life

Numbing Feelings

You try to remain happy by shopping or overeating. Do not try to numb the feelings that you have. If you regret something or you are feeling low, listen to your thoughts and clear the things out. There is no point in holding onto regrets or losses in life.

your life

Keep in mind that it is your life and you are the only one who is responsible for scripting your life. Being happy is the very first thing that is required for living a healthy and problem-free life.

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BJP not ready to let go of Shivsena yet

BJP-Shiv Sena alliance

Shiv Sena, like every year, held its national executive meet on legendary Balasaheb Thackeray’s birthday. They passed a resolution, snapping all ties with BJP thus breaking away from the traditional NDA alliance. They are to contest Loksabha polls in 2019 alone. Shiv Sena chief, Uddhav Thackeray decided to fight the upcoming civic polls in Mumbai alone without getting into any alliance with BJP. He reiterated his decision at a public rally at Goregaon.


History of BJP-Shiv Sena alliance (NDA)

This was a vent out of a pent-up frustration of many years. The alliance dates back 25 years when BJP was taking baby steps in politics with its ‘Hindutva’ agenda. The, then Sena chief and its founder, Balasaheb Thackeray ably supported the rise of BJP in Maharastra. Balasaheb was the face of ‘hindutva’ in Maharastra. He shared a warm relationship with ex-PM, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The rift between the allies, Shiv Sena and BJP started showing soon after Uddhav Thackeray, son of Balasaheb took over. Issues related to seat sharing sprang up post the historic win of Narendra Modi in 2014. Shiv Sena alleged that BJP troubled them more often and does not recognize them as an NDA ally.


Uddhav calling the shots

The current Sena chief has threatened of pulling out of NDA, many times in the past. The editor of Sena’s fortnightly magazine, Sanjay Raut consistently spewed venom against Modi-Shah. Finally, on the meet at Balasaheb’s birthday, Uddhav called the shots and broke away from the alliance. Despite the declaration, they are officially still part of NDA as BJP refuses to let go of Shiv Sena yet.


Chilling reminder of 2004

Vajpayee has scored well in many governance aspects. His dream project ‘India shining’ was flying high when most of NDA allies broke away just before the election in 2004 and the wise old man of Indian politics lost the election. BJP fearing similar electoral defeat in 2019 without Shiv Sena refuses to snap ties with the latter.

Maharashtra state election is scheduled for 2019 and there are talks of Congress-NCP alliance. Rahul Gandhi, the Congress head is well aware of the defeat in last 27 elections. He doesn’t want to fight the elections alone and would tie up with NCP to improve his chances. Had Congress, NCP, and Shiv Sena fought separately, BJP would have won the election. However, amidst talk between Congress-NCP alliances, BJP could not take chances of leaving Sena. BJP is also skeptical of the anti-incumbency factor against the Fadnavis government.

BJP trying hard to woo Sena leaders

BJP trying hard to woo Sena leaders

Senior BJP leadership is meeting their Sena counterparts to pacify their angry outburst. The former is holding regular meetings to increase seat sharing of Sena making sure both the allies are in a comfortable position. To ease out the tension between the two, a senior BJP leader said, “In a marriage, husband and wife fight. But I want my wife to stay with me. I don’t want a divorce.” The Sena leader immediately retorted back saying, “Our party is the husband in the relationship. And there is no question of this divorce being called off.”


After Padmavat, fringe group targets Manikarnika


Controversy mired film Padmavaat. One more film is following its footsteps. It’s none other than Manikarnika – Queen of Jhansi. Kangana Ranawat plays the lead role and considers it close to her heart. The film is loosely based on the life of Rani Laxmibai, who was martyred on the battlefield fighting against the British army. In a recent press conference in Jaipur, chief secretary of Sarv Brahmin Mahasabha, Suresh Mishra alleges that the film has distorted history. He has reportedly given three days time to Vasundhara Raje government of Rajasthan to stop the shooting of Manikarnika. Mishra has warned of dire consequences as a result of not paying heed to his request.


Manikarnika: Status of shooting

Meanwhile, shooting for part of the film is completed in Ajmer Fort in Jaipur and Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur respectively. Till the time of going to press, the film crew was shooting in Malsisar town in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. The film’s script, Mishra alleges, contains a love affair between the Rani and a British personnel. Who, in the right frame of mind, can think of an affair of the Rani? History admires and reveres the Queen as a freedom fighter who sacrificed her life fighting against the British invasion.


How much truth in the allegation?

Suresh Mishra targets Manikarnika, saying it’s based on the controversial book ‘Rani’ by Jaishree Misra and has been banned across India. However, we have not received any clarification so far either on the scenes shot or the book. Mishra has written to the film producer Kamal Jain asking him to provide the profile of the historian and scriptwriter who researched on the subject. There is no reaction from the producer on the row that sparked up the controversy.


Fate of Padmavaat

India is a witness to the huge row shrouding the release of the film Padmavaat. Fringe group Karni Sena had stalled the shooting of the film and created a ruckus just before its scheduled release. They alleged that the movie glorified the lustful lewd Mughal invader Khilji and showcased Rajputs in a bad light, without even watching the film. They carried a month-long campaign and created roadblocks in the northern part of India. A few state governments gave in to their demand and banned the film’s release in their states. The fringe group even overpowered the censor board. The latter changed the title and edited out 21 scenes from the movie so as not to hurt religious sentiments of people. The film released across India at a later date with the intervention of the Supreme Court. It was successful in connecting with the masses and entered 100 Cr club within a short time.


