Sridevi’s Death, an Accident or Murder?

Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan alias Sridevi was a versatile actress who left for heaven on Feb 24, 2018, leaving behind a grieving husband and two daughters. Sridevi is one of the few actresses who gave their lives to the film industry. She began her acting career when she was just four years old and bid adieu to the world when she was just 54 years old. Everything happened early and suddenly in her life. Her career in the film industry was sudden as she was just four years young to know and understand the world. Her marriage with director and producer Boney Kapoor was sudden and her death was a shock.

Media reports of her succumbing to a heart attack in Dubai where she went with her family to attend the wedding of nephew Mohit Marwah. Soon after the wedding, all the relatives and friends returned to their abode. But, why Sri and her family decided to stay back? What happened in Dubai that rocked the life of Boney Kapoor?

What Happened on Feb 24, 2018?

The night of 24 Feb was heavy for the Kapoor family. At 11:00 pm, Sridevi had a serious heart attack in the hotel room where she was put up. There are no reports of her taking to any hospital. There are no reports of her having a heart problem in the past. Then what was it that led to her death? Why didn’t Boney call for medical help? What forced the Kapoor family to stay in the hotel instead of taking Sri to a hospital where her life could have been saved? How do they know it was a heart attack and not murder?

I tried to search answers to the above questions but didn’t get any satisfactory result. If you are also as shocked as I am to hear about Sri’s death, you will also be as lost as I am right now.

Sri’s Health in News:

In 2011, Sri’s health reports flashed on TV sets and newspapers rumouring of her carrying a lethal disease. She was rumoured to have cancer in her last stages. Her lean physique and pale appearance laid the foundation for the rumour. But, the rumours were later turned down with reports of her making a comeback in her acting career with movie English Vinglish. Her lean physique was said to be for her role in the movie. But, there were still reports of her having Hyperthyroidism that leads to drastic weight loss.

Anyway, none of the factors above can lead to heart attack. Moreover, she has been reported of taking really good care of her health. Her husband, Boney Kapoor, was reported saying in an interview of having two cooks at home one of which would cook healthy food for Sri and another for Boney. Sri, according to Boney, didn’t like to cook personally but she made sure that her family always gets healthy and fresh food. Her lifestyle was also one of the most talked about in the industry as she took special care of her skin, figure, and overall health. So, what could have gone wrong that took her life in such as shocking manner?

Did personal rifts lead to the tragic demise of Sri?

Sridevi, Arjun and Jhanvi Kapoot
Image courtesy YouTube

Sri was the second wife of Boney and she had issues with her stepchildren. But can the rifts be a cause of her death? Did a rift with Arjun Kapoor sadden her to death? Or was it Jhanvi’s film career that was taking a toll on her health?

Sridevi Was Concerned about Jhanvi’s Acting Career:

Jhanvi Kapoor, the elder daughter of Sri and Boney Kapoor, is all set to for the Bollywood. Sri had a grand plan for Jhanvi’s launch, but Boney had something else in his mind. Although the two wanted their daughter to enter Bollywood, their plans conflicted with each other. Sri wanted Jhanvi to enter the Bollywood for a movie not directed by Boney, while Boney wanted to be the director of her first movie. Why Sri had a problem with Boney directing the movie? The answer to this question has closed forever with Sri’s eyes.

Sridevi’s constant battle with stepson Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor in an interview with The Express Tribune was quoted saying that Sridevi and her kids don’t exist for him. The actor bluntly expressed his views on Jhanvi and Khushi, two daughters of Sri and Boney. Arjun said, “We don’t really meet and spend time together so it doesn’t really exist.” Arjun Kapoor lost his mother Mona Kapoor in 2012, soon before his debut movie Ishaqzaade. Arjun had been facing a tough time at personal and professional fronts ever since his mother’s demise.

Having said this, the cause of Sri’s death is yet to be unfolded. It is taking a lot of time to sink in the sudden demise of Sri and that too because of a heart attack. One unavoidable second ruined the happiness of Kapoor family and heavily contributed to the tragic loss of Bollywood.

Sridevi’s Battle To Stay Up-Beat in the Industry

Image courtesy SangeetaBuzz

Sri’s beautiful appearance has always caught the eye of cameramen and that of industry people. But, not many may know that she had gone through multiple surgeries to maintain that look. There are some posts going viral on social networking sites blaming the surgeries behind the sudden demise of the beautiful lady. But, I personally find no interest in such posts. Every actress goes through botox and surgeries to look pretty and everyone now knows and respect that.

