Amidst the Clouds: A Home Away From Home in Manimutharu- Free Resort Coupon Inside

Manimutharu RKV Farms

Soaked in the greens of India’s Western Ghats is a place called Manimutharu. A Panchayat town situated in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli district, Manimutharu is a tranquil place that enchants visitors with an enigmatic charm.

Manimutharu Natural Beauty

Far From The Maddening Crowds

Set amidst the Singampatti Hills far from the maddening crowds, the region lies close to the Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve – a place that is so liked by lovers of solitude.

The chirping birds, the pure mountain air, the cool climes, and the exotic wildlife: all exist in a perfect harmony to form the paradise that is Manimutharu. The place is also known for its tea plantations and experiences an average temperature of 13 to 28 degrees Celsius.

The Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve

Established in 1988, the tiger reserve was formed by the combination of the Kalakkad Wildlife Sanctuary and the Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary, which were both created earlier in 1962.

The Tambraparani, the Ramanadi, and the Manimuthar rivers flow through the forests, which are home to Royal Bengal Tigers, Leopards, Wild Pigs, Elephants, Sloth Bears, Giant Squirrels, Sambars, and Chital.

Places to Visit in Manimutharu

The region has several tourist attractions including:

  • Manimuthar Waterfalls: Located near Manjolai, the waterfalls provide stunning views to shutterbugs. The picturesque natural beauty and serenity of the place enchant visitors. A beautiful garden overlooks the waterfalls.
  • Dasan Pool: Also called the ‘Tarzan Pool’, the place is known for its crystal-clear waters surrounded by lush greens.
  • Tea Estates: The Manimutharu area is most known for its tea estates maintained by BBTC at Manolai, Oothu, and Kakachi.
  • Mini Golf Course: Situated in Kakkachi, the golf course is en route Kudhiraivetti at a distance of about 45 km from Manimutharu. The green meadows make for breathtaking views of the place, which is situated close to the Kakkachi Lake.

Manimutharu RKV Farms

Manimutharu RKV Organic Farms

The RKV Adventure & Aero-Sports farms are located in Manimutharu and are spread across a vast area of nearly 50 acres. The place is adorned by towering mountains on three sides. The moment you step in, you’ll enter another world far away from the city chaos.

The region abounds in wildlife and is a plastic-free zone in adherence to the principles of harmonious co-existence with the denizens of the natural world.

Visitors who’d like to experience adrenaline rush can try the adventure sports facilities including power hang glider recreational flying.

You’ll not be the only visitor, for, the place is frequented by peacocks, who’ll happily make friends if you are patient enough. Listen to their calls in the dark of the jungle and they’ll tell the tales of the wild.

Manimutharu Adventure Sports

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Manimutharu is an ideal place to spend time in the lap of nature. You can explore the region and its exotic wildlife, which will leave you rejuvenated and recharged. The mountains call. Come and experience the magic of Manimutharu. There’s so much to discover and explore!

Netflix’s “The Ritual” Will Terrify You Beyond Doubt

The Ritual Movie

Few horror movies are unforgettable when it comes to their terrifying traits. Creepy monsters and scary mansions are common denizens of the (not so) horror space, but it’s relatively easy to get around. Not with “The Ritual”.

Haven’t seen Netflix’s The Ritual yet? You’ll be terrified, for sure. It’s unlike any horror movie you have seen before, you’ve been warned!

Movie The Ritual

The Ritual of Guilt, Courage & Redemption

The Ritual is the story of guilt. Luke (Rafe Spall) is unable to save his friend Rob when the latter is murdered by robbers in a liquor store. A poignant scene, where Rob repeatedly calls out to a petrified Luke, who is frozen in fear.

As the movie unfolds, Luke repeatedly lives these moments as the past haunts his present, dictating his future, until he finally confronts his fear, albeit in front of an ancient God from the Norse mythology.

The Ritual: A Spine-Chilling Tale of the Woods

Luke, with his three other friends, is hiking through the mountains of the Sarek National Park in Sweden in the honour of his deceased friend when the group decides to cut the route short and trek through the woods instead. The woods are dark and deep though; strange noises and events are proof enough something sinister is underway.

