Bollywood Stars to Perform At IPL 11 Opening Ceremony

Bollywood Stars to Perform At IPL 11 Opening Ceremony

Not much time is left for the beginning of the much-awaited cricket season i.e. IPL 11. We are all familiar that before the start of any tournament, nowadays, grand opening ceremonies are conducted. These ceremonies witness the presence of stars from Hollywood, as well as Bollywood, whose performances attract lots of people. Similarly, this season Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra, Varun Dhawan, and Jacqueline Fernandez will perform in the opening ceremony. The ceremony will take place at Mumbai’s Wankhede stadium on April 7, 2018.

Also, as per reports, the opening ceremony of IPL 11 will be attended by only two captains. MS Dhoni Captain of Chennai Super Kings and the other one is Rohit Sharma Captain of Mumbai Indians.

Bollywood Stars to Perform At IPL 11 Opening Ceremony

Who Will Not Be Attending the IPL 11 Ceremony?

Six captains including Virat Kohli (RCB), Ajinkya Rahane (RR), Gautam Gambhir (DD), R Ashwin (Kings XI), Dinesh Karthik (KKR), and David Warner (SRH) will not attend the IPL 11 ceremony.

IPL 2018 Captains

All these eight captains will be shooting a video on April 6th and then leave for their respective cities on the same day. Last year, all captains signed “Spirit of Cricket” pledge at the opening ceremony. But, this year, it won’t be possible as the opening ceremony will be held in Mumbai on April 7th just before the first match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings.

On April 8th, there are two matches i.e. DD VS Kings XI in Mohali at 4 pm and RCB VS KKR in Kolkata at 8 pm. As the captains have to travel a day before when they have an evening match to play, six captains out of eight will not be attending the opening ceremony of IPL 11.

The Budget Issue

According to a source, earlier, the budget of the opening ceremony was reduced from 30 crores to 20 crores by the Committee of Administrators (CoA). CoA had objections regarding the irrelevant razzmatazz enclosing the event. CoA also questioned BCCI that why they want to spend such a high amount on the celebration when the main attraction of the event is Cricket.

IPL GC has recently decided to increase the IPL opening ceremony budget to 50 crores. It was later agreed by BCCI too. “This is required to make the ceremony grand and keep the interest of people. For this reason, there is a need to increase the budget”, one of the BCCI officials said.

Previously in the 10th edition, all teams had separate opening ceremonies in their home grounds. In this, the board had taken care of all the expenses of those eight ceremonies.

In the last season, the IPL Governing Council (GC) allotted INR 3.5 crore to all teams for conducting opening ceremonies in their home grounds. Thus, it’s clear that the budget has now been increased for the only opening function that is to be conducted before the start of this season.

Another news that came into the limelight is Steve Smith and David Warner has been ruled out of IPL 11. Both the Australian cricketers were recently found guilty in the ball tampering incident in South Africa. ICC has banned both of them for 1 year from international cricket.

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5 Things That Only People With Depression Understand

For people with depression, the world is a different place. It is like a parallel universe in which time expands endlessly, where little things become the greatest challenge and where darkness and despair reign.


Depression is a serious disease that still has too many misunderstandings. For the least, it feels like when depression really lifts its ugly head.

Here are 5 things that only people with depression understand:

# 1 – Some Days Feel Like Weeks:


Time does not want to pass. People with depression often have the feeling of living in a parallel world that follows other laws.

When they are going through a bad spell, days become endless. It is like they are sleepwalking through the day and they cannot shake themselves awake.

# 2 – Being Depressed Does Not Mean Being Sad:


The word “depressive” is often used when “sad” is meant. But the two have nothing to do with each other. This confusion often makes it difficult for those involved in dealing with friends and acquaintances.

It is very important to understand that because it is not just a state of mind, but a real and recognized disease.

# 3 – It Is Physically Noticeable:


That “depression is a purely mental illness” is one of the biggest misconceptions.

Most of the people, who are suffering from depression, have physical symptoms. As a result, many do not know they are depressed and believe that something else is wrong with them.