Anyway, it is still difficult to sink in the saddest story of the day, week or even this month. Sridevi is no more! We will never be able to get a glimpse of her artful physique that always moved on the soothing rhythm of life. Life will move on. Boney Kapoor and his family will one day overcome the sad reality, but our beautiful lady will never come back.

Nothing is well because the end is not well.

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Time Traveller or Time Waster?

Time traveller

I was surfing the internet looking for some interesting piece to read when I stumbled upon a video of an elderly claiming to be a time traveller. I find it utterly rubbish when people claim to be “time traveller”. For me, it is same like people claiming to have taken a “rebirth”.

Anyway, what I have observed so far is that Indians have a sensitive heart for rebirth and ghost-related stories, while Americans can go gaga for aliens and time travellers. And maybe, that is why more of the time traveller stories are coming from the West. For my money, Indians are scared of the historical events that shook their life, while Americans are scared of the future. Prior to the independence, the life of Indians was marked with the dominance of Britains for 200 years; and for the Americans, the future is always scary as they are scared of losing their top rank position in the world.

This, nevertheless, is my opinion on the so-called concept of time travellers and rebirths which never fail to catch the eye of viewers/readers. But, when I heard the story of the elderly claiming to be a time traveller, I had a thing to dig deep and I came out with certain findings that will surely amuse you. Check out the below video of Alex Smith the “time traveller”.



Five Things You Should Know About Alex The Time Traveller

1. The elderly, Alexander Smith, in the video, claims to be a part of CIA project initiated in 1981. Although he did not disclose his age, he looks quite old. In the video, you would find Smith with wrinkled skin and wobbly voice. He holds up a photograph of the future with shaky hands. A voice that wobble and skin with wrinkles are two first signs of old age that one can easily spot. But, you will have to dig deeper to understand that Alex is not old but disguised to look old. Look closely at Alex’s hands and try to catch any wrinkle. Alex does not have any wrinkle on the skin of his hand. This is one reason why I believe Alex to have disguised as elderly.

Alex has taken care of everything from a loose-fitted suit to loosely knotted necktie to look old. Everyone living with their grandparents would know that Alex is faking his age and obviously the claim of being “time traveller”. Want to crosscheck? Hold the hands of your grandparents and see if you can spot any wrinkles.

2. The Photograph that Alex, in the video, claims to be from the future (2118) seems to be a photograph of a video game. If you have ever played 3D action games you would have an idea what I am trying to say here.

3. Smith has claimed to be involved in one of the top secret CIA experiments. If this is true, he has proved himself to be a misfit for the CIA team. Why is he here and why is he hiding from the CIA? What wrong has he done? Or is it CIA on some mission to destroy the earth? I simply don’t understand why the heck that old man is escaping from the team.

Time Traveller Story – A Paranormal Gimmick

4. What is the point in revealing the photograph? We are generally curious to know our future, but are you sure that man is from the future or is it some trick to get content viral and earn dollars? Think about it before you recommend or share that video with your friends.

5. Now, let us come to the last thing. Do you know who created and published the video? ApexTV, the biggest voice of paranormal on YouTube, aired the video. A paranormal channel would obviously promote such videos because it gets more visitors and viewers and thus the channel gets to earn a profit. Ever wondered why the news of an elderly claiming to be a time traveller has not splashed on your TV sets? Maybe, it is not true or newsworthy.


To conclude – do not share a video because the world is going crazy about it. Use your brains and introspect to understand if the claims of the video hold any value. If this time traveller thing has scared you like a chicken, simply mull over my observation and let me know if any of my points are wrong. We have a future and we know that. No one has to tell us that the future will be there. We are the one who will build it. Let our curiosity for the future take a back seat and let us enjoy the present for a bright future.

India Celebrating Hug Day As ‘Jadu Ki Jhappi’ Day

Lovers love to cuddle. Often they search for quiet and secret places to share the bond of love. But, not on 12th of February. The day is celebrated as hug day by couples and lovers. Indians celebrate it as a ‘Jadu ki Jhappi’ day, thanks to the movie Munna Bhai MBBS. In the movie, Sanjay Dutt has played the character of a goon who sets to become a doctor to teach a lesson to his future father-in-law. In his rollercoaster ride to become a doctor, he comes across people who are upset in their respective lives. Munna lifts their moral later in the movie with a ‘Jadu ki Jhappi’ or a hug that comforts the aching soul and enthralls in them, vibes of positivity and happiness.

The ‘Jadu ki Jhappi’ is a day when everyone should simply forget about everything and embrace each other with love and respect. India is one country where the valentine week (7th – 14th February) is not restricted to lovers. The week, in fact, is celebrated among families, friends, siblings, cousins, colleagues, and all those who care about each other.

