Bollywood Stars to Perform At IPL 11 Opening Ceremony

Bollywood Stars to Perform At IPL 11 Opening Ceremony

Not much time is left for the beginning of the much-awaited cricket season i.e. IPL 11. We are all familiar that before the start of any tournament, nowadays, grand opening ceremonies are conducted. These ceremonies witness the presence of stars from Hollywood, as well as Bollywood, whose performances attract lots of people. Similarly, this season Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra, Varun Dhawan, and Jacqueline Fernandez will perform in the opening ceremony. The ceremony will take place at Mumbai’s Wankhede stadium on April 7, 2018.

Also, as per reports, the opening ceremony of IPL 11 will be attended by only two captains. MS Dhoni Captain of Chennai Super Kings and the other one is Rohit Sharma Captain of Mumbai Indians.

Bollywood Stars to Perform At IPL 11 Opening Ceremony

Who Will Not Be Attending the IPL 11 Ceremony?

Six captains including Virat Kohli (RCB), Ajinkya Rahane (RR), Gautam Gambhir (DD), R Ashwin (Kings XI), Dinesh Karthik (KKR), and David Warner (SRH) will not attend the IPL 11 ceremony.

IPL 2018 Captains

All these eight captains will be shooting a video on April 6th and then leave for their respective cities on the same day. Last year, all captains signed “Spirit of Cricket” pledge at the opening ceremony. But, this year, it won’t be possible as the opening ceremony will be held in Mumbai on April 7th just before the first match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings.

On April 8th, there are two matches i.e. DD VS Kings XI in Mohali at 4 pm and RCB VS KKR in Kolkata at 8 pm. As the captains have to travel a day before when they have an evening match to play, six captains out of eight will not be attending the opening ceremony of IPL 11.

The Budget Issue

According to a source, earlier, the budget of the opening ceremony was reduced from 30 crores to 20 crores by the Committee of Administrators (CoA). CoA had objections regarding the irrelevant razzmatazz enclosing the event. CoA also questioned BCCI that why they want to spend such a high amount on the celebration when the main attraction of the event is Cricket.

IPL GC has recently decided to increase the IPL opening ceremony budget to 50 crores. It was later agreed by BCCI too. “This is required to make the ceremony grand and keep the interest of people. For this reason, there is a need to increase the budget”, one of the BCCI officials said.

Previously in the 10th edition, all teams had separate opening ceremonies in their home grounds. In this, the board had taken care of all the expenses of those eight ceremonies.

In the last season, the IPL Governing Council (GC) allotted INR 3.5 crore to all teams for conducting opening ceremonies in their home grounds. Thus, it’s clear that the budget has now been increased for the only opening function that is to be conducted before the start of this season.

Another news that came into the limelight is Steve Smith and David Warner has been ruled out of IPL 11. Both the Australian cricketers were recently found guilty in the ball tampering incident in South Africa. ICC has banned both of them for 1 year from international cricket.

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5 Amazing Non-Vegetarian Meals To Try This Winter

5 Amazing Non-Vegetarian Meals To Try This Winter

Winter season is on and so is the season of meaty delicious foods. With the festive season gone, this cold weather is perfect for non-vegetarian meals. Winter is a favorite season of all the non-vegetarian meals lovers as they can enjoy some hot non-vegetarian meals without worrying much about the heat.

5 Amazing Non Vegetarian Meals To Try This Winter

Here is the list of 5 amazing non-vegetarian meals that one should try this winter.

1. Mutton Lonche (Pickle)

Mutton Lonche is a Kolhapuri non-veg pickle. The Kolhapuris love their mutton be it in any form. The flavorsome mutton Lonche has a flavor that no other mutton dish can bring to the table. Boneless pieces of mutton with ginger-garlic paste, turmeric powder, cumin seeds and dried chilies are used to make this dish mouth-watering. After making, the pickle is fried and preserved. It can be preserved for a week when refrigerated and can be enjoyed with some rice and dal or just bread or fresh chapatis. You can even add this pickle to your daily breakfast for additional taste.