Physical symptoms of this problem can be a headache, nausea, restlessness, stomach pain, joint, and muscle discomfort.

# 4 – Depression Is Not Logical:


It is deceitful. Those affected can have a good day and all of a sudden, depression pulls them into the deep hole. And sometimes, there is simply no understandable reason.

There are moments when sadness is hard to explain and pain is hard to put into words.

It does not follow any logic or consistent pattern. That makes it so hard to deal with them.

# 5 – It’s Scary:


It is always scary and fearful. The fear is omnipresent. A fear that it will never pass. The fear that it could get worse. A fear that friendships or relationships with the disease could break.

Depression will be the second leading cause of death in 2020 & it is still underestimated:

Like there is water all around you and you have to fight against the force every step of the way. If someone is sitting on your chest and squeezing your neck. As if darkness lies over you against which you are powerless.

In a similar way, people who suffer from this problem describe their everyday lives. Almost 350 million people worldwide are now affected by the disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates.

It is also important that we encourage and not condemn all those people who dare to speak publicly about their illness.

All the people, who are going through depression, want to get better and they also want to feel better. It will not happen overnight. It takes time but surely they can overcome this situation.

Depression is not the end of the life and there are many easy ways to cope with depression.

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5 Differences Between Religion & Spirituality

Nowadays, there are many people who say they are spiritual but do not belong to any religion. However, most of them confuse spirituality with religion or with some mysterious, supernatural phenomena.

If we look back and try to understand and perceive about spirituality, we come to know that it doesn’t contain anything supernatural or mysterious. Also, it has nothing to do with the sect.

To understand in a better way, the following are 5 differences between Religion and Spirituality.

# 1 – There Are No Rules In Spirituality:


Unlike religions, which have many rules to follow, there are no rules in spirituality. Spirituality is about following your own intuition and doing what is right for you and others.

There is no punishment or reward but it allows you to be yourself and to find your own happiness within.

# 2 – Spirituality Is Based On Love And Does Not Work With Fear:


There is a lot of fear in all religions: the fear of the consequences of your actions. Fear what happens to you in the afterlife if you do not follow the rules.

In spirituality, only love counts. It encourages you to pivot your focus and energy on love and to base your actions on love as well.

This is a crucial point, since any action that is not based on love but on fear, will do harm to yourself and others. In return, decisions and actions that you base on love are good for yourself and others.

# 3 – Religion Dictates What You Should Believe – Spirituality Lets You Discover The Truth For Yourself:


All religions claim they are right. They all have different ideas and opinions. They have deadlocked beliefs who or what God is, how the world came into existence and why we are here.

Spirituality is not about blindly trusting someone or a teaching, but about finding your own truth. Any good spiritual teacher will tell you to question everything.

This will bring you to the ultimate truth that everything is “one” and you are part of God. This is not just an intellectual thought but a lived experience that you have made for yourself. Through this, you know from your deepest core that this truth is the right one.

# 4 – Religion Divides And Separates – Spirituality Unites:


On our planet, there are many different religions identified with their own beliefs that they are firmly convinced that their faith is the only true one.

Therefore, they defend their beliefs because another and alien faith is a contradiction and triggers an inner conflict. This can lead to a painful and often unconscious, identity crisis. One’s own faith must, therefore, be defended by all possible means in order not to feel the inner pain.

Spirituality is about going deeper and discovering the truth that underlies all different religions for you. This truth is the same for all people and all beings, meaning that you are part of God that everything is “one” and that there are nobody and nothing that is separate from you.

# 5 – The Difference Between Karma And Punishment:


All religions have the element of punishment. If you do not do what is required of you, you will burn in hell, not go to heaven, or be punished elsewhere.

Spirituality is not concerned with punishment but with karma.

Thus, all religions have a deep spiritual core. Jesus, Buddha, and Prophet Muhammad were all deeply spiritual beings and made their own spiritual experiences. They were probably enlightened as well.

Spirituality reminds us that we are not separate from others, that there are no boundaries and limitations, that everything is “one” and that the only true constant is the energy of love.

