live healthy and long

We really don’t know how long we are going to live. Some say it’s all about genetics. What do you think? Is it true? No! not at all. There are lots of ways that can really help us live a long and healthy life. I know it’s not easy and possible to follow all of them, but we can at least follow one such way.

The most possible and the easiest way is changing our food habit. The latest research says that our food habit or diet is the most prime indicator of showing, how long we will live. It also indicates whether we are going to develop any kind of life-shortening chronic diseases or not.

In short, we must know and aware of what we are eating. The most important point is the food we are eating must have those essential ingredients needed to live long and healthy.
Here are some foods that our diet must contain.


All colorful vegetables and fruits are packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants inhibit or hamper the oxidation. Oxidation produces free radicals that can damage our healthy cells. It can also lead to cancer and can speed up aging. Thus by obstructing oxidation, antioxidants help us by working as a protective shield to our body. Some examples of such vegetables and fruits are spinach, carrots, tomatoes, berries, plums, oranges etc.


This is perhaps the best fat we should have. It boosts our memory and helps fight inflammation. It helps lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) without affecting the good cholesterol (HDL), thus, protecting the heart as well.


Fish contains fatty acids, EPA and DHA. It can boost brain function and our nervous system. It also prevents dementia and joint pain. The Omega-3 in fish can lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides.

food for healthy life


These are the natural nutritional powerhouses. We must add these 3 to 4 times per week in our diet. It also contains fiber, which helps in digestion and also minimizes the chances of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. It also helps us to lose weight.


It contains cholesterol-free plant protein and other nutrients. It also contains Vitamin E, which helps lower the risk of stroke. But as it contains fat, we must have it in moderation.


It contains Vitamin D, which helps the body taking in and use the calcium properly. Thus, it safeguards us from osteoporosis. Vitamin D also lowers the chances of colon, breast, and prostate cancers. Moreover, eating yogurt really helps in digestion.


Learn adding whole grain to the diet. It lowers the chances of having certain types of cancers, type-2 diabetes, and heart disease. It also contains fiber that helps prevent constipation and diverticular disease.

exercise for healthy life


Lastly, other than changing your diet, there are other factors too! You must consider achieving the “Longer Life” mission. Do some exercises, if not regularly, at least five days a week. Stay away from smoking, alcohol and most importantly oily junk foods. After all, it’s your life you have to take care of it. And always remember, a healthy life is always a happy life.

7 Meditation Techniques And Their Benefits

Meditation is one of those things that we all want to do. There are many meditation techniques which you need to know today.

In the following section, we have mentioned 7 different meditation techniques and their benefits:

# 1 – Standard Sound Meditation Technique:


The standard sound meditation is a healing practice based on mantras. But what is a mantra? It is a sound, a word or a sentence that is repeated over and over again that making the mind vibrates.

For example, the classic “Aummm, Aummm” is a mantra. It is used to free the mind of other thoughts and make it easier to focus on the present.

Mantras are not accidental but they are sacred sounds that have been used since the ancient times to align the mind and change the state of consciousness.

# 2 – Vipassana Technique:


Vipassana is also known as Insight Meditation. At the same time, breathing and the identification of thoughts and emotions are very important. One learns to observe without making a judgment.

With this type of technique, you can learn to see things as they are and not as we would like it to be.

# 3 – Zazen Technique:


Zazen or Zen meditation technique is a form of meditation that is practiced in Buddhism. Again, the breathing is of great importance. In particular, in this technique, the deep abdominal breathing is used.

Zazen is performed while sitting. The posture is straight, the chin is slightly withdrawn, the hands are on the stomach.

This meditation technique teaches us to see and observe thoughts that pass through our minds and then release ourselves from them.

# 4 – Metta Technique:


Metta meditation has its origins in Tibetan Buddhism. The aim of this very ancient form of meditation is to get a kind and a caring attitude towards the world and all beings.

With this technique, one can learn compassion and empathy with others in order to be more positive about life. The acceptance of one’s own being and one’s fellow human beings is an important goal. People with low self-esteem, perfectionists, and self-critical people can benefit greatly from this form of meditation.

# 5 – Kundalini Technique:


The aim of Kundalini meditation technique is to awaken the spirit. On the basis of mantras and chants, attempts are made to penetrate into the subconscious. This type of meditation focuses heavily on the spine. The Kundalini energy is in the lower part of it.

When this energy is released through mantras and chants, one will thereby find spiritual enlightenment.