There’s no stopping for the friends who continue to march until that dark stormy night, which changes everything. Directed by David Bruckner, the film is available for online viewing on Netflix and is gaining widespread acclaim.

The Ritual Movie

Of Legends and Stories

Drawing from Nordic legends and mythology, the film sets a perfect backdrop to terrify even the most suspecting souls: dark woods, eerie houses, and strange cults.

The Ritual has deep philosophical and metaphysical connotations – the concept of guilt, of anxiety, of friendship, and of course, redemption. The cyclic nature of guilt, which haunts the bearer swinging back and forth between the past and the present, is an essential component of the film. This continues unabated until the protagonist decides to confront his guilt, accepts it, and decides to fight back.

Netflix The Ritual

The Ritual is Not Just Another Horror Film

If you thought the horror genre is done to death, think again. Joe Barton’s screenplay blurs the lines between dreams and reality so often that you travel amidst two different universes in the film. Though they might appear different at first, the moment you scratch the surface, you will begin to see the parallels.

Luke is the chosen one owing to his inner pain and suffering. He is trapped. In a time loop. But is there a way out? What must he do? Witness? Or Fight? The ancient monster can smell fear. And there’s no escape. Until, of course, Luke rises despite all odds.

The film works on many different levels, employing beautiful metaphors to weave a complex narrative that will set you thinking. From the dreadful creature slurping an ancient language to the inner demons in control of our lives, The Ritual is as engrossing as it gets.

The movie is based on Adam Nevill’s novel of the same name and is a definite must-watch.

The Story of Machli: The World’s Most Photographed Tiger

Machli- The Hunter

Machli. The tiger queen of the wilderness of Ranthambore. A majestic Royal Bengal Tigress who dominated the prime habitat of the forest for years on end.

Scores of tourists would gather watching Machli taking a nap in broad daylight. She would move a toe or two, enticing onlookers, who were instantly sent into a frenzy at one glance of the tigress.

The tigress inherited her name from her mother, Machli I. Born in 1997, she is considered the world’s most famous and photographed tiger who would captivate photographers with her grace, her elegance. Such was the grandeur of the tigress, her death made headlines in the country and beyond.

Machli: The Mother

Machli once killed a crocodile twice her size when it threatened its cubs. A fiercely protective mother, she would do anything to ensure the safety of her little ones. When adult males ventured into her territory, she would rise and chase away the intruders away from her litter at once.

Tigers usually produce 2-3 litters, but Machli had 4, giving birth to 11 cubs total, comprising 7 females and 4 males. Her progeny later increased the tiger population of the Ranthambore National Park – more than half the number of tigers in the park are of her lineage.

Two of Machli’s offsprings were later relocated to the Sariska Tiger Reserve, which had lost all its tigers to rampant poaching. The forest is now alive, once again, thanks to Machli’s progeny who helped boost the tiger population in the Sariska reserve as well.

Machli- The Hunter

Machli: The Powerful Huntress

A huntress par excellence, Machli was known for her hunting skills and strength. Her prowess as an exemplary hunter could be seen when she was in her prime, and later, even when she grew older.

Her valour earned her the titles of ‘Lady of the Lakes’, ‘Crocodile Killer’, ‘Tigress Queen of Ranthambore’, and the ‘Queen Mother of Tigers’.

A Tiger Saved is The Jungle Saved

Machli’s life serves to illustrate how a single tiger, when protected, can populate an entire forest. She sustained tourism, almost single-handedly, commanding great respect and awe from visitors across the globe.

The acclaimed wildlife filmmaker S Nallamuthu spent nine years of his life following every single move of the queen. He recalls how he shared a special bond with the tigress; he was there by her side even when she breathed her last: a deeply saddening moment that brought tears to everyone’s eyes. His documentation forms the core of his film, ‘The World’s Most Famous Tiger’, which was telecast on the National Geographic channel this Feb 26.

World's Most Famous Tiger

The Legacy Lives On

Machli’s contribution to Ranthambore cannot be expressed in words. She was honoured with a postal cover and stamp issued by the Indian Government in the year 2013 commemorating her contribution to tourism and ecology.