Mutton Lonche (Pickle)

2. Bhuna Kaleji

If you are a non-vegetarian and have not tasted this dish, you should stop calling yourself a non-vegetarian. Kaleji or mutton liver contains a huge amount of protein along with a mouth-watering taste. It also contains a form of iron that can be easily consumed by the body. Protein takes longer to digest and in the process, it generates more heat in the body. So, winter is the perfect season to try this dish out. Taste it and thank me later.

Bhuna Kaleji

3. Wada Kombda 

If you are a fan of south Indian foods and ever dreamed of trying a Wada with chicken or mutton, then Wada Komba is the best dish to wipe out your hunger. This variant is somehow different, yet delectable. A favorite among youth, the Wada resembles a Puri and is relished with tangy Gavran chicken. You might have tried chicken with Dosa and even Idli but the taste you get with Wada Kombda is something you will crave once tasted.

Wada Kombda

4. Litti Chicken

You might have heard or even tested the classic Bihari food i.e. Litti chokha, but Litti Chicken is one dish you should try this winter for a delicious taste. If it is really difficult to reach out to Bihar, then you can ask your Bihari friend to make it for you or he would definitely know a place or two where you can get this dish. This is a winter special dish from North-West corner of India.

Litti Chicken

5. Pandhra Rassa

Yet another Kolhapuri dish makes its way to our list. When talking about food items that must be relished hot, Pandhra Rassa comes to the mind. Considered as a favourite accompaniment with the mutton thali, the dish is significant in Kolhapuri cuisine. Kolhapuris love their Pandhra Rassa when the temperatures drop. This creamy, white gravy comprises meat stock cooked with dry coconut, a host of spices, ginger, and garlic. The soup-like gravy provides heat to the body and aids digestion as well. You cannot possibly have this dish in any other season because of the heat it offers to the body, thereby making winter as a perfect season to try this dish out.

Pandhra Rassa

Let me know which you one you would like to try this winter!

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5 Most Followed Indian Female B-Town Celebrities on Instagram in 2017

5 Most Followed Indian Female B-Town Celebrities on Instagram in 2017

One of the most dominant in the film industry is the Bollywood. The B-town has given us fabulous movies, actors, directors and what not. Let’s take a moment to see what B-town celebrities have achieved throughout this journey of what we call a career. To see their achievement what would be more befitting than going through their fan following on Instagram.

5 Most Followed Indian Female B-Town Celebrities on Instagram in 2017

So let’s have a glance at the 5 most followed Indian Female B-Town Celebrities that ruled on Instagram in 2017.

1. Deepika Padukone

The Aphrodite of Bollywood Deepika Padukone tops the list of most followed female B-Town celebrities with having a fan following of more than 9 million. Alluring Deepika has ruled the hearts of many folks not only in India but throughout the world with her dexterity with acting. This year, her role in XXX: Return of Xander Cage opposing Vin Diesel has got her accolades.

Deepika Padukone

2. Priyanka Chopra

With 8.1 million fans on her Instagram profile, PC the Quantico Queen grabs the 2nd position on the list. After people in India were swayed by her tenacity to deliver the best work in B-Town, this girl is all set to govern acting industry worldwide and made her Hollywood debut with the series Quantico. She was also seen opposing the best names of Hollywood, including Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Pamela Anderson and much more this year.

Priyanka Chopra

3. Shraddha Kapoor

Next on our list is the daughter of legendary Shakti Kapoor i.e. Shraddha Kapoor. The ‘Aashiqui 2’ star’s sweetest smile was number 3rd on our list with 7.4 million followers. She has received laurels not only for her acting but also with her beautiful voice. This multi-talented beauty needed no recognition from her father as she has got all the skills to stand up on her own.