# 6 – Chakra Technique:


In Tantric Hinduism, there are 6 chakras or energy centers located in different parts of the body. These chakras are the important centers of energy which appear throughout the body. For thousands of years, keeping these chakras in balance has been linked to maintaining physical and mental wellbeing.

This technique focuses on sounds, laying hands, visualizing, and on each chakra that connects body and mind.

# 7 – Tonglen Technique:


Tonglen is one of the most effective meditative practices of Tibetan Buddhism. Tonglen is also very well known for “Taking and Sending”. It reverses our usual logic of avoiding suffering and seeking pleasure.

In this technique, you learn to breathe in the suffering, to accept the pain and to get rid of it. Usually, we flee from negative things, pain, and suffering. But this only makes the situation worse. For this reason, this form seeks to efficiently handle difficult situations and circumstances that are part of life.

Tonglen technique helps to evict negative thoughts and to be kind and sympathetic. Not only visualization is used for that but also breathing is very important in this kind of meditation.

All of these forms of meditation are very positive, choose the one that you like the most and help bring your body and mind into harmony.

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7 Simple Stress Reduction Tips – Live Happy & Stress-free Life

Stress is one of the worst enemies of your health. Heart problems, an increased heart attack risk, a weak immune system, and many more health-related problems can occur because of the stress. But how can you protect yourselves against stress? For this, usually different habits have to be changed. In this following article, we will give you some simple relaxation tips.

Try Following 7 Simple Stress Reduction Tips.

# 1 – Take Off Your Shoes:


Taking off your shoes is one of the relaxation tips. Some say that this is not the best tip but there is nothing more comfortable than taking off your shoes after a long day at home. It makes you feel calmer and more relaxed. Walking barefoot activates many vital functions. It stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the veins and nervous system, reduces stress, etc. Try it; you will surely feel comfortable.

# 2 – Consciousness:


When you arrive at the home after your stressful working day, try to keep your personal space as separate as possible from the workspace. When you are in your home, it is very important that you must have time for yourself and your own life now. Spend that time with your loved ones and everything that matters to you. Enjoy this moment!

# 3 – Take A Little Walk:


Walking is one of the best exercises for reducing your stress. Walking half an hour is enough, that’s all you need. Take a short break in the park to get rid of your tension, train your body, and release endorphins. It can eliminate toxins, activate your body, and relax your mind. It costs nothing and helps to reduce stress. Walking with your partner or friends is even more fun.

# 4 – A Little Nap:


It does not take a whole hour to sleep. A small nap of 15 or 20 minutes is enough to recharge your batteries to feel more alert and reduce stress. You do not have to fall asleep, it’s enough to lie down on the sofa, put your legs up and keep your eyes closed for a few minutes while slowing your breathing. Thus, you can relax and reduce your stress.

# 5 – A Relaxing Bath:


Taking shower is one of the ways to reduce your stress level. It helps feel your body warm and alive again. This relaxes the nervous system, soothes pain and inflammation, and eliminates toxins in a simple way.

# 6 – Try To Adopt Any Meditation Technique:


There are various meditation techniques which you can try to adopt. It is a simple way to reduce your stress. A simple technique practiced for as few as 10 minutes per day can help you control your stress. This also helps in other ways, such as improving cardiovascular health, decreasing anxiety, and giving a greater capacity for relaxation.

# 7 – Mental Relaxation:


Relax for ten minutes and think about the things that are important in your personal life and what you hope for the future. Learn what you have and appreciate your qualities. Sometimes, stress can cloud your own horizon so much that you no longer know what your priorities are. Your health is the most important thing. Relax, laugh, visualize beautiful things – That’s actually so easy!

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sitting for long

There is a popular saying, “sitting is next to smoking“. It is because when you sit for a long time, your body becomes inactive and thereby increasing the risk of back pain, heart disease, diabetes, depression, and even cancer. People who work in computers, desk jobs and those who study for long hours are bound to face serious health issues sooner or later. It is a time-bomb ticking in your lap, waiting to explode at any moment.

Here are some commonly-faced problems and their solutions,


Lower back pain is one of such problems. Whether it’s an occasional or an ongoing ache, back pain can keep you away from performing your best. It may be caused by sitting continuously for long hours at a time. Slumping back in your desk chair or slouching forward means your spine is out of alignment. That puts a strain on the ligaments and muscles in your back.

back pain

REMEDIES: The length of your back should reach the back of your chair to help you sit upright. Also make sure that your feet are resting flat on the floor, with your thighs parallel to the ground. Exercising on a regular basis can also help. Abdominal exercises, such as crunches, two to three times a week can strengthen your core.