So immense was her contribution to the tourism at the Ranthambore National Park that upon her demise on August 18, 2016 at the ripe age of 19 years, she was cremated in observation of all traditional Indian rituals with full state honours.

Machli might have left her mortal body, but, her legacy lives on. Arrowhead, who belongs to the queen’s lineage, was recently spotted in the reserve with her newborn cubs. Machli still lives in her progeny and will continue to inspire generations of men and women.

Padman is All About Shedding Inhibitions

Padman movie

“Hum aurton ke liye bimari se marna sharm ke saath jeene se behtar hai”. On one hand, we are entering the digitalisation revolution, and on the other, womenfolk in our country are still reluctant to talk about the menstrual cycle. This really needs thought and is what forms the subject of R. Balki’s movie Padman.

Based on the short story, ‘The Sanitary Man of Sacred Land’ in a book by Twinkle Khanna titled ‘The Legend of Lakshmiprasad’, the movie Padman, released on Feb 9, 2018, is inspired by the real-life story of Arunachalam Muruganantham, who introduced the low-cost sanitary pad.

Padman movieThe Plot

Laksmikant Chauhan (Akshay Kumar), a welder, is concerned about his wife (Gayatri) who uses cloth during her periods and is not ready to opt for the expensive sanitary napkins, which Lakshmikant lovingly brings her, much to the embarrassment of the chemist and the ladies at the counter. The people around him feel immensely awkward when he talks about, let alone buy sanitary pads.

Balki has beautifully captured the taboos and social dilemmas attached to the subject and how difficult it is for a man like Lakshmikant to approach the issue of menstrual hygiene in a society that considers this a “women’s problem” to be tackled in a discreet manner.

Lakshmikant, the innovator that he is, is hellbent to change the pre-conceived notions of the society and help women embrace the menstrual cycle without feeling shy and awkward. He comes out with his own low-cost sanitary napkins against all odds and in turn, empowers village women to earn a living by manufacturing and selling the affordable alternative to dirty cloth.

How Lakshmikant battles all odds with the support of Pari (Sonam Kapoor) to come up with an affordable solution and is recognised in his endeavours by the UN and the Indian Government, forms the rest of the story.

Padman film

Padman: A Feather in Balki’s Cap

It must indeed have been quite difficult for Balki to deal with an issue so looked down upon and “secretive”. The way the director comes up with the concept and the script weaves the narrative without sounding in the manner of a documentary, retaining the essence of the subject in a light-hearted way is simply commendable. At no point in time does the film slip away from its objectives.

The Padman movie features brilliant performances by Sonam Kapoor, Radhika Apte, Akshay Kumar, and Suniel Sinha amongst the other supporting cast. The music is breathtaking, as is the cinematography that captures the beauty of Maheshwar town in Madhya Pradesh.

Real Padman

It’s Time to Shed Inhibitions

We are living in an era where women are making their mark on all frontiers, while on the other end of the spectrum, they still face inhibitions talking about menstruation and menstrual hygiene.

The movie Padman is a powerful blow on the face of the society, which considers the woman as an incarnation of Shakti, the Goddess, but has no hesitations in secluding her when she goes through her biological cycle.

A must watch on all counts, this film will set you thinking. With the International Women’s day just around the corner, it’s time to introspect. In the words of Lakshmikant, “Big man, strong man not making country strong. Woman strong, mother strong, sister strong, then country strong”.

Our Relationships Are Turning Sour: Here’s Why

Family relationships

They say all relationships go through hell. Real relationships get through it.

Man is a social being, which means he likes to be surrounded by friends, relatives, and loved ones. We are, however, living in an era where time is the most critical constraint. This time factor is the one that has the most bearing on our relationships as well.

We never even realise how far we are led astray, away from those who matter. In a quest. The quest to succeed, to soar the sky, to make a mark. We might have succeeded in making a mark for ourselves but is there someone around to celebrate the joy with? Didn’t we leave them far behind?

Relationships are turning sour

Relationships Turning Sour – Is Time Alone to Blame?