Shraddha Kapoor

4. Alia Bhatt

The delightful and exquisite offspring of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and actress Soni Razdan follows up on the list with 7.2 million folks following her on the social networking platform. Alia Bhatt, who made her Bollywood debut as a child with 1999 starter “Sangharsh”, was given the role in Karan Johar’s “Student of the Year” and since then, she has never stopped and has only skyrocketed her name in B-town.

Alia Bhatt

5. Jacqueline Fernandez

Recipient of several awards in the B-town and winner of Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant, Jacqueline Fernandez is number 5 on the list with 6.3 million followers. The Sri-Lankan beauty has charmed whole India with her good looks. Murder 2 opposing Imran Hashmi was her break for Bollywood which got her numerous kudos. Apart from being an actor, she is also a benefactress supporting causes like animal welfare, children education, etc.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Females have always been equal in power with the men folks. However, Instagram cannot be the only deciding factor in the fan following of different celebrities but considering its popularity worldwide, it is right to say that the above female celebrities have done well to impress audience on a large scale. Some other B-Town celebrities that hold millions of fans on Instagram include Sonam Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Virat Kohli, Shahid Kapoor, Sunny Leone, and Salman Khan.

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5 Best PS4 games that you can’t stop playing – 2017 Edition

5 Best PS4 games that you can’t stop playing – 2017 Edition

Play Station also known as ‘PS’ is a great platform for all those video gamers who love to be a part of the arena and fight for their survival. With the upgrades in technology, gaming consoles such as PS3 and PS4 too have upgraded, making it smoother and enjoyable.The interesting part of modern-day PS4 games is that the villains are more dangerous and very hard to kill.

While the year 2016 was filled with exciting games like Doom and Over-watch, the current year 2017 also has some amazing games to play.

5 Best PS4 games that you can’t stop playing – 2017 Edition

Here is the list of 5 Best PS4 games that you can’t stop playing easily.


Middle-earth: Shadow of War is bigger and more ambitious in scope than “Shadow of Mordor”. The way it expands the nemesis system with far greater variety and fortress sieges make it even better. Also, not to forget the battles with memorable Uruk captains remain challenging all the way through the campaign.



Mass Effect: Andromeda is an expansive action role-playing game with a few great moments that recapture the high points of the landmark trilogy and energetic combat and fantastic sound effects contributing to a potent sci-fi atmosphere. It is one of the best PS4 games of 2017.


3. FIFA 17

FIFA 2017 does promise something for every football fan, from the casual observer to the full-kit fanatic, I still find myself wishing that EA Sports would spend a little more time focusing on the basics. You could probably create the perfect football game by letting Konami handle everything on the pitch, with EA Sports responsible for everything in the game. Create your own team, win different titles and get a reward for that. It is one of the best football games that will provide you a real football experience.



Aside from the smaller-feeling plot, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided improves upon its excellent predecessor in every other way. Its impeccably designed environments are flushed with possibility, remaining completely coherent while supporting a wide variety of routes and character builds, and Jensen’s prodigious new feats of techno-wizardry add a new dimension to both combat and exploration. Mankind Divided will never stop challenging you or reward your curiosity. In fact, it will let you explore its beautiful, ruined world while carefully weighing your decisions along the way.


5. Call of Duty – WW2

Call of Duty also widely known as COD, is one of the best PS4 games available on the market. It’s the fourth-best-selling video game franchise with nearly 250 million sold copies. The series began on Microsoft Windows and later expanded to consoles and handhelds. COD WW2 is the fourth release of Call of Duty series. WW2 takes the COD franchise back to its roots. You will storm the beaches of Normandy on D-Day before fighting your way across Europe, experiencing events of the Second World War including the battle of Bulge and The Rhine through the eyes of a soldier.

Call of Duty – WW2

If you are a fan of war games, this one is a must-play for you.

Technology trends to expect early in 2018

Technology trends have always surprised every one of us year-by-year. Smartphones, cloud computing, nanotechnology, electric vehicles etc all have revolutionized our way of living in a great manner. With artificial intelligence topping the charts this year, the upcoming technology trends (2018) is expected to focus more on IoT (Internet of Things) and machine learning.