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8 Easy Tricks To Boost Up Your Memory

Today, life has become very hasty and stressful and mostly everything comes at once – Conferences, e-mails, appointments, birthdays, and so many things that sometimes become tough to remember all. Even the most organized people forget important appointments and dates. If you want to learn how can you boost up your memory, go through the following article.

Here are 8 ways to improve your memory without any boring exercises.

# 1 – Challenge Yourself In Your Job:


Whether you take a completely new career path or take on more responsibility in your job, as long as you move outside your comfort zone and often challenge yourself, you protect yourself actively against memory loss. Multitasking and solving complex problems improve brain systems that are important for remembrance.

# 2 – Maintain Friendships To Improve:


According to one research, which observed the social activities of more than 700 people over a 15-year period and found that those who had close friendships performed better in remembrance tests. Being in regular contact with his friends keeps the problem-solving brain region busy.

# 3 – Learn More Languages:


A study showed that bilingual or multilingual Alzheimer’s patients only got the disease five years later than patients who could only speak one language. As soon as you think in two different languages, the gray cells work twice as hard. Not only the learned vocabulary but also the resulting connections in the brain disappear again.

# 4 – Go To The Sport:


Apart from the fact that sport fights unwanted kilo, exercise also keeps the brain fit. A study by the University of Texas-Dallas observed how after only six weeks of regular exercise, the memory and perception of participants improved. They trained three times a week for one hour each. Even the participants who were previously completely inactive could improve their memory through sport.

# 5 – Drink Coffee:


For some, coffee is the only way to wake up in the morning. But according to scientists, caffeine also helps to train the memory. Researchers showed that subjects who were given 200mg of caffeine performed better on brain tests than those given memory enhancing supplements.

# 6 – Improve Memory During Sleep: Take A Nap More Often:


A decent nap can make you a new person. When you wake up, you feel less stressed, alert, and in a better mood. Especially when the afternoon break comes after a long meeting, it’s time for a nap. In general, enough sleep is the key to a good memory. During sleep, much of the memory consolidates. The more rest, the better.

# 7 – Drink Less Alcohol:


Alcohol can cause you to remember little or nothing will probably surprise you little. But now, it is scientifically proven that drinking is bad for memory. One study found that middle-aged men who consumed more than two and a half glasses of alcoholic drinks a day had memory problems six years earlier than those who drank less alcohol.

# 8 – Pay Attention To Your Diet:


A Harvard University study showed that women who ate more vegetables were less prone to memory problems. Nutrition experts especially recommend cabbage, spinach, and broccoli. In addition, it will help if you eat many berries because they strengthen the long-term memory.

If you are serious about improving your remembering ability and your cognitive function, these tips will surely help you.

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xi jinping the new eperor

China, the most populous country in the world, always stays in the limelight of international politics. As we know, Xi Jinping is the President of this powerful country. But the most interesting fact is, Xi Jinping, the President of China, is gradually stepping forward to be the emperor of China. This is because, on March 17, 2018, the parliament of China approved Xi Jinping, one more time, as their president i.e. up to 2023. Even the National People’s Congress of China (NCP) allows him to continue indefinitely as the President after his second time expires in 2023.

China’s earlier political philosophy was of ‘’collective leadership’’. But since he became the Chief of the Communist Party from 2012, he slowly consolidated his power to one-man control. Here, it is important to mention that in China, all the three important posts of the country is held by the President. This includes General Secretary of the Communist Party, Chairman of the Powerful Military Commission and the President itself. This means, there is an unlimited power lying in the hands of the President. Xi Jinping has placed his men in all the key positions even in PLA (People’s Liberation Army).

Voice is raised against this move within and outside the country. Especially, students and intellectuals within the country criticised the move, but all went in vain. As during Xi Jinping’s first term, he was able to bring social stability, as well as economic growth to the country.