Wrist strain is another common problem. Many of us unconsciously develop a habit of positioning our wrist over the keyboard. So whenever we operate on a keyboard or mouse the tendons in your wrist go back and forth. That repetitive motion cause fatigue and tendons may become inflamed.

REMEDIES: Perform the Buddha stretch. Place your fingers and palms together with your hands in front of your chest, fingers pointing upward. While keeping your palms together and elbows moving out, lower your hands until you feel a good stretch in your wrists. Hold for five minutes. When using the keyboard, hold your wrist naturally so that, they‘re floating horizontally in the air – not perched higher than your hands or your hands resting on the desk. Also, get a wrist rest for your keyboard and mouse.


Frequent movement of neck and shoulder while working on computer create neck and shoulder injuries. The ache and pain come from placing the computer in an inappropriate position, i.e. too far away on your desk. It causes you to extend your neck and shoulder forward. As a result, it strains the muscles and soft tissues.

neck pain retraction exercise


REMEDIES: To release a tight neck, try the neck retraction exercises. Standing or sitting upright, keep your spine straight and push your head forward, jutting your chin out as far as possible. Always place the computer in front of you – not angled to the side. Use a chair that has adjustable armrests which allow your elbows to form a 90-degree angle. Good posture is also a long-term solution.


Staring at your computer for hours at a time can cause eye fatigue. People also tend to blink less often while staring at the computers, which leads to dry eyes and fatigue.

REMEDIES: Every 20 to30 minutes, look at something off in the distance for 20 seconds to give your eyes a break. Your computer monitor should ideally be 20 to 30 inches from you. The top level of the computer monitor should be roughly at eye level.

There are lots of other problems too. But the above-mentioned are four common major issues suffered by many, and their solutions will certainly prove fruitful to everyone.


lung disease due to smoking

Most people in the world, especially the smokers generally suffer from one common disease called lung disease. This is a very common medical condition among the smokers, which they many time willingly or unwillingly ignore. But before its getting too late, one must think about giving protection to their lungs. Hopefully, there are some ways by which we can safeguard our lung.

If you are a smoker, the most effective way to have better lung function is to do regular physical activities. According to a group of researchers, if we do or indulge in some kind of vigorous physical activity or exercises during our leisure time, it can enhance the lung functions. It proves the importance of physical activity among current smokers, especially with a poor lung function.


When we exercise two of our body organs come into action that is the heart and the lung. The lung brings oxygen into our body, provides energy and removes carbon dioxide, while heart pumps oxygen to the muscles.


The lung capacity of an average person can be increased from 5 percent to 15 percent with frequent exercise. You can do any kind of physical exercise but the important point is you must have to follow a regular workout routine. Swimming, walking, running, and cycling are some exercises that one must practice on a daily routine basis. In order to stay healthy, one must do 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least 4 to 5 days in a week.


If we do exercises on a regular basis, it can increase the strength and efficiency of our muscle function, which results in a lesser requirement of oxygen by the muscle to move and hence, produce less carbon dioxide. Exercise improves our overall physical and psychological well-being. It reduces the risk of developing other conditions such as stroke, heart disease, and depression. Regular exercises also help prevent type-II diabetes.


Smoking is too dangerous for our lung. The effect starts with coughs, colds, wheezing, and asthma. But it’s just the beginning. It can lead to many kinds of fatal diseases, such as pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer. A report says, 84% of deaths from lung cancer and 83% of deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is only due to smoking.

That’s why we should always quit smoking and look after our lung properly. Smoking generally affects our stamina which decreases the ability to undertake physical activity and reach our true potential. If we quit smoking, we will be able to exercise for a longer time which can be felt even as early as two weeks after the last cigarette.


Antioxidants present in green vegetables help the body to get rid of harmful toxins. Cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower are such kind of vegetables that help to cleanse our blood as well as our lungs. Tomatoes, carrots, red pepper, sweet potatoes are all rich sources of these antioxidants.

best foods for lungOmega-3 fatty acid-rich foods can help cleanse our lungs as well as keep our pulmonary system working efficiently. Examples of such foods are oily fish like mackerel, salmon, seeds and nuts, and eggs.