On the beautiful occasion of hug day, Indians are making sure to hug their near and dear ones because they know that one hug can bring good health and happiness to the life of their loved ones. Scientific studies have shown that hug is good for health. We need as many as 8 hugs a day to stay fit and here is why:

10 Reasons to Hug on This Hug Day

  1. Revs up Open and Honest Conversation: Make your lover happy on hug dayHugs build a sense of trust and security. Hugging makes one feel secure to share deep secrets.
  2. Boosts Oxytocin Levels: One single hug can boost oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is love hormone that heals the feeling of anger and dejection.
  3. Boosts Serotonin Levels: Hug also help boost serotonin levels. A low level of serotonin can cause depression.
  4. Strengthens Immune System: Hug boosts the immune system. Hug activates Solar Plexus Chakra stimulating thymus gland. The gland balances and stimulates the production of white blood cells keeping you healthy and fit.
  5. Exchange of energy: When we hug we exchange energy and strengthen our bond and relationship.
  6. Balances Nervous System: Hugs has a direct role in balancing parasympathetic, an autonomic nervous system where the feeling of sympathy develops. A person who hugs more is likely to be more sympathetic.
  7. Relaxes Muscles: Hugs relax the tensed muscles. While hugging we press our body against the other and help them, indirectly, relax the aching muscles.
  8. Boosts Self-Esteem: On Hug day let us strengthen bond of loveHugging is one of the ways to make someone feel special.
  9. A Give and Take Relation: Hug is not a one-sided act. When we hug the other person also hugs us in turn. So, hug stimulates and teaches the good habit of giving and receiving.
  10. Teaches To Move On: Hug is one warm gesture of love that helps us let go the past and enjoy the present. So, if you have a friend stuck in past memories, hug him/her and help him/her enjoy the present moment.

On this Hug or Jadu ki Jhappi day make your near and dear ones feel happy. Hugging will not only make your loved ones feel special but also it will significantly help them boost a good health.

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Eight Places In India That Will Stump You

Planning a vacation in India? But don’t know where to start? Here is a list of eight Places in India that will stump you.

Amazing Places in India

  1. Gurez Valley, Kashmir:

    Popular Tourist Places in India - Gurez Valley
    Gurez Valley. Image courtesy YouTube

    Gurez is one of the unexplored valleys of India. The valley is blessed with beautiful landscape and unification of mountains, a river, and valley. The Gurez valley is 86kms from Bandipura. It is near to the Line of Control between India and Pakistan. As it is situated near the LoC, people find it risky to visit it. Travelling to the Gurez valley, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. The valley has only one ATM installed. Therefore, it is better to carry cash as once entered you may no longer be able to withdraw cash.

    The valley is profoundly armed. You may see many check posts where you will be required to stop by for checking. As the valley is near the LoC, it is vital for travellers to carry the ID cars and cooperate with the armed forces. These are some of the reasons which prevent people from visiting the place.  However, it is a great place to visit in May and September for sightseeing.

  2. Phugtal Gompa, J&K:

    Phuktal, Zanskar valley, Amazing places in India
    Phuktal, Zanskar valley, India

    Phugtal Gompa is yet another place in Jammu and Kashmir that remains unexplored. The place is believed to be the remotest monastery in Asia. It is located in Zanskar’s cave. There are no roads connecting the monastery. The only way to reach the monastery is through trekking that may take one or two days depending on the speed of the trekker. Hence, it remains unexplored. But, if you are a trekker why not take up the challenge of visiting the monastery.

  3. Chopta, Uttarakhand:

    Chopta - Popular tourist places in India
    Chopta Image courtesy YouTube

    It is one of the most beautiful places in India to spend a vacation. Being in Chopta, one can enjoy a view of the Himalayas, thick forest trails, snowy backdrops, and pleasant weather. Chopta also known as mini Switzerland is one of the least explored places in India.

  4. Sandakphu:

    Popular Tourist Places in India - Sandakphu
    Sandakphu Image courtesy Aberrant Wanderers

    You may have heard about Darjeeling, a beautiful town in India. The town that is so beautiful in itself has hidden beauty that is poisonous as well. Darjeeling houses Sandakphu a place that is home to wolfsbane plant. The plant grows naturally near the peak which is in itself at a dangerous height of 3,336 meters.