Jinping has the ambition to make China a great power. And he is working relentlessly to pursue his dream. China stands firm against President Trump’s policies, especially with regard to the South China Sea, climatic change, economy etc. He laid more stress on military modernization, improving air, sea, space and cyber warfare capabilities. For the first time, China has established a military base abroad in Djibouti on August 1, 2017. At the same time, China is worried about the emergence of the alliance of Australia, Japan, India and the USA, regarding military and economic co-operation. China is trying to influence and handle India and its neighboring countries in a very systematic and diplomatic manner.

xi jinping the president of china


While China and India’s don’t share a friendly relation; China is trying to keep a good relationship with Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar etc. China has invested heavily in Hamombota port of Sri Lanka, which has been given to China for a 99-year lease. It also seems that India’s influence over Nepal is losing gradually. The recently formed Left Alliance govt led by K.P Oli of the Communist party and Maoist Party is not a good news for India. And as we all know, China played a great role here. Similarly, the ongoing political crisis in the Maldives, the present dispensation has clearly drifted towards China.


Jinping’s dream project, One Road One Belt will ensure China’s road connectivity to the countries of Asia, Africa, and Europe. Presently, more than 70 countries are participants in this project. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is also progressing very fast. China announced an investment of 60 billion dollars on the project. This will connect Xinjiang province of China with Baluchistan. China had a little interest in Afghanistan, but now it’s trying to play a key role in Afgan peace process.

One must agree that under Xi Jinping’s leadership, China is emerging out itself as a powerful country, next to the US. Today, China is the second biggest aid giver after the US. Jinping is restlessly working to pursue his dream. He is trying to be the one and only global leader to make China the only global power.


salt facts

Salt is the commonly used white granular substance, whose absence will surely make our life miserable and tasteless. But I believe, many of us don’t know the history and importance of it. We only know, its chemical name is sodium chloride, it’s very cheap and commonly found. But believe me, it’s more than that.

Salt has an awesome, amazing and splendid past. It was worth more than gold. During the time when the Phoenicians ruled the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding areas, it was regarded as one of the most precious commodities. Even its value did not decline when Romans came to power. In the earlier times, it was even used as a trading commodity due to its indispensable value. The slave traders of Greek used to barter it for the slaves.

Salt has been affecting the human life since its discovery, thousand years back. The inescapable value of salt was due to its importance in food preservation. At present, it is cheaper but its value is undoubtedly inexpressible.

There is an interesting fact, our body can’t produce salt by itself; we have to provide it from outside. In its absence, the body becomes chemically imbalanced. As a result, our muscles and nervous system cease to function and eventually we die. We will die anyway, but it’s one of such substances that keep us going a bit longer.

salt amazing facts


  • Roman Soldiers were sometimes paid in salts – which is where the word “Salary” comes from.
  • Every cell in our body contains salt. From blood, sweat, and tears to saliva, all body fluids are salty.
  • It is believed that sprinkling of salt in and around our home may prevent evil spirits or eradicate negative energies.
  • It was used to preserve Egyptian mummies.
  • During the French retreat from Moscow, thousands of Napoleon’s soldiers died due to inadequate healing and lower resistance to disease. It was because of salt deficiency.
  • After purification of aviation fuel, it is used to remove water traces from the fuel.
  • It has sodium, which is the main key in the operation of signals, within, as well as, to and from, the brain.
  • Like the humans, it is equally essential to all other animals and plants as well.
  • There is a hotel in Bolivia made entirely out of it.

Salt has so many untold salty stories to tell but for that, we have to dig into it. It’s not just a subject of history or science but it’s something with a glorified past, a wonderful present, and an everlasting future. Once The British Government imposed high taxes and prohibited Indians from collecting and selling it. And, thus the smart rulers used it as a weapon to rule. So much of power it had. So many Empires came, ruled, and disappeared, but the significance of salt remains the same. Till this date, salt is not totally tax-free, though it should be. But we are indeed fortunate that it’s not costly either.

I hope this article of mine will surely “prove its salt”!!

7 Meditation Techniques And Their Benefits

Meditation is one of those things that we all want to do. There are many meditation techniques which you need to know today.

In the following section, we have mentioned 7 different meditation techniques and their benefits:

# 1 – Standard Sound Meditation Technique:


The standard sound meditation is a healing practice based on mantras. But what is a mantra? It is a sound, a word or a sentence that is repeated over and over again that making the mind vibrates.