Technology trends to expect early in 2018

Here is the list of technology trends that one could expect early in 2018.

1. Chatbots and Conversational features

We already have a little experience with chatbots this year, with the introduction of personal assistance services like Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Assistant. Soon, there will be the time when a virtual robotic friend will play a vital role in providing us quick solutions.

Chatbots are designed with the same thought, where one can share his/her thoughts with the virtual agent and get solutions for the questions asked. Just like “Jarvis” used to do in Iron Man’s movie.

Chatbots and Conversational features

2. Electrovibration Technology

Have you ever dreamed of having a touch-feel of all the exciting things you see on Internet? Well, I do! The electrovibration technology is one such technology that could bring our dreams to reality. This technology trend could change the entire experience of today’s touchscreen devices. With this, one could imagine shopping for clothes online without worrying about the texture and quality of the clothes.

This technology can also lead to socially beneficial trends. For instance, blind people can access smartphones similar to normal people with Electrovibration Technology.

Electrovibration Technology

3. Edge Computing

If you think digital transformation has obtained stability, then you might have only seen the half side of it. Edge computing technology will allow data produced by IoT devices to be processed closer to where it is created instead of sending it across long routes to data centers or clouds. Just when IT companies were finally stabilizing on cloud computing, edge computing is coming into the picture and gaining a positive response.

Edge Computing

4. Air to Fuel

Air to fuel can be the best technology trend to look out for in 2018. There are some tech geeky companies who are putting regular efforts to make fuel from thin air. A British firm “USC Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute” mentioned in a press release that they have successfully designed a revolutionary technology that can produce petrol using air and water. For the first time, researchers have directly converted carbon dioxide from the air into methanol at relatively low temperature. The fuel produced if used in any regular petrol tank and if renewable energy is used to provide the electricity it could become “completely carbon neutral”.

Air to Fuel technology

5. Driverless Cars

Remember the movie “Knight Rider” (2008)? If you don’t, let me give you an overview. The movie was based on a thought where a scientist creates a driverless car to save his daughter’s life. This amazing thought is now coming to reality with driverless cars or so-called autonomous cars currently under process. Autonomous cars along with electric vehicles will change the car industry that we know today. This will eliminate the need for car ownership for masses.

Driver-less Cars

Apart from above technology trends, one can also expect others tech trends such as blockchain, 360 -degree videos (VR/AR), machine learning, intelligent apps, and Word-of-Mouth Marketing to explore new opportunities for job seekers.

5 Best Indian cars that ruled Indian roads in 2017

5 Best Indian cars that ruled Indian roads in 2017

There used to be a time when cars were merely considered as a medium of transportation. Gone are those days as now cars are considered to be a status symbol. We know that Indian roads are not the best. But, thanks to the cars companies that have managed to develop Indian cars that not only run smoothly on Indian roads but have managed to offer much more than simply a car.

5 Best Indian cars that ruled Indian roads in 2017

Here is the list of 5 best Indian Cars that ruled Indian roads in 2017

1. Maruti Suzuki Ignis

When it comes to Indian cars, Maruti is the most reliable brand in India. Maruti has been ruling Indian transport market for a long time now and is a well-known brand among common people. The company in 2017 launched yet another budgeted car for Indian marketers popularly known as Maruti Suzuki Ignis. Ignis is a hatchback, designed specifically for Indian roads that price nearly 4 lakhs. The car comes with a number of benefits, such as

  • 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) system
  • Hill descent control
  • Suzuki’s adaptive Dual Camera Breaking System (DCBS)
  • Lane management system
  • Rear and side camera for parking assistance etc.

The car also comes with driver and co-passenger airbag.