If there’s a single most significant thing you can give your near and dear ones, it is time. Are you there for them when they need you the most?

Time alone, however, is not the culprit. The solution lies within. We need to manage our time well and most importantly, figure out our priorities. Professional and personal lives go hand in hand; we need to maintain a healthy balance between them both. The middle path is always difficult to walk on and isn’t a bed of roses. It’s a great test of true grit and determination. Nurturing your relationships while also performing well in your career is a test only the most strong-willed will be able to endure. The others will either see their relationships crumble away or their professional careers slip out of their hands.

Family relationships

You can’t do It Alone

To tread on the middle path and balance a career with the homefront, you’ll need support. From your family, from your colleagues. We, human beings, have become increasingly self-centered and have forgotten the value of understanding. The basic human instinct of socialising holds a powerful solution. We need to talk, discuss, and sort things out. Speak with your family members, friends, and colleagues. Discuss the problems that confront you and them. Remember, sharing reduces the burden and makes it easier to find a solution.

There Will Be Fights and Clashes

No matter what you do, there will always be clashes, quarrels, and fights. That’s impossible to get around. In fact, they’re perfectly normal for a healthy relationship. The main point is to get along well after the clashes end, every time. Your ego shouldn’t dominate your relationships. Neither should you carry pre-conceived notions and thoughts about others. It’s important to respect the other person’s opinions and views. We can all be right in our own spaces and perspectives, each one of us having a different way of seeing things; it is vital to accept people and situations as they are.

Relationships need time

Love is Unconditional

Remember, love is unconditional. There are no terms and conditions attached. Accept people around you with their own share of flaws and merits. No one is perfect, including you. Love them, no matter what.

We need to introspect and see what it is that is affecting our relationships and find a way to sail through, together. In the words of Winston Churchill, if you are going through hell, keep going.

And if I might add a word, together.

This Year, Celebrate a Holy Holi

Holi Celebration

As the yellow-brown leaves shed, the new green leaves emerge. It’s time for the winter to end. Here comes a splash of spring. It’s as if nature herself revels in the joy of Holi, the festival of colours, which marks its arrival in the month of Phalgun.

Holi Celebration

Holi: The Onset of Spring

An ancient spring festival celebrated in the Indian subcontinent, Holi marks the victory of good over evil. It’s a day meant for laughter, joy, and mending scarred relationships.

Observed on a full moon day, this is a 2-day festival. On the first day is celebrated the Chhoti Holi, also called Holika Dahan, when communities gather around the pious Agni to witness the destruction of the evil within.

On the next day is observed Dhulandi. People from across the world gather to witness this spectacular phenomenon when the earth sheds its browns and embraces the yellows, reds, pinks, greens, and blues.

Holika Dahan

Holi: The Traditional Way

Traditionally, the festival would be celebrated with large community gatherings where people would smear coloured powder on each other – vibrant hues made from flowers, Henna leaves, Neem, Haldi, and other substances of natural origin. They would then exchange delicacies and of course, sing and dance. In the evenings, people would head out to meet friends and relatives, sharing the joy of the festival.

With the passage of time, organic colours gave way to synthetic colours that were cheap and could be conveniently sourced from chemicals and dyes. Needless to say, they cause severe damage to the eyes and the skin.

2018 Holi

Holi Now: Not so Holy

The festival is now rapidly losing its grandeur as the younger generation is shying away from colours, which are increasingly artificial and prefer to travel or rest on festivities. Holi is now losing its charm, as are the other ancient festivals.

Gone are the days when a Holi song would mark the arrival of the festival. The sound of the Chang and traditional folk songs has now given way to Bollywood numbers. Community celebrations lost themselves to individual, segregated gatherings.

Barsana Holi

Let’s Come Together This 2018 Holi

It’s now time to revive our ancient traditions and customs, bringing back the glory and togetherness that once characterised the festival. It’s the joint social responsibility of communities across the nation to bring back the fun and frolic.

We need an increased access to organic and natural colours over the market swamping synthetic chemicals. Nature’s nectar needs to be sought from Neem, Chrysanthemum, Turmeric, Palash, and Bilva. Once that’s done, we can all dance in the rain!