For example, the classic “Aummm, Aummm” is a mantra. It is used to free the mind of other thoughts and make it easier to focus on the present.

Mantras are not accidental but they are sacred sounds that have been used since the ancient times to align the mind and change the state of consciousness.

# 2 – Vipassana Technique:


Vipassana is also known as Insight Meditation. At the same time, breathing and the identification of thoughts and emotions are very important. One learns to observe without making a judgment.

With this type of technique, you can learn to see things as they are and not as we would like it to be.

# 3 – Zazen Technique:


Zazen or Zen meditation technique is a form of meditation that is practiced in Buddhism. Again, the breathing is of great importance. In particular, in this technique, the deep abdominal breathing is used.

Zazen is performed while sitting. The posture is straight, the chin is slightly withdrawn, the hands are on the stomach.

This meditation technique teaches us to see and observe thoughts that pass through our minds and then release ourselves from them.

# 4 – Metta Technique:


Metta meditation has its origins in Tibetan Buddhism. The aim of this very ancient form of meditation is to get a kind and a caring attitude towards the world and all beings.

With this technique, one can learn compassion and empathy with others in order to be more positive about life. The acceptance of one’s own being and one’s fellow human beings is an important goal. People with low self-esteem, perfectionists, and self-critical people can benefit greatly from this form of meditation.

# 5 – Kundalini Technique:


The aim of Kundalini meditation technique is to awaken the spirit. On the basis of mantras and chants, attempts are made to penetrate into the subconscious. This type of meditation focuses heavily on the spine. The Kundalini energy is in the lower part of it.

When this energy is released through mantras and chants, one will thereby find spiritual enlightenment.

# 6 – Chakra Technique:


In Tantric Hinduism, there are 6 chakras or energy centers located in different parts of the body. These chakras are the important centers of energy which appear throughout the body. For thousands of years, keeping these chakras in balance has been linked to maintaining physical and mental wellbeing.

This technique focuses on sounds, laying hands, visualizing, and on each chakra that connects body and mind.

# 7 – Tonglen Technique:


Tonglen is one of the most effective meditative practices of Tibetan Buddhism. Tonglen is also very well known for “Taking and Sending”. It reverses our usual logic of avoiding suffering and seeking pleasure.

In this technique, you learn to breathe in the suffering, to accept the pain and to get rid of it. Usually, we flee from negative things, pain, and suffering. But this only makes the situation worse. For this reason, this form seeks to efficiently handle difficult situations and circumstances that are part of life.

Tonglen technique helps to evict negative thoughts and to be kind and sympathetic. Not only visualization is used for that but also breathing is very important in this kind of meditation.

All of these forms of meditation are very positive, choose the one that you like the most and help bring your body and mind into harmony.

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7 Simple Stress Reduction Tips – Live Happy & Stress-free Life

Stress is one of the worst enemies of your health. Heart problems, an increased heart attack risk, a weak immune system, and many more health-related problems can occur because of the stress. But how can you protect yourselves against stress? For this, usually different habits have to be changed. In this following article, we will give you some simple relaxation tips.

Try Following 7 Simple Stress Reduction Tips.

# 1 – Take Off Your Shoes:


Taking off your shoes is one of the relaxation tips. Some say that this is not the best tip but there is nothing more comfortable than taking off your shoes after a long day at home. It makes you feel calmer and more relaxed. Walking barefoot activates many vital functions. It stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the veins and nervous system, reduces stress, etc. Try it; you will surely feel comfortable.

# 2 – Consciousness:


When you arrive at the home after your stressful working day, try to keep your personal space as separate as possible from the workspace. When you are in your home, it is very important that you must have time for yourself and your own life now. Spend that time with your loved ones and everything that matters to you. Enjoy this moment!

# 3 – Take A Little Walk:


Walking is one of the best exercises for reducing your stress. Walking half an hour is enough, that’s all you need. Take a short break in the park to get rid of your tension, train your body, and release endorphins. It can eliminate toxins, activate your body, and relax your mind. It costs nothing and helps to reduce stress. Walking with your partner or friends is even more fun.