Is Fringe group the new censor board?

We do not support distortion of history. At the same time, we cannot gag any creative freedom without even knowing the truth. Let censor board perform its duties. Fringe Groups in India is running amok and roadside goons are perpetrating the peaceful protests with their devious agenda.

Recent stone pelting in Gurgaon school bus was an outcome of such agenda. Some communal perpetrators entered the peaceful Karni Sena roadblock and pelted stones at children. Demons in disguise! This is precisely why putting a rein on fringe groups has become an absolute necessity.


The Internet Sensation: Priya Prakash Varrier

 Priya Prakash Varrier

Priya Prakash Varrier has become an overnight sensation over the social media websites after her appearance in a video of a Malayalam song. The title of the film is ‘Oru Adaar Love’ and it has been directed by the famous director, Omar Lulu. This movie is releasing in March. The Malayalam Song, which made her famous in one night, is ‘Manikya Malaraya Poovi’. She is only eighteen years old and was born in the Thrissur District of Kerala. She is pursuing the Bachelors of Commerce degree from the Vimala College.

Priya Prakash Varrier

How Priya Varrier Became Famous?

The video clip of 10 seconds made her famous in minutes all over social media. The eyebrow expressions that she made have made her extremely popular. The 10-second video proved how successful she could be, as an actor in the near future. Priya has also become one of the most searched celebrities in India within just two days.

Priya Prakash Varrier

Priya Prakash Varrier had started her career by acting in the short films. These short films include Third Flip and Kadalasu Thoni, which was directed by one of the popular directors named Lewin Louie’s Thattil. Priya has also done Modelling and participated in a number of beauty pageants. She is trained in mohiniyattam.

The Song

Oru Adaar Love is her debut film and the pre-released clip of the song ‘Manikya Malaraya Poovi’ attracted the attention of the young boys and girls on the social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Priya Prakash Varrier

This song crossed more than nine million views in just two days. It is extremely difficult to become a top celebrity in just one night. Kylie Jenner and Cristiano Ronaldo achieved this position. Priya Prakash is currently the third celebrity in the world who has managed to gain a million followers on both Facebook and Instagram in one day.

Priya’s Role and Expression

The expressions given by her in the song are extremely beautiful and attractive. This particular song set on the school campus shows people reacting to the song in the auditorium. Priya Prakash is one of the students who are present in this song. She is shown chatting with her friend when a male student looks at her. Both of them talk to each other through beautiful eye expressions.

Priya Prakash Varrier

Priya has completely stolen the show and she is the only one who is responsible for making this song viral all over social media. Priya’s expressions have also managed to capture the hearts of a number of Romeos. This woman received fame instantly, and a number of people are showing a keen interest in the video only because of her presence.

Priya Prakash VarrierMany people have also admitted that they did not understand the meaning of the song but they saw the video again and again only to view Priya’s amazing expressions. Undoubtedly, Priya Prakash Varrier will excel in her career and her debut film is all set to become a great hit.


Start Small to Go Big: Here are 10 Profitable Businesses you can start from home

work from home

Everyone wants to start a own business and earn money. And what’s more important in starting a business? It’s certainly the capital you require at the initial stage. It is not difficult to become an entrepreneur if you have money in your pocket and you are ready to work hard to start your own company. There are many people in this country who have started their business with no money at all and one of the best examples is Dhirubhai Ambani. We all have heard his story and know about his work and achievements. If you are determined to become an entrepreneur, then you can start your business right now. Here are the top 10 profitable businesses you can start from home.

Top Own Business Ideas that Work

1. Travel Agency

This is one of the best businesses in today’s scenario. You can open up your own travel agency and help people book their tours. You can always tie-up with another agency and work from home.

Travel Agency

2. Home Food Delivery

If you love cooking, then this is it! People nowadays crave for homemade foods. It provides a convenient option to those who live away from their homes and work in a different city.

Home Food Delivery

3. Tuition centers

If you are educated and you know the subjects well, then you can always start tutoring kids at home.

Tuition centers

4. Bakery

If you can bake it, then you can make it. A lot of people these days look for homemade bakery items and they are also ready to pay a little extra for it.


5. Blogging

Passionate about something? Write it! Blogging is one of the easiest ways to start earning money. Starting your website will cost just a little, but once that is done, you can start your website and keep blogging to earn good amount!


6. YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube channel about whatever you like the most.  Once it starts attracting a good number of people, you are good to go. More the views, more the income you will earn.

YouTube Channel

7. Event Managers

Managing the events means coordination, networking and having a good strategy. If you are good at it, then you can become an event manager.

Event Managers

8. Ghostwriting

Is there a writer in you? Have you been scared to publish something under your name? Then, ghostwriting is the best option for you.

Ghost Writing

9. Online Fitness Guru

Everyone wants to be fit. Why not help those who cannot go to a gym? How? Yes, you can train them how to be fit online. You can sit at your home and train people while earning some good amount of money.

Online Fitness Guru

10. Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are very famous in urban areas where everyone wants to learn different cuisines. If you have got the talent, then you must start your own cooking classes.

Cooking Classes

Starting your own business requires some patience and trust in yourself. If you think you can do it, then you must do it and not be afraid of the failures. Understand what you know the best and always be ready to learn from your mistakes.

own business