  5. Kila Raipur:

    Enjoy rural life in India in Kila Raipur. Amazing places in India
    Kila Raipur – Image courtesy MakeMy Trip

    Being in India and not experiencing the rural life is no fun. When you plan to visit Punjab, a state in India, do spare some time to enjoy rural life at Kila Raipur. The place is famous for Rural Olympics that carry the states vivid culture and festivity. The Rural Olympics usually takes place in February.

  6. Mohammadpur Umri:

    Mohammadpur Umri, a small village in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is famous for twins. The village has 65 pairs of twins, the largest ratio of twins ever recorded at one place. The ratio is not limited to just humans but also includes animals and their offspring. This is one weird phenomenon that is worth experiencing. The village is also a great place to live a traditional Indian life. It is unexplored as not many people know about it.

  7. Amadubi:

    The Hidden talent of India. Amazing places in India
    The Hidden talent of India. Image courtesy DoorsofIndia

    Amadubi is a small village in Jharkhand that houses talented chitrakars or handicraftsmen. If you are a lover of handicrafts you will fall in love with this village. At the village, you will be able to find rustic huts, colourful festivities, especially if you happen to visit the place during Dansai or Tusu Parab festivals. As it is a small town, visitors tend to avoid the place. But, you never know when you get to see an amazing piece of art.

  8. Tirthan Valley:

    Tirthan Valley in India. Amazing places in India
    Tirthan Valley – Image courtesy The Better India

    The Tirthan Valley is a small town in Himachal Pradesh. The town is one of the under-explored places in India. The valley offers many adventure sports.


India, the Asian country, is known among people as a land of magic, snake and tribes, diversity, colours, and nature’s beauty at its best. The country which is so special in itself has many reasons to be one of the top places in the list of travel destination of any traveller across the world. I have never heard of someone not interested visiting the country. Although the country welcomes millions of guests every year to some of its famous destinations, there are some unique places that are often missed. These places are unique for their respective reasons. Some of them are steeped in natural beauty and some narrate a vivid story of historic India. So, in case, you are planning a holiday to India or if you are someone who is already in India but want to explore more, make sure you visit the aforementioned places during your stay.


Genius Space – Saving Hacks for Packing Your Suitcase

packing hack

The worst part of travelling is packing, at least for me. I go bizarre juggling with clothes to pack and the one to leave. Once, I had to travel to Mauritius for a business meeting and couldn’t decide which cloth to keep and which one to discard as I didn’t wish to carry multiple luggage with me. Mauritius is one of the most beautiful countries to spend one’s vacation and I was getting the chance to expand my business and relax away from home. Beaches, ocean waves, a warm and soothing climate of Mauritius are welcoming and attracts many especially me. Well, when I was about to pack my clothes, I had to select from formals to in-formals. Obviously, I wanted to spend some time reading a book on the beach wearing a sexy bikini and spend an evening near the ocean wearing a lovely evening gown.

But there was one thing that was stopping me from packing all the lovely clothes from my wardrobe – space. I was travelling alone and didn’t wish to have a company of bags. So, I used a little of my creativity and found a way to pack stuff without wrinkles, tangles, and sacrificing on stuff.

Here are some ideas that you can also try for your next travel packing:

  1. Jewelry:

    I have danglers and precious necklaces that can get twisted and twirled if not packed properly. But I cannot carry cases of each jewellery as it will take hell lot of space in my bag so I decided to wrap them up in a sheet of plastic separately.

  2. Crease prone Clothes:

    Packing hack - crease free packing
    Anti Wrinkle Packing. Image courtesy A Cup of Jo

    I went on a leisure cum business trip so had to meet someone right after settling at my hotel. The meeting time was so awkward that it didn’t spare me the time to get my clothes ironed. Honestly, I didn’t wish to waste a penny on laundry, so I decided to pack my wrinkle and crease-prone clothes in a dry-cleaning bag. Trust me, when I reach Mauritius and opened my suitcase there was no crease on clothes at all.

  3. Roll them Up for More Space:

    Packing hack - roll clothes for
    Roll clothes for more space. Image courtesy Veronila’s Adventure

    Traditionally, people fold and then keep clothes in a bag that takes a lot of space. So I tried to roll the clothes to save some space and it proved really helpful. Don’t roll the clothes that you want to keep crease free.

  4. Socks, Hair Gel, And Other Stuff:

    packing hack - hidden storage
    Store small things in Shoe. Image courtesy Imgur

    Socks, Hair gel, and toiletries can take up significant space in the suitcase. Use the hidden spaces, for example, you can tuck in soaks in your shoes and save some space. Although soaks take up a small amount of space, think of the stuff that you can store in substitute of the soaks in your bag.