In this day and age, ancient festivals such as Holi are a great occasion to unite people, ushering in the re-establishment of active communities, where people celebrate and laugh together. Solitary lifestyles are the root cause of the growing anxieties and stress in our societies today, which are rapidly crumbling. It’s time we gather and celebrate our culture, which is the only chord that ties us all to a distant past so alive, vibrant, and colourful. It’s time for a holy Holi!

Into Thin Air: The Disappearing Lives of Manimuthar’s Women

CharGlo is an initiative to provide women with sustainable livelihoods

Agastheeswari makes beedis in Tamil Nadu's Manimuthar

A silent squeak escaped Agastheeswari’s mouth as she rolled yet another Beedi. The tendu leaf smiled as the tobacco dust rubbed against her skin, killing her, silently, every time. Agastheeswari has been rolling beedis incessantly for years now, without a stop.

Tobacco kills, knows Agastheeswari.

A multi-faceted murderer, it takes away the maker, the smoker, the inhalers, the environment: everyone. Tobacco never discriminates.

What prompts Agastheeswari to incur death in its very face?

Passion? Habit? Pleasure? A Better Future? Or is it simply for sustaining livelihoods?

Hundreds of women in Tamil Nadu’s Manimuthar die every day in a bid to live a better tomorrow. They have no other choice. Rolling beedis is the only way to earn their livelihood. Agastheeswari knows the value of education. She would like her children to be educated, so they might not end up like the very beedis she rolls.

Every human being on the planet has the right. The right to live. Prof Mohan Ram could see the plight of Manimuthar’s women no more and didn’t wait for the Government’s support either.

Death doesn’t wait, he says. Life does.

CharGlo is an initiative to provide women with sustainable livelihoods

CHARGLO, his brainchild, is a venture to change the lives of 300 odd women of Tamil Nadu. To propel community growth in the right direction, this organization initiated a sustainable bio-activated charcoal micro-enterprise where women ‘Earn While Cooking’. Change is in the making, as a result.

CharGlo products help you rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul

Black Dissolves Black: Responsibly Sourced Bio-Activated Charcoal

Black is all pervading. It dissipates and engulfs everything without leaving a trace. Black alone has the power to dissolve, they say. Black charcoal, sourced from cookstove residues, will now enable Agastheeswari and countless other women to sustain their livelihoods gracefully, sustainably.

Activated Charcoal is one of nature’s most potent cleansing agents. It can draw out dirt, bacteria, toxins, and particulate matter, unclogging a million pores in the human skin. This is where CharGlo steps in, producing bathing bars, body scrubs, and teeth whiteners derived from the goodness of this nature’s wonder.

CharGlo products help you rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul

It’s now time to do away with chemical toxins and skin creams and include the blackness of CharGlo for the whitening and cleansing of your skin, all while lightening a million lives and saving the environment.

Let not the face value deceive you into buying branded venoms. CharGlo’s products will speak for themselves, and, for the three hundred women who’ve toiled hard to pave their way towards a better, greener, and brighter future.

CharGlo products help you rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul

It’s Time

It’s time to extend our hands in this noble mission. CharGlo is raising funds online on Ketto, a secure crowdfunding platform, to help Manimuthar’s women and their families realize their dreams:


Time is running. It’s running really fast. Today, the 26th day of December, only 18 days remain until the campaign ends.

This new year, don’t make resolutions.

Act. Act Now.

For a million souls.

A small donation, a small endeavor, a small support isn’t small enough when we all join hands.

Let’s act and twist the destiny of Agastheeswari before the smoke takes its toll.

Are Your Feeding Your Little One Recommended Healthy Food For Kids?

healthy food for kids

What we eat is what we become, so goes the old saying. When we eat junk, the body becomes lethargic and the body’s functioning is also affected in a profound manner. Children, particularly, love to binge on junk food, which is absorbed not only by their bodies but also by their (little) brains! This article will serve as a handy guide for parents- continue reading to know more about healthy food for kids!

It’s time to watch out!