Flavonoids are other important components found in citrus fruits, berries and other fruits that are best for our lung to get cleansed. They possess antioxidant, which affects many organs in the body, including our lungs. Some foods with flavonoids are apples, blueberries, oranges, lemons etc.

Garlic is another important food which can help us keep our lungs healthy. The benefits of consuming garlic come from a compound called allicin, which acts as a powerful natural antibiotic agent in the body and can help kill off respiratory infections that can clog your lungs. A study in 2013 reveals that consuming raw garlic can help prevent lung cancer. It is also found by researchers that garlic prevents lung damage caused by pollution, smoking, and poor air quality.

In short, we have plenty of ways in hand by which we can protect our lungs and keep it strong and healthy. After all, it’s your body; if you don’t love and care for it, who else does.

“Vipassana” – India’s Ancient Technique of Meditation

Today, the life is full of stress and has become hectic. So, every individual in the world wants to improve their mental and physical well-being. There are many techniques of meditation around the world, but Vipassana is one of India’s most ancient techniques. It was discovered by Gautam Buddha 2500 years ago. There are some simple, yet strict rules which you need to follow during the entire meditation session.


What is Vipassana?

The word Vipassana means “to see things as they really are” and it is the meditation technique that Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism used to achieve enlightenment.

Unlike what many people believe, this type of meditation does not consist in sitting down to study your thoughts and reflect on life, but in observing your body and your mind. Just observe, without any reaction. By doing this, according to the Buddhist tradition, you are slowly freeing yourself from the attachment and hatred that you have accumulated over the time, which is the cause of your unhappiness.

Vipassana meditation is a very practical technique. That is, what matters is that you end up receiving the benefits of meditation, and everything else is secondary.


Rules of the Vipassana Meditation Course:

When you join for Vipassana, there are some rules which you need to follow during the course of Meditation.

  • You must meditate 10 hours a day
  • You cannot use your phone
  • You cannot read any other material
  • You cannot smoke
  • You cannot have any sexual activities
  • You cannot kill any living thing
  • You cannot lie
  • You cannot take any intoxicating substances such as tobacco or alcohol

As you can see, the rules are quite strict because their aim is not to distract you and learn the technique correctly.



About the Meditation Centers:

Vipassana meditation is taught as 10-day courses. There are longer and shorter courses for advanced students but for beginners, the minimum is 10 days.

There are several centers in India and they always follow the same structure and functioning. The meditation centers are located in remote areas of the city so that there is total silence. Usually, they have three well-differentiated areas: bedrooms, dining room, and meditation room. Men and women are separated during the course, with their own dining room, dormitory, and teacher. They only meet in the hall during group meditations.

In general, the limit of meditation course is ten days, although there are those who have meditated for up to 90 days.


Fees for this Vipassana Course:

It is completely free and at the end of the session, you can donate whatever you want.

6 Top Vipassana Meditation Centers in India:

Following 6 are Top Vipassana Meditation Centers in India where you can join the session:

  1. Dhamma Giri, Igatpuri (Maharashtra)
  2. Dhamma Pattana, Mumbai (Maharashtra)
  3. Dhamma Bodhi, Bodh Gaya (Bihar)
  4. Sikhara Dhamma, Dharamsala (Himachal Pradesh)
  5. Dhamma Setu, Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
  6. Dhamma Paphulla, Banglore (Karnataka)

One thing is sure, after the completion of the Vipassana Meditation course, you will surely thank yourself as you will have a life-changing experience.

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Full of Happiness

It is almost impossible to find a single person in this world with hundred percent happiness. The reason for their unhappiness is uncountable. But broadly speaking, there are two main reasons. Firstly, they are not happy with the work they are doing and secondly, they are not happy with the type of lifestyle they have. They probably get bored of their life but without having any other option, they try to accept the life as it comes.

But what if, you can change and experience your life for better like you never had before. Getting confused? Not to worry. Here are some tips specially structured for you, in order to achieve the happiness and satisfaction you are searching for a long time. Just follow them step by step.


The first step is to get a clear idea of what is most important for you. You think of yourself and figure out what you want from your life. Take your time to think about what are your priorities and what you want to accomplish. Once you do this, the first step is almost done.


After deciding what you want from life, you have to get clear about it why you want them. This is critical because it can help identify flaws in your vision. But this is an important step to follow.