# 4 – A Little Nap:


It does not take a whole hour to sleep. A small nap of 15 or 20 minutes is enough to recharge your batteries to feel more alert and reduce stress. You do not have to fall asleep, it’s enough to lie down on the sofa, put your legs up and keep your eyes closed for a few minutes while slowing your breathing. Thus, you can relax and reduce your stress.

# 5 – A Relaxing Bath:


Taking shower is one of the ways to reduce your stress level. It helps feel your body warm and alive again. This relaxes the nervous system, soothes pain and inflammation, and eliminates toxins in a simple way.

# 6 – Try To Adopt Any Meditation Technique:


There are various meditation techniques which you can try to adopt. It is a simple way to reduce your stress. A simple technique practiced for as few as 10 minutes per day can help you control your stress. This also helps in other ways, such as improving cardiovascular health, decreasing anxiety, and giving a greater capacity for relaxation.

# 7 – Mental Relaxation:


Relax for ten minutes and think about the things that are important in your personal life and what you hope for the future. Learn what you have and appreciate your qualities. Sometimes, stress can cloud your own horizon so much that you no longer know what your priorities are. Your health is the most important thing. Relax, laugh, visualize beautiful things – That’s actually so easy!

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India’s Most Wanted Dawood Ibrahim ‘wants to come back’

Dawood Ibrahim

The fugitive mafia don, Dawood Ibrahim has announced his wish to return to India on certain conditions that are not otherwise acceptable to the Government of India.

One of the renowned criminal lawyers, Mr.ShyamKeswani, who spoke to the media in Thane, hinted that Dawood has placed the demand that he should be lodged only in the high-secure precincts of Arthur Road Central Jail (ARCJ) in Mumbai.

Dawood Ibrahim

Ajmal Kasab, a Pakistani terrorist was also lodged in ARCJ for more than four years, after which, he was hanged for the Mumbai terror attack in 2008.

Mr.Keswani said, “He had earlier conveyed his intentions through Ram Jethmalani (former Union Minister and eminent lawyer), but the Indian Government has not entertained any of his conditions to return”.

Now the latest statement by Mr.Keswani comes more than six months following Maharashtra NavnirmanSena(MNS) President, Raj Thackeray’s revelation. According to Thackeray, the BJP wants to bring back Dawood and claim credit before the forthcoming general elections.

Mr. Thackeray had made a similar revelation in Mumbai that Dawood had a keen intention of getting back, and was negotiating with the government in this regard. The MNS further said that Dawood is not well and wanted to breathe his last in the country.

Meanwhile, IqbalKaskar, Dawood’s brother, has been sent to police custody by a Special Court in Thane this week, in connection with land-grab and extortion case. Two others involved in this case – BhavarKothar and Bharat Jain, have been absconding, reveals Chief Pradeep Sharma, Chief, Anti-Extortion Cell (AEC).

Mr.Keswani, Iqbal’s lawyer, said that it seems puzzling, as when the crime was committed, Iqbal had been in judicial custody in Thane since his arrest on 19th September from Mumbai. This is the case for which the police have shown the three Kaskar siblings as accused.

Dawood Ibrahim

Court proceedings

During the court proceedings, the Chief Judicial Magistrate asked Iqbal Kaskar if he was aware of the whereabouts of his family members. And if he was, he should share the information with the police. But, Kaskar responded with a terse ‘No’.

The magistrate also asked Kaskar if he had spoken to Dawood recently, for which Kaskar agreed that he spoke to Dawood Ibrahim on the mobile phone, but his number was never displayed and so IqbalKaskar was not aware of his brother’s current location.

This is when Kaskar’s lawyer, Keswani, told the court that Dawood Ibrahim wanted to return to India, and had conveyed it to the government through Jethmalani.

Keswani further pointed out that after Kaskar’s deportation from Dubai in 2003, he brought him in front of the court, and only after that the law enforcement agency became aware of Kaskar’s identity.

Kewani further requested that as his client is suffering from diabetes and he was in need of medical treatment, the treatment should be made available to him.