If our little ones eat a healthy diet, they stay in shape while also enjoying great memory, brain function, and concentration. Healthy food for kids is a must for their proper growth. Here are 6 superfoods that are proven to help increase the brainpower and concentration of kids:

  1. Vegetables

  • Colourful vegetables such as Spinach, Carrot, Tomatoes, Pumpkins, and Sweet Potatoes are rich in antioxidants, which keep the cells of the brain healthy and strong. An essential part of a healthy diet!
  • Kids tend to avoid green leafy vegetables. The best way to tackle the situation is to make tasty salads and soups with plenty of colourful veggies kids wouldn’t say no to!

  1. Walnuts

  • Shaped like a miniature human brain, walnuts are great for brain development and memory.
  • These are excellent sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, which keep the blood pressure regulated.
  • What’s more, walnuts help the body excrete toxic substances and with a biotin, keep hair shiny and lustrous!

  1. Milk

  • Milk is a rich source of calcium, Vitamin B, and protein.
  • Research has suggested that children need plenty of Vitamin D, which is essential for their growth. Low-fat milk contains Vitamin D.
  • If your kid won’t drink plain milk, you could switch over to Yogurt in which chopped nuts and berries have been added to get a nice, sweet flavour!

  1. Berries

  • Berries improve the memory and are also rich sources of Vitamin C.
  • Strawberries, Cherries, Blueberries- are all rich sources of Omega-3 fats, which help with the functioning of the brain.
  • Berries can be eaten as such or turned into a dessert for kids to enjoy.

  1. Oats

  • Oats are excellent superfoods and rich energy sources. They have a lot of fibre and are excellent sources of Vitamin E and Zinc.
  • Oatmeal can be served with fruits to which nuts are added to make a nice meal kids will enjoy eating!
  1. Beans

  • Beans are good sources of fibre, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Kidney beans contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital for the growth and function of the human brain.
  • Beans can also be used as salad toppings or can be added to spaghetti to make it more nutritious. A great alternative to junk food!

Healthy Food Is The Key To Increase Memory

A healthy diet comprises a balance of vitamins, minerals, calcium, and carbohydrates. Make sure you feed your kids a balanced diet to increase their brainpower, ability to learn, and concentration.

Healthy Indian food supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables is ideal for children. Is your child not paying enough attention in class or is too lethargic?

Watch out for his diet and ensure you are providing healthy food for kids. Prepare healthy food recipes using ideas from this post and you’ll your little one bloom with a sharp mind and intellect!

Think Yoga’s Not For YOU? You Are Seriously Mistaken!


You think Yoga is definitely not for you. Those twists, turns, and body poses scare the heck out of you. A lot of people think Yoga is synonymous with exercise and fitness. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Yoga Is Not Just About Fitness

Yoga is much more than a fitness regime. It is a spiritual quest. A lifestyle. A journey to discover yourself. It encompasses complete harmony of the mind, body, and soul. It helps you realize your complete sense of being as you achieve a complete unison of the three elements that complete you: the mind, body, and soul.

A 5,000-year old tradition, art, and science, Yoga begins with You. You become capable of enjoying the best of what life offers you. So, how do you start?….

Begin With Breathing!

If you’ve always been afraid to try Yoga postures, start with simple breathing exercises. Make no mistake. Though they seem simple, these postures are extremely powerful and will help you become calm, balanced, and relaxed in a moment.

Sit comfortably wherever you are before you start your breathing exercises. Slowly, relax your muscles and keep your spine upright. If you cannot sit on the ground, you could even sit on a chair. Practise Pranayam focusing on inhalation and exhalation of the breath. It’s that simple!

A few complete breaths would increase your lung capacity and help you maintain the right posture. Keep practicing regularly for maximum benefits!

It’s All In The Mind

Yoga relaxes and rejuvenates the mind. Too often, we end up spending too little time with ourselves. It provides an escape into the very inner reaches of your mind where you can rest to re-emerge, recharged.

Yoga is very effective in dealing with anxiety and depression since it works on the three elements in unison. While your mind relaxes, the body sees improved blood circulation, and the soul witnesses a transformation that awakens a new you. Yoga Lifts Your Mood! 