Next, you need to make a suitable and relevant plan that allows you to take action in the most effective way possible. If you set a goal for one year, think what you will have to do to accomplish this goal. Break down your goal into reasonable and believable parts to highlight a clear path to your goal.


Under any circumstances, you should not get annoyed and must stick with your plan. First, you should set smaller weekly goals based on your monthly goals. Once you have done this, you can gauge your performance on weekly basis and make notes on how you can improve staying on track every step of the way.


Despite all precautions and safety measures, many a time, you have to confront with failure. But don’t feel bad or get disappointed. Always remember failure is the pillar of success and there is a big difference between quitting and failing. With failing, you have the opportunity to try again. Quitting means you are done. All great success stories were ‘failures’ at some point. The difference between them and others is that they didn’t quit, they kept pushing on and figured out a different way to make it happen.

Picture depicting happy life

Lastly, I can assure you one thing, if you strictly follow these golden rules, you will certainly see and feel a great difference in your life. Your negativity will start to diminish and positivity starts to influence your life. After all, it’s your determination and hard work that starts to pay off. And you will find, life is more beautiful, peaceful and happier now, like never before.

Padman is All About Shedding Inhibitions

Padman movie

“Hum aurton ke liye bimari se marna sharm ke saath jeene se behtar hai”. On one hand, we are entering the digitalisation revolution, and on the other, womenfolk in our country are still reluctant to talk about the menstrual cycle. This really needs thought and is what forms the subject of R. Balki’s movie Padman.

Based on the short story, ‘The Sanitary Man of Sacred Land’ in a book by Twinkle Khanna titled ‘The Legend of Lakshmiprasad’, the movie Padman, released on Feb 9, 2018, is inspired by the real-life story of Arunachalam Muruganantham, who introduced the low-cost sanitary pad.

Padman movieThe Plot

Laksmikant Chauhan (Akshay Kumar), a welder, is concerned about his wife (Gayatri) who uses cloth during her periods and is not ready to opt for the expensive sanitary napkins, which Lakshmikant lovingly brings her, much to the embarrassment of the chemist and the ladies at the counter. The people around him feel immensely awkward when he talks about, let alone buy sanitary pads.

Balki has beautifully captured the taboos and social dilemmas attached to the subject and how difficult it is for a man like Lakshmikant to approach the issue of menstrual hygiene in a society that considers this a “women’s problem” to be tackled in a discreet manner.

Lakshmikant, the innovator that he is, is hellbent to change the pre-conceived notions of the society and help women embrace the menstrual cycle without feeling shy and awkward. He comes out with his own low-cost sanitary napkins against all odds and in turn, empowers village women to earn a living by manufacturing and selling the affordable alternative to dirty cloth.

How Lakshmikant battles all odds with the support of Pari (Sonam Kapoor) to come up with an affordable solution and is recognised in his endeavours by the UN and the Indian Government, forms the rest of the story.

Padman film

Padman: A Feather in Balki’s Cap

It must indeed have been quite difficult for Balki to deal with an issue so looked down upon and “secretive”. The way the director comes up with the concept and the script weaves the narrative without sounding in the manner of a documentary, retaining the essence of the subject in a light-hearted way is simply commendable. At no point in time does the film slip away from its objectives.

The Padman movie features brilliant performances by Sonam Kapoor, Radhika Apte, Akshay Kumar, and Suniel Sinha amongst the other supporting cast. The music is breathtaking, as is the cinematography that captures the beauty of Maheshwar town in Madhya Pradesh.

Real Padman

It’s Time to Shed Inhibitions

We are living in an era where women are making their mark on all frontiers, while on the other end of the spectrum, they still face inhibitions talking about menstruation and menstrual hygiene.

The movie Padman is a powerful blow on the face of the society, which considers the woman as an incarnation of Shakti, the Goddess, but has no hesitations in secluding her when she goes through her biological cycle.

A must watch on all counts, this film will set you thinking. With the International Women’s day just around the corner, it’s time to introspect. In the words of Lakshmikant, “Big man, strong man not making country strong. Woman strong, mother strong, sister strong, then country strong”.

Our Relationships Are Turning Sour: Here’s Why

Family relationships

They say all relationships go through hell. Real relationships get through it.

Man is a social being, which means he likes to be surrounded by friends, relatives, and loved ones. We are, however, living in an era where time is the most critical constraint. This time factor is the one that has the most bearing on our relationships as well.