Maruti Suzuki Ignis

2. Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS

With the success of first addition, Maruti launched second addition of Baleno series in India in mid-2017. The Baleno RS comes with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with 110 bhp which produce close to 170 NM of torque. It’s also the most powerful Maruti hatchback ever. The car costs 9 lakhs.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS

3. Maruti Swift Dzire

Maruti Swift Dzire is the compact sedan, which is among the top selling Indian cars. In the latest 2017 Swift Dzire edition, the company has managed to add more space and changed the quality of interiors. The petrol version of the car is powered by 1.2-liter K-series, while the diesel version comes, with 1.3-liter DDiS motor that put out 75PS along with 190 Nm of max torque. The petrol version of the car is priced at 5.48 lakhs, while the diesel version costs 6.89 lakhs.


4. Hyundai Creta – 2017 edition

Hyundai Creta 2017 edition is the most famous SUV introduced recently in India. The Hyundai company launched Creta in Indian market first in 2014 and since then it’s been getting bigger and better. The 2017 edition Creta features a new executive E+ variant with a 1.4-litre diesel engine and SX+ dual tone trim in 1.6-litre petrol and diesel options. It comes with two color choices including – White & Black and Red & Black. Hyundai has priced Creta 2017 at Rs 14.55 Lakhs.

Hyundai Creta – 2017 edition

5. Tata Nexon

Tata Motors launched the much awaited compact SUV couple of months from now in September 2017 at the price of 9 lakhs. Within less than a month from its unveiling event, the car received an excellent response from Indian car buyers, resulting over 10,000 pre-orders in the first month. Tata Nexon comes with amazing features that include:

  • 2,498 of wheelbase
  • Floating Dashtop HD touchscreen
  • Rear air-conditioning vents
  • Height adjustable driver’s seats
  • Dual front airbags
  • ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic BrakeForce Distribution)
  • Engine immobilizer, etc.

Tata Nexon

So, these were the list of 5 best Indian cars that were purchased by most of the Indian car lovers in 2017.

Let us know your favorite one in a comment section below!

Top 5 Indian beaches you must visit once in your lifetime

Top 5 Indian beaches you must visit once in your lifetime

The warm sand underneath your feet, the beautiful blue water, and the vast horizon, even thinking about a beach can make you feel peaceful. India is a country filled with many wonders, natural and man-made artifacts that not only attract a large number of visitors from different parts of the world but also let them gather wonderful memories and enjoy some peaceful time. Indian beaches are to be given a special credit in this respect.

Top 5 Indian beaches you must visit once in your lifetime

Here is the list of 5 Indian beaches that you must visit at least once in your lifetime to gather some amazing memories with your friends or family members.

1. Agonda Beach, Goa

Goa is the first place that comes to our mind when we hear the word “Indian Beach”. Agonda beach is among one of the best public beaches in Goa and also among the best beaches of India. Located in south Goa, this beach is one of the best places for relaxing, sunbathing, and night partying with beautiful white sands all around. This is one of the most romantic beaches in India and is the best location you could bring your newly-wed-spouse to. This beach is very less commercialized as compared to other beaches of Goa and is very clean and pristine.


2. Kovalam beach, Kerala

Kerala – “City of gods” has many natural wonders to amaze your eyes and Kovalam beach is one such natural wonder. With its rocky projections and three coves, Kovalam is an amazing beach, situated nearly 16 km from Trivandrum. The three coves of this beach include the “Lighthouse beach”, the “Hawa beach”, and the “Samundra beach”. While the Lighthouse beach is the largest beach amongst the three, Hawa beach offers the best scenic beauty, with its high rocks and dark blue water. You should visit these beaches on full moon night to experience their utmost beauty.

Kovalam beach, Kerala

3. Mandarmani Beach, West Bengal

Mandarmani beach is located in a coastal village of West Bengal. The beach overlooks the northern end of Bay of Bengal. The Coast is excellent for spending quality time with your loved ones. This beach is also among the very few Indian beaches that promote adventure sports. While walking along the beach is scenic, it is also possible to drive your car along the coast when the tide is low, which is rarely allowed on Indian beaches.