Try These Easy Asanas

Asanas are simply yoga postures. Easy asanas including Tadasana also called the mountain pose are best for beginners. The asana is so called, for, it teaches the practitioner to stand steady in the manner of a mighty mountain.

Vrikshasana, also called the tree pose, will improve your balance while also strengthening your legs and back.

Naukasana, or the boat pose, is very helpful to strengthen your shoulders and upper back. It also helps in tightening the muscles of the abdomen, so watch out if you want to flatten your tummy!

Bhujangasana, the cobra pose, strengthens the muscles of the lower back and also makes your spine flexible.

Sukhasana is a comfortable pose for you to practice meditation and Pranayam.

Yoga Is For You!

Admit it, Yoga is certainly for you. It will help shed off the daily fatigue and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Mark our words, there will be no place for stress, anger, and other negative emotions.

It is recommended to follow a regular practice routine to make the most of this ancient science. Your stomach should be empty before you practice it. Though mornings are the best time to practice Yoga, you can follow your own schedule with the food restrictions.

Have faith in the power of Yoga. In the power of ‘YOU’.

This Children’s Day, Say NO To Bullying!

14th November, Children’s Day. The day marks the birthday of India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, fondly called Chacha Nehru, who so loved children. The American author Robert Fulghum once said, “Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you”. Nothing could be more appropriate, especially in the wake of the current scenario in the country! 

Bullying Is Learnt Too!

Children learn everything by carefully watching and imitating their parents and elders. When an instance of bullying is first reported, a parent must, at once, consider if there’s something at home that inspired such behaviour in the kid. What is bullying, is the first question we need to ask ourselves.

What REALLY does bullying mean?

Bullying is just another social interaction between peers, which takes an abusive form and can include violence, aggression, and harassment. Bullying can develop anywhere: at the school, at the family level, in the neighbourhood, or even at home.

Bullying In Schools

A child might threaten his peers or use force to dominate them when he wishes to establish his superiority over others. Children might also bully others if they have themselves been subjected to such bullying earlier.

Bullying in schools is also frequently the result of children from affluent families trying to exert dominance over their peers in a bid to boost their self-esteem. Needless to say, the causes of bullying are physiologically varied and are indeed complex in nature.

The Role of Parents

Parents need to watch out for the patterns in their child’s behaviour. Is he aggressive and abusive? Does he lose his temper easily? Does he show signs of anxiety or depression? If yes, it’s time to talk to your kid and seek professional help, if needed.

If you see these signs in your kid, try to find out about the root cause of such behaviour. Is he playing too many violent video games or watching a lot of violence on the web or TV? Is your home environment stressful? These should send an alarm call for you to take immediate action before it’s too late.

Bullying is a behavioural disorder that needs attention. Bullying meaning- any form of dominance exertion on the peers, it must be remembered.


Types of Bullying

  1. Physical Bullying: This includes hitting, kicking, pushing, or any other form of physical violence.
  1. Verbal Bullying: The use of threatening and abusive language against your peers. Disrespectful comments about religion, appearances, and disabilities also come under this category.
  1. Social Bullying: If a child bullies others at play or during other social interactions, for example, by deliberately preventing some other kid from joining a group or a party, this can be classified as social bullying.
  1. and, last but not the least….

Cyber Bullying

Social media has been the latest target of bullies, even kids. Children are now taking to the social network in spreading false rumours. Emails, text messages, and instant messaging have only aggravated the situation.

The social media is flooded with racist comments and explicit messages that are just another form of cyber bullying.

Talk, Talk, and Talk!

Too many problems in our millennium are a direct result of parents not spending sufficient time with their kids. It is crucial to talk to your children so they can confide in you always. Assure them you are always there for them, no matter what, and that you firmly believe in them.

They should not feel guilty about being bullied and must never hesitate in reporting the matter to you as soon as it happens.

This Bal Diwas (Children’s Day), be the best friend your child has ever known and you’ll see his life transformed, forever. Together, let’s initiate an anti bullying drive with zero tolerance towards bullying of any kind!