We never even realise how far we are led astray, away from those who matter. In a quest. The quest to succeed, to soar the sky, to make a mark. We might have succeeded in making a mark for ourselves but is there someone around to celebrate the joy with? Didn’t we leave them far behind?

Relationships are turning sour

Relationships Turning Sour – Is Time Alone to Blame?

If there’s a single most significant thing you can give your near and dear ones, it is time. Are you there for them when they need you the most?

Time alone, however, is not the culprit. The solution lies within. We need to manage our time well and most importantly, figure out our priorities. Professional and personal lives go hand in hand; we need to maintain a healthy balance between them both. The middle path is always difficult to walk on and isn’t a bed of roses. It’s a great test of true grit and determination. Nurturing your relationships while also performing well in your career is a test only the most strong-willed will be able to endure. The others will either see their relationships crumble away or their professional careers slip out of their hands.

Family relationships

You can’t do It Alone

To tread on the middle path and balance a career with the homefront, you’ll need support. From your family, from your colleagues. We, human beings, have become increasingly self-centered and have forgotten the value of understanding. The basic human instinct of socialising holds a powerful solution. We need to talk, discuss, and sort things out. Speak with your family members, friends, and colleagues. Discuss the problems that confront you and them. Remember, sharing reduces the burden and makes it easier to find a solution.

There Will Be Fights and Clashes

No matter what you do, there will always be clashes, quarrels, and fights. That’s impossible to get around. In fact, they’re perfectly normal for a healthy relationship. The main point is to get along well after the clashes end, every time. Your ego shouldn’t dominate your relationships. Neither should you carry pre-conceived notions and thoughts about others. It’s important to respect the other person’s opinions and views. We can all be right in our own spaces and perspectives, each one of us having a different way of seeing things; it is vital to accept people and situations as they are.

Relationships need time

Love is Unconditional

Remember, love is unconditional. There are no terms and conditions attached. Accept people around you with their own share of flaws and merits. No one is perfect, including you. Love them, no matter what.

We need to introspect and see what it is that is affecting our relationships and find a way to sail through, together. In the words of Winston Churchill, if you are going through hell, keep going.

And if I might add a word, together.

6 Signs You’re Not Happy With Your Life

Not Happy

Abraham Maslow is known to introduce the need for self-actualization within a person. A person should be inherent enough to realize the potential that they have. When a person feels that he is completely engaged and absorbed with the task that is assigned to him, he won’t question himself and feels happy, alive and gets the feeling that his life is complete.

This is just a myth though. 95 people out of 100 are not really able to answer the simple question of if they are living their life happily.

Signs of being unhappy with your life and the things that you can do to change it.

Not Happy

Envying Others’ Success

The first and the most obvious thing that you might be going through is not being able to take success stories. It does not matter if it is your neighbour or someone in your own family who has been hired for a glamorous job. To control this, ask yourself why whatever you have is not enough for you. It is important to remember that the grass always looks greener on the other side but the truth is, everyone goes through a bad situation.

Not Happy

Seeking Validation

No matter what you do, you need validation from your friends or your coworkers. Remember it is only you who can decide what is wrong and what is right. There is no need to doubt yourself and others do not need to validate what you are doing. Try to be confident, because confidence works wonders.

Not Happy

Feeling Empty

It is true that we all feel an emptiness within us at a certain point in time. But feeling empty all the time, even when you are in a room full of your close friends or family, is a sign that you are unhappy. If you feel that whatever you’re doing is not suiting your personality, stop it immediately. Do not do anything to impress others.

Not Happy

Frustrated Easily

Frustration often involves impulsive acts. If you feel that you are frustrated with everything around you, be it your job or your family, there are chances that you are not happy with your own self. Figure out your passions and try to work on them. Do not try to stick to something which is not meant to be.

Not Happy

No Direction in Life

This is one of the biggest signs that you are not happy with your life. You might be associated with a particular profession, but after a certain period of time, you start feeling that you are going to end up nowhere with this job. If you feel that your life is not going in a proper direction or you are being pushed away from your aims, quit the profession that makes you unhappy. Pursuing your own goals are much more important.

your life

Numbing Feelings

You try to remain happy by shopping or overeating. Do not try to numb the feelings that you have. If you regret something or you are feeling low, listen to your thoughts and clear the things out. There is no point in holding onto regrets or losses in life.

your life

Keep in mind that it is your life and you are the only one who is responsible for scripting your life. Being happy is the very first thing that is required for living a healthy and problem-free life.

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