Mandarmani beach

4. Radhanagar beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar have some of the best beaches of the country. Amongst them, Radhanagar beach is said to be the best. Its breathtaking blue waters and the amazing backdrop of mountains awarded it the status of Asia’s best beach in the year of 2004. If relaxation is what you seek, Radhanagar beach is arguably the best place to visit once in a lifetime.

Radhanagar beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

5. Om beach, Gokarna (Karnataka)

Gokarna, also known as “kasha of south India”, is famous for having some of the most beautiful beaches in India. Gokarna is one of the hidden gems of India situated in Karnataka which is also famous for its religious values. One of the most divine beaches of India is Om beach which is curiously shaped like the religious Hindu symbol “Om”. The Om beach is one of the best beaches in India because it is sandwiched between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. The beach does not have direct access from roads and you might have to go on a short trek on a hike, depending on the side from which you are approaching the beach. While some might think of it as a disadvantage, the uncommon approach certainly adds a sense of adventure to the visit.


5 Best Must Have Android Apps of 2017

5 Best Must Have Android Apps of 2017

Struggling to get started with the best Android apps of 2017 to install on your new Android device? Then don’t worry anymore, as we are here to give you a heads-up on apps that can give you a nice feel for your device.

Android Apps of 2017

Note, there are nearly three million apps in the Google Play Store. So, most of the time users are confused about what to install or the one which should be rejected. Simply running the numbers, one can easily estimate that most of them aren’t worth to be installed or cover up space on your Android smartphone.

So how do you cut through the trash to find out the best Android apps you really need?

Here is the list of 5 best must-have Android apps of 2017 that every Android user must install on their Android device:-

1. Amazon Kindle:

Gone are the days when one use to buy books from the store, all the book lovers are moving to eBooks in this digital era. If you’re a bookworm and finding it really difficult to get rid of hard copies of your favorite books and at the same time you can’t just give up on your passion for reading, this Android App is a must-have. Amazon is the king of eBooks, despite the best efforts from other companies like Barnes & Noble, it allows you to sync your current read between your phone, tablet, and Kindle so you can keep all your devices on the same page. If you’re not a Kindle user, there are other great options in the Play Store such as Moon+ Reader and Overdrive, which allows you to borrow eBooks from your library.


2. Google maps:

If you’re still following the good old ways like “Asking people” or “Remembering landmarks” for navigating to places, you’re still living in Adam’s era. Google maps is the best maps app on the Play Store and is always improving with new and better features like the recent addition allowing users to add a stop along their road trip.

Google maps android app


3. CamScanner:

If you ever need to scan documents on the go, CamScanner is the best option available on the Google Play Store. It’s incredibly simple to use and helpful in a pinch. You just take out your document to scan, point your phone camera, click and done; it’s that simple. The app also allows you to sync your scanned documents across multiple devices, so you can keep everything up to date.

CamScanner android app

4. Android Device Manager:

Smartphones are extremely important to one’s life in this digital era, so you must have a plan in case something goes wrong. Android Device Manager helps users locate their device when it’s gone missing, reset pin or passcode and even erase all the data. It’s not an app you’ll use on daily basis. But the one time you need it, you’ll be pleased with the amazing benefits that the app offers.

Android Device Manager

5. Facebook Messenger:

The Problem with most messaging apps is that they require you to invite your friends to join as well. Not so with the Facebook messenger, as most of the living population already has a Facebook account. This app has a vast variety of communication options like text, voice call and video calling as well. It also features lots of stickers and emoticons to express your thoughts in the virtual world.

facebook-messenger android app

I’ll admit, this list doesn’t have everything. It doesn’t even begin to touch the seemingly infinite variety of the Google Play store. What it does cover are the apps that you should install on your Android phone or tablet as soon as it comes out of the box. With the installation of the above five Android apps, you should be able to tackle just about anything.