  5. Concealers and Skin Creams:

    You don’t need to carry the huge bottles of makeup when you can simply store them in lens cases. Pore in the amount of cream that you may need on your vacation in a clean contact case.

So these were some of the simple packing tricks that you can try to save space in your bag. With a little rolling of clothes, you can save enough space for a king size towel.


Top 4 Audiobook Apps for Android Devices

Hard bounds or case-bound books have become a history with eBooks and audiobooks dominating the readers market. E-books and audiobooks are the two most preferred medium for book lovers to entertain themselves. However, the audiobooks when compared with eBooks are more convenient to get indulge in a mesmerizing story. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even PCs can run audiobooks, with the help of audiobooks apps. Here is a list of top four audiobook apps for Android devices:

Audiobook apps for Android

  1. Smart Audiobook Player:

    Audiobook apps
    Smart Audiobook Player – Audiobook apps. Image courtesy Google Play

    The app is just as any MP3 player. Using the app you can listen to an audiobook, boost volume, bookmark chapters, and have a list of characters and a lot more. The best part of this app is that it is ad free which means that using the app you will not be interrupted by annoying ads of sponsors and promoters. The app comes in two version the basic and base which can be explored under the feature section in the menu. The basic version lacks in features such as bookmarking and equalizer and character list. So, base version should be your choice. The app though is free of cost; you will still have to buy a $2 in-app to unlock the Pro version if you are someone who listens to a lot of audiobooks.

  2. LibriVox:

    Audiobook apps
    librivox – Image courtesy Molakoe

    How about if you could search for audiobooks right from the audiobooks player? LibriVox is one app that can play audiobooks, as well as allow you to stream and download one. The player has easy navigation and all the essential features that an audiobook player should have. The best part of having the app is that it provides its users with an access to more than 24,000 free and public domain audiobooks. The worst part of the app, you may have to face boring ads all the time you play it. Moreover, you will also have to pay for every new audiobook that you wish to play.

  3. Audiobook Player:

    Audiobook apps
    Audiobook player- Image courtesy Google Play

    The app is lightweight, easy to navigate, and is equipped with all the essential feature of an audio player. The app has a feature that allows you to quickly go through the chapter and listen the one that you wish to. The chapters are nicely hidden in the bottom from where you can scroll and select a chapter of your choice. The best part of this app is that it is free of ads. But, lacks in advanced features that may be found on other audiobook players.

  4. MortPlayer:

    Audiobook apps
    Mortplayer. Image courtesy Blogger

    MortPlayer is not just another Audiobook app for Android; it is actually an advanced version of audiobook players, with features including but not limited to shuffle, swipe gesture, flexible play, and selectable layouts. There is just one drawback with this app. It has a very outdated user interface and some icons that may look confusing. Overall, it is a great app to listen to an audiobook.


The four apps mentioned above are free of cost and have proven to be one of the best apps to play audiobooks on android. There are audiobook apps for iOS as well. Follow the link to know 6 best audiobook player apps for iPhone httpss://


The Best Video Game and Console Of 2017

Every year, the gaming industry brings new games and console for game lovers. This year also the industry has witnessed something new and adventurous.

Let’s have a look at video games of 2017:

1. Injustice 2:

It is the second game in the ‘injustice’ series and has many features that resemble that of its predecessor. The game has a system often described as loot-dropping under which players are awarded equipment, costumes, and much more. The game has some awesome characters such as Batman and Superman. In fact, it revolves around them only, with Batman trying to restore the empire of Superman. But is stopped by the rebellious team of villains who pushes Batman to combat with them.

The Best Part of The Game: It has characters that are heroic in themselves, such as Batman and Superman.

2. Resident Evil 7: BioHazard:

Video game and console
Resident Evil. Image courtesy YouTube

This is a first-person survival/horror game. The game has been architectured using the latest virtual reality technology. Playing the Resident Evil 7: In BioHazard, video game players are required to explore a house that is massive and terrifying. The game can be extremely dawdling when played in a dark room.

Visit the website httpss:// to know more about Resident Evil 7: BioHazard.

3. Prey:

Video Game Console
Prey Image courtesy Business Insider

In 2017, we saw the advent of a verity of games. Prey is one example that explains the trend previously. The video game Prey has horror elements that make the story of the game interesting. Besides the horror elements, the game fills with suspense, action, and some drama.

A Right Console Can Enhance Video Game Experience

So, these are some top 3 games that are trending in 2017. But, to play the best game you need the right console as well. Depending on the choice of the game that you decide to play you can buy any console that is compatible. In case you are planning to replace the console, consider buying the trending console of 2017.