The investigators were directed by the court to take Kaskar to Thane Civil Hospital. Kaskar is said to be in police custody until 9th March.


The case is regarding the alleged coercion of Rs. 3 crore in a deal in Gorai village in Thane, Mumbai. The case involves 38-acre plot of land that is worth crores of rupees.

Who is Dawood Ibrahim?

Dawood Ibrahim is a criminal and a designated terrorist originally from Mumbai. He is currently residing in Karachi. Taking the lead in organized crimes, he is wanted on charges of murder and targeted killing. Apart from that, he is also wanted in extortion, drug trafficking, terrorism, and several other cases. He is declared a global terrorist and is named among the world’s top 5 most wanted criminals.


“Ramoji Film City” – Interesting Things about World’s Largest Film Studio Complex

The Ramoji Film City is located in Hyderabad. At 2000 acres, it is the largest studio complex in the world. The Ramoji Film City has been certified by Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s largest Film Studio Complex.

Ramoji Rao, the famous film producer of South India has formed this film City in 1996. Every year, about 200 films are shot in this studio, and so far, over 2000 films have been shot.


It is not only the best destination for shooting the films, but there are more than fifty smallest beautiful parks for tourists. The Japanese Garden, Desert Garden, and the Combo Gardens are some of those beautiful gardens. Apart from these, music magic, stunt show, space travel, and adventure are special features.

Some Interesting Things About The Ramoji Film City:

# The Ramoji Film City has not only one or two, but more than fifty small beautiful parks to attract tourists.

# In the umbrella garden, there are rows of umbrellas made from flowers.


# Here, the Mughal Gardens are seen as the Sisodiya Rani Mahal of Jaipur. The front garden has beautiful fountains. At night, it changes itself with colorful light.


# Shopping like catering is also a pastime for tourists. If you want to shop various kinds of things which have been used by film artists and used in filmmaking, there are centers like Meena Bazaar, Magadha Shop, Frontier Land, and Black Cat where anyone can buy these items.


# There is also a mini train restaurant inside Ramoji that contains everything in children’s test. There is also a thriller park, which is a wonderful world of mystery and adventure.

# Tourists are very curious to see the set of the films which have already been shot here. Tour guides always help tourists and let them know which movie has been shot here during filming. Standing on the set of the airport does not seem to be a fake airport lounge at all. The railway station here is unique. According to the needs, station name also varies.



# Many buildings have been designed so uniquely in Ramoji. Multipurpose buildings are such actor’s house looks from one side. On reaching the other side, it seems that this is a big hospital. On the third side, it is like the entrance of a church or court, and on the fourth side, it is a form of a library.

# The Ramoji Film City has also created a park dedicated to the butterflies of different species. It’s spread over 72 thousand square feet. Thousands of butterflies are stored in this park.


Some More Interesting Things:

# The temple here is something similarly-designed where often “god” changes. The environment of the temple is also two-way. On one hand, it is seen on the magnificent road of the city, and on the other side, it is a temple of a desert place. According to the demand of the scene, its directions are used.

# Tourists are most surprised when they visit the Princess Street in London. There is a confusion about standing in the city of a Western country after reaching the beautiful modern villas and bungalows. The rural environment, the busy market, the highway dhabas, the Central Jail etc. are also very natural.


# There are luxurious hotels for both budget tourists and luxury tourists. There is also a clubhouse inside the Ramoji Film City for the tourists. Apart from sports such as basketball, badminton, table-tennis, billiards, there is also a state-of-the-art gym and a swimming pool.

# One of the attractions of the Ramoji Film City is Bird Park where the variety of birds brought from all over the world. The caretakers, doctors and their teams are always present here to take care of all these birds.



# Adventure activities have also been prepared for the tourists. Here children, elderly, and young people can join adventure activities.

# There are also real stunt shows and a variety of recreational activities taking place every day. Tourists can know everything about the world of the film industry, film production, and many other aspects related to it.


Thus, the Ramoji Film City is surely a beautiful place where visitors can easily spend a weekend or more with their families.

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