India’s Top 10 Best Technology Companies to Work for in 2017-2018

India’s Top 10 Best Technology Companies to Work for in 2017-2018

Whenever it comes to applying for a job, a candidate always looks for companies based on a few criteria that include basic salary, incentives, an opportunity for growth in the workforce and the likes. The most important criteria in today’s dynamic and ever-changing workplace are the ambiance of the same. In other words, the working environment plays a vital role in the decision making of staying with a particular company or letting go or even applying for the same company in the first place.

India’s Top 10 Best Technology Companies to Work for in 2017-2018

The following few are supposedly the finest technology companies to work for in 2017-2018.

  1. Intuit India – Ranked at the first position is the Intuit India. Established in 2005 and holding a tight family of nine hundred and forty-eight employees, it is one of the very few companies in India that provides an LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) inclusive workspace. They also encourage creativity and always look for framing new solutions for customer problems.

Intuit India

  1. American Express India – Renowned for being open to employing the maximum number of fresher and innovating ways of pushing the younger workforce towards a better physical health, this organization has been cited by its employees to be their “dream organization”. Though they have been set up way back in 1921, they have remained flexible over the years – empowering its employees as well as hearing them out. Further, the company accepts newer trends for a more balanced workplace and hence, now focuses on mental health well being of its workers.

American Express India

  1. Google India – Shifting from the first place last year to the third this year has not caused Google India leaders to stay quiet. On the contrary, they are up and about looking for ways and means of increasing the effectiveness of the teams and experimenting methods to create “great manages” at work. Google definitely knows how to keep its employees all shaped up to stay sturdy in the game.

Google India

  1. Lemon Tree Hotels – The Company has improved their status and this year bag the fourth position. The employees have repeatedly reported to have the most co-operative of management teams, the presence of transparency and openness in the work culture, a great number of yearly leaves and multiple prospects of growth.

Lemon Tree Hotels

  1. SAP Labs India – Having a huge family of more than six thousand employees and increasing, SAP Labs India has focused all its time on constructing a robust custom of entrepreneurship. Through different newly developed programs, the company engages in curating the initial stages of start-ups so that the latter does not have to go through any sort of technological glitches while still taking off.

SAP Labs India

  1. Adobe India – Founded in 1997, Adobe India has improved its workspace incredibly in under a year and comes in at the sixth place. The company has set an example in being properly and aptly supportive of maternity leaves and the returning moms. Adobe India has set up a buddy system approach for all employees that went on their maternity leave. Furthermore, the company is set on hiring more women, increasing the female workforce from 23 percent to 31 percent.

Adobe India

  1. NetApp India – For the overall seventh rank, NetApp India clearly deserves the spot. It has taken the initiative of changing the technology curriculum at different IITs from an otherwise theoretical approach to a more application based one. The company while working in close association with the professors provides for the right kind of resources and suffuses data management, cloud, and storage related content into the syllabus.

NetApp India

  1. Teleperformance India – The Company might just pave a new way for the appraisal structure. Abandoning yearly appraisals, this company tries to set up a transparent monthly mechanism of a scorecard that motivates employees towards self-assessment and self-governance.

Teleperformance India

  1. Pitney Bowes – In the ninth position is Pitney Bowes, a rather newly formed company, only a decade old. The uniqueness of the company lies with the fact that there is no employee attendance monitoring. The company also provides really amazing growth opportunities; so much so, that nearly seventy percent of the employees that had joined the company at its inception are still a part of the company.

Pitney Bowes

  1. DHL Express India – The only other company that gets to enter this list of top 10 technology companies is the DHL Express India. Claimed to be the market leader in its field, the company provides its employees complete freedom at work. It also organizes workshops for the proper grooming, training, and growth of its workers. The company also ensures to provide a management arrangement with a progressive vision and maintains a highly professional work culture.


DHL Express India

So, these were the top 10 Indian technology companies according to their ranks in India. Let us know your favorite company in the comment section below.