Game consoles, although are expensive, they are one must-have tool when it comes to playing video games. Therefore, to ensure that you get the best of the best at rates that complement the quality a list has been compiled after conducting a rigorous research.

Here is a list of top consoles that dominated 2017:

1. Nintendo 2DS XL:

3DS are in the trend so why not to spend money on reasonable devices like this one and experiences all the DS games. Priced at around $149, the console allows its users to stream or play any dimension video game. It is advisable to read a review of anything before buying.

Click here to read the review of New Nintendo 2DS XL. You can also check out official website of the console here, httpss://

2. Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo switch Image courtesy Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch has become the talk of the town with many game developers partnering to make their products available at Switch. This is one console for Nintendo that is somewhat unusual. The console can be connected to a wider screen such as TV or any other device.

Read out the technical specification of the console here, The game is priced at $299.

3. Sony PS4 Slim:

Sony PS4

If you have played on PS4, you will probably have an idea of PS4 Slim. The console is just a smaller and smarter version of the Sony PS4 console.

4. Nvidia Shield:

Shield – Image courtesy Amazon

Nvidia Shield is somewhat expensive when compared to its functionality. The console is just like any other media streamer. The console is priced at $149.99. Although it is just like any other media streamer, it offers exclusive games. The game streaming services are paid, but it has an extended library dedicated to only games.

Check out what techadvisor has to say about Nvidia Shield console


Whether you want to gift a video game and console to someone or planning to buy for yourself, it is important to know the products before making any purchase.


Famous Local Food Destinations In India

Indian local food

Are you someone foodie like me? I love Indian food and my favourite cuisine is Panjabi food. Deep fried vegetables wrapped in spices to kill can make my day. If you happen to visit India, don’t forget to take back home Indian local food. Indians are so crazy about spices that they have even modified many of the International dishes to match their taste buds. For example, the Pizza with chilli flakes and oregano, deep fried Pasta with red chilli souse and Chinese dishes with Indian tadka.

Get Mesmerized with Indian Local Food

India is diverse in every aspect which also includes food. So, it is worth trying some of the local food items during your stay in India. Here are a few cities whose local food is worth trying:

  1. Mumbai:

    modak. Image courtesy Crave Cook Click

    Mumbai or Amchi Mumbai as local calls the city is a paradise of street food. You will find falooda, bhel puri, sev puri, and the yummiest Modaks in Mumbai. The city is actually the origin place of some of the amazing street foods that have found their way to other parts of the country as well. Bhel Puri is a spicy food item made up of namkeen, channa, lemon, red chilli powder, green chilli, onion, and other yummy stuff that can make your tongue hiss. Here is a list of 15 food items in Mumbai that are worth trying.

  2. Banaras:

    Banarasi Local food. Image courtesy FoodMate

    If you plan to visit Banaras, a city, which is very famous for banarasi silk saree, don’t forget to attune your taste buds with banarasi food. The city is famous for some of the delights such as Malaiyo, a sweet that is only produced in Winter and is exclusively available in Banaras. Other local food items that are worth trying are Achari Murgh, a non-vegetarian food item.

  3. Delhi:

    Delhi Local Food
    Paranthas. Image courtesy YouTube

    Being in Delhi and not trying paranthas is a crime. Delhi has a special locality, not a hotel or restaurant, rather a complete locality or street that is famous for making parathas. Parantha is a Punjabi staple food. In Delhi, you can find any type of Prantha such as kimma Pranat (non-veg), paneer parantha and more at Paranthe wali gali.

  4. Arunachal Pradesh:

    Arunachal Pradesh is the most unexplored and green state of India. It is often visited by the nature lovers. The state is, however, famous for a beer made up of rice known as apang. Fish, rice, and beer are the staple food of the state. It also has some places that offer great Tibetan dishes.

  5. Kashmir:

    Rogan Josh Indian local Food
    Rogan Josh. Image courtesy What’s Up Life

    The paradise on Earth, Kashmir, doesn’t only have a green landscape to steal heart but also local food to steal the moment. Being in Kashmir don’t forget to experience the aroma of Kashmiri tea, Rogan Josh, Goshtaba or meatballs, and dum olav.

  6. Hyderabad

    The southern parts of India also have a tasty facet to show. If you have ever heard of Mughlai, Turkish, and Arabic food, you will be glad to know that all these cuisines are found in Hyderabad, which has a history all the three Kingdoms. Rice is the staple food of the place and you can find various types of rice items such as Biryani, which again has various modifications. The place is also famous for sweets.

  7. Rajasthan:

    Rajasthan local food
    Dal Bati Churma. Image courtesy YouTube

    Rajasthan, although a desert, is full of colours. It has colours in clothes, buildings, and food. The food items that are worth trying in Rajasthan are daal-baati choorma, laal maas, Balushahi, Ghevar, and Gujia.

  8. Lucknow

    After Rajasthan, Lucknow is the place that is very famous for local food. Tunday Kabab is one local food of Lucknow that is world famous.

  9. Pondicherry:

    Do you like French food? Being in India, you don’t have to fly to France for French food. Pondicherry is the place where you can get the yummy French delicacies. I told you earlier India can make any food item spicy.

  10. Goa:

    Sea-food lovers can get the tummy delight in Goa, a place known for seafood. Vindaloo and prawn curry are two local food items that are worth trying.

  11. Gujarat:

    Gujarat Local Food
    Dhokla. Image courtesy Tourism and Food

    Dhoklas, Khakhras, Khandwis, Theplas, and ghughra  – wondering what are these? These are not the names of any place or weapon (as the name might have sound), they are actually local Gujarati food that has gained a reputation across the globe primarily for their name (lol) and then for the taste. So, going back to home after travelling to Gujarat do let your friend know that your tried Khakhras, ghughra, and Theplas. They will be surprised to hear the names.

  12. Kolkata:

    Kolkata local Food
    Bengali Fish. Image courtesy YouTube

    Kolkata is famous for fish. So if you have craving for the finest fish dish, visit Kolkata. The place is a bit crowded and has a smell of fish coming from all over. If you think you can tolerate the smell, be my guest and try the Bengali fish dish. The place is also famous for its local food, Moghlai Paratha. It is a parantha fried in an egg batter. Mutton Kabiraji Cutlet is also a must-try food item of Kolkata.

India is not only a great place to enjoy street food but also a nice place for spending a vacation with family. Check out three places worth spending the vacation at.

The Future of Smart TV Technology

‘The Smart TV Technology’ is one mode of digital entertainment that has evolved to be promising and dynamic. Technology is not static and ever-changing.

The TV that we watch today is not likely to remain the same as we grow. There are four main factors that may overtake the TV technology. Let us look at these factors and try to understand the reason behind them being important and how they will overthrow the current TV technology

The Smart TV Technology Trends for The Future


  1. Shared Social Experiences:

    Future Smart TV - Social Sharing
    Facebook live. Image CourtesyMarketing Land

    Do you use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter? If yes, you are lucky to become a part of a technology which will make it easier for you to stay socially connected on these sites right from the screen of your TV. In short, TV is expected to go more real than what it is today.

    The shared social experience is possible by connecting TV to the internet. Connecting TV to the internet would mean that you will be able to watch your favourite baseball match and tweet about it without switching devices or screens. A perfect example of shared social experience is Facebook Live that allows Facebook users to stay connected with their Facebook followers with their devices. Facebook is planning to come up with a TV app called Facebook TV. The app is expected to be available with set-top boxes.

  2. Augmented Reality:

    Future Smart TV - AR
    Augmented reality, Image courtesy Road To VR

    Understanding augmented reality is easy. Have you ever noticed ads overlapping the top banner of your TV screen? These ads will be replaced to match your interest. For example, augmented reality will let you know the place from where you can an outfit worn by your favourite TV actress.

  3. Virtual Reality:

    Future Smart TV - VR
    Virtual Reality Image courtesy Wallpaperscraft

    The virtual reality is already dominating the gaming industry. But how is it going shape the future of Smart TV Technology? VR televisions are not far now. Soon, you will be able to experience the thrill and tense of a game as you watch your TV fully equipped with virtual reality tools. Many studios have already begun to produce VR movies.

  4. Holograms:

    Future smart TV- Hologram
    Hologram. Image courtesy YouTube

    Have you watched the movie ‘Star Wars’? If yes, you will probably have an idea what I am trying to say. In the future, our TV will provide us with holographic experience. Just like the one shown in the movie when Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi appeared with a message. Well, the hologram technology will let you experience the live concert of your favourite with just a press of a button on your TV remote.


    Honestly speaking, it is actually hard to predict and understand what will be the future of smart TV technology. However, there is no denying that the future of smart TV will be promising as latest technologies keep taking place to improve our life experience. With smart TV technology, there won’t be any surprise if social media, VR, AR, and hologram take a lead. Well, these are some of the features that may be added to improve television experience.


Travelers Go Shopaholic AT These Top Places To Shop

Whenever I think of travelling, I cannot stop myself from imaging the stuff that I can buy while travelling. For example, thinking of Dubai, I cannot think anything besides buying carpets. Similarly, thinking of Paris, I cannot stop myself from thinking of buying dresses and gowns from there. The world is diverse and amazing in itself. Travelers get to experience the best as they roam all over the world to see and get the feel of the world never explored before. If you are someone who is not really shopaholic or even an ardent traveller, it is important for you to know the places beforehand where you can shop and have a great time. Here is a list of 12 best places to shop across the globe:

Discover And Shop


Where to Shop In Seoul Image courtesy The Poor Traveler Blog

The Capital city of South Korea has an amazing variety to offer to the shoppers and travellers at reasonable (not always) rate. You can get amazing deals that are value for money. Here is a list of things that you can think of buying from Seoul:

  1. CUCKOO: An electric rice cooker that can be controlled with voice commands.
  2. Hangover Cure Products: It is okay to get drunk while partying and if you have hangover cure products such as Gyeondyo-bar ice cream from Korea you don’t have to worry about hangover anymore. There are more such products available in the city.
  3. Alcohol: Korean alcohol is one of the many things that travellers take back home. Soju and Makgeolli are two Korean drinks that are cheap in price and gives amazing delight.
  4. Beauty products: Cosmetic products made in Korea are gaining popularity across the work, so why not take them home.
  5. Health Goods: Want to uplift your immunity? Don’t forget to buy Korean red Ginseng. Gim or dried seaweed is yet another organic product available in Korea that is rich in vitamins, calcium, and carotenes.

These are some of the amazing stuff that you can buy in Seoul. There are other things also that may awake your shopping spree instinct. Want to know what else you can buy from Korea, check out this blog page


Shop in Milan
Shop At branded Shop in Milan. Image courtesy YouTube

Milan, an Italian city, is home to many fashion designers including Versace and Prada. The city is a great place to shop designer clothes. Here is a list of places where you can go shopping in Milan:  But, before you prepare yourself for shopping in Milan, don’t forget to read: TOP 7 Tips for Shopping in Milan

  1. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele: The mall is one of the oldest mall in the world. It has a four-story building. The mall, because of its historic value, is a great place for shoppers as well as non-shoppers.
  2. The Brera district: Looking for boutiques in Milan, the Brera district has some amazing boutiques of Milan. Milan has Italy’s most fashionable streets.  Travelling to Milan don’t forget to buy fashionable gifts for your loved ones.


Shop in Dubai
Shop in Dubai. Image courtesy Alternative Dubai

Dubai is being visited by more and more of visitors every year. The city has many shopping destinations that are popular among travellers. If you are someone who is travelling to Dubai for the first time, here is a list of shopping destinations in Dubai that you should visit:

  1. Deira Gold Souk: The place has about 300 retailers with most of them dealing in Gold.
  2. Al Fahidi Street: The Street has many electronic shops.
  3. Global Village: As the name suggests the place offers carnival-like atmosphere. There artists performance by stunt men and women. It is a great place to buy artefacts.
  4. Karama Shopping Center: Travelling to Dubai you may consider buying gifts for your loved ones. Karama Shopping Center is the place for you.
  5. Bur Dubai Souk: The place the famous for fabric and textiles retailers.

Shopping in Dubai can be fun and adventurous. The city offers a wide variety of shopping destinations from specialist shops to street shops.


Shop in Tokyo
Shop in Tokyo. Image courtesy JRGTS – DevinArt

Tokyo is the most affordable shopping destination for travellers. The best place to shop in Tokyo is department stores. At Tokyo, you can buy colourful anime goods, artefacts, branded products, and more. Some of the most popular shopping destination in Tokyo includes Shibuya – famous place to buy fashionable clothes – Shinjuku is the largest shopping centre. The place has outlets by some well-known companies. Shopping in Tokyo can be expensive, but you can get almost everything there.

New York:

Shop in New York
Shop In New York. Image courtesy The Vanca

Caption: What goes around comes around specializes in upmarket vintage attire and accessories

Talking about shopping, how can we not mention New York. Your friends and relatives or even you might have been to this amazing place, but have you ever heard of the vintage shopping place Rare Vintage. It has almost everything to appease the craving of the shoppers.


These are some top shopping destinations across the world. You may be thinking why I didn’t include Paris and London and other famous travelling destinations to this list. Well, we all know that London and Paris are amazing places to travel and shop but did you know about the Rare Vintage and CUCKOO, I guess no. The purpose of the post is to make you aware of the places that you have been but missed to shop. Want to know more about shopping destinations across the globe, check out the website of The Globe Shopper Index, a reliable source for shoppers.