Bollywood Stars to Perform At IPL 11 Opening Ceremony

Bollywood Stars to Perform At IPL 11 Opening Ceremony

Not much time is left for the beginning of the much-awaited cricket season i.e. IPL 11. We are all familiar that before the start of any tournament, nowadays, grand opening ceremonies are conducted. These ceremonies witness the presence of stars from Hollywood, as well as Bollywood, whose performances attract lots of people. Similarly, this season Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra, Varun Dhawan, and Jacqueline Fernandez will perform in the opening ceremony. The ceremony will take place at Mumbai’s Wankhede stadium on April 7, 2018.

Also, as per reports, the opening ceremony of IPL 11 will be attended by only two captains. MS Dhoni Captain of Chennai Super Kings and the other one is Rohit Sharma Captain of Mumbai Indians.

Bollywood Stars to Perform At IPL 11 Opening Ceremony

Who Will Not Be Attending the IPL 11 Ceremony?

Six captains including Virat Kohli (RCB), Ajinkya Rahane (RR), Gautam Gambhir (DD), R Ashwin (Kings XI), Dinesh Karthik (KKR), and David Warner (SRH) will not attend the IPL 11 ceremony.

IPL 2018 Captains

All these eight captains will be shooting a video on April 6th and then leave for their respective cities on the same day. Last year, all captains signed “Spirit of Cricket” pledge at the opening ceremony. But, this year, it won’t be possible as the opening ceremony will be held in Mumbai on April 7th just before the first match between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings.

On April 8th, there are two matches i.e. DD VS Kings XI in Mohali at 4 pm and RCB VS KKR in Kolkata at 8 pm. As the captains have to travel a day before when they have an evening match to play, six captains out of eight will not be attending the opening ceremony of IPL 11.

The Budget Issue

According to a source, earlier, the budget of the opening ceremony was reduced from 30 crores to 20 crores by the Committee of Administrators (CoA). CoA had objections regarding the irrelevant razzmatazz enclosing the event. CoA also questioned BCCI that why they want to spend such a high amount on the celebration when the main attraction of the event is Cricket.

IPL GC has recently decided to increase the IPL opening ceremony budget to 50 crores. It was later agreed by BCCI too. “This is required to make the ceremony grand and keep the interest of people. For this reason, there is a need to increase the budget”, one of the BCCI officials said.

Previously in the 10th edition, all teams had separate opening ceremonies in their home grounds. In this, the board had taken care of all the expenses of those eight ceremonies.

In the last season, the IPL Governing Council (GC) allotted INR 3.5 crore to all teams for conducting opening ceremonies in their home grounds. Thus, it’s clear that the budget has now been increased for the only opening function that is to be conducted before the start of this season.

Another news that came into the limelight is Steve Smith and David Warner has been ruled out of IPL 11. Both the Australian cricketers were recently found guilty in the ball tampering incident in South Africa. ICC has banned both of them for 1 year from international cricket.

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Travel Tips For The First Trip To Leh in Ladakh (Jammu & Kashmir)

Ladakh is a paradise on earth and Leh is the entrance to heaven. If you have never been to Leh but are considering a trip to the land of blue lakes and mighty gray mountains, here are some important information and tips for getting started.

Arrival to Leh:


You can fly to Leh from all major cities in India, not directly but via Delhi or Mumbai. Leh is situated at 3,500 meters above sea level. You can also drive to Leh, via two routes:

# From Srinagar (415 km away):

From Srinagar, Leh route is only open from the first week of April or May to November or December. The road is in good condition, the slope moderates towards Leh so that the probability of altitude sickness is much lower than in a flight. And there are some nice villages along the way. This path is perfect for the elderly and children.

# From Manali (482 km away):

This route is usually open to traffic in the first week of May or June to October or November. This route is very steep, the road is also not very good and there is a risk of landslides. If you are looking for a true adventure, you can try this route.

Activities in Ladakh:

  • Art & History:


Visit the old town of Leh. The Ladakh Arts and Media Organization exhibit local artworks in the Old City. There are also workshops on topics, such as textiles, design and creative writing.

  • Volunteering:


If you want to stay longer in Ladakh, you can work as a volunteer. They work for the 17,000 ft Foundation which offers a variety of programs for 10, 16 or 30 days in schools in Leh and the surrounding villages.

  • Adventure:


Join the Ladakh Marathon either as a spectator or as a participant. But attention: Participants must be extremely fit because of the thin air at this altitude. For hikers, there are hiking trails available. A good source of information is Ladakh Ecological Footprint.

Whitewater rafting expeditions is another great thing to do for both beginners and advanced hikers. Frozen Himalayas has bike tours to and from Leh, as well as hikes in the footsteps of snow leopards in winter in the program.

  • Multi-Day Trips:


For other exciting trips, you can book a taxi and they take you to the Nubra Valley, lakes Pangong, and Tso Moriri. You can also visit these natural attractions within a day’s trip but there are very comfortable camps everywhere and breathtaking views. The sunset right on Pangong Lake should not be missed.

  • Shopping:


The market in Leh offers Tibetan antiques, jewelry, and curious. Also, handmade rugs and Pashmina shawls are offered. The Ladakh Apricot store in Zangsti serves organic food and apricot jam made from local fruits.

List For The Backpack:


Apart from warm jackets and jumpers, the following things are needed to get through a trip to Leh:

  • Waterproof hiking boots.
  • Rainproof clothing.
  • Sunglasses, hat or cap with an umbrella, sunscreen, (the sunburn hazard is immensely high).
  • Backpack for everything you need on short hikes around Leh.
  • Medicine for all cases (consult an experienced doctor).

Do Not Underestimate Altitude Sickness:

The symptoms of altitude sickness are a headache, breathlessness, and nausea. One should not take these symptoms lightly. The altitude sickness can hit anyone, even to trained athletes. It is really dangerous and can even be deadly. So if you do not feel good about your health, do not go hiking any further but stop and get off immediately to the next lowest point you can reach. Let yourself be advised by a qualified doctor before your trip to Leh and Ladakh. When you get used to the altitude slowly, your body usually makes the transition by itself.

Some Other Important Hints:

  • Plastic bags are prohibited in Ladakh, so you can only take biodegradable or paper bags.
  • The weather is unpredictable. Mostly, it is windy and the temperature can quickly drop from very pleasant to quite cool. So it is good if you can take something over or something undressed.
  • Wear waterproof backpacks and suitcases to make sure your clothes stay dry when it rains or when you need to drive through a river.
  • Be sure to bring lots of fresh batteries or charged batteries with you for your camera. They also drain themselves faster in the cold than usual.
  • In the dry air, you need more liquid about 4 to 5 liters per day, so always keep a water bottle with you. It is the best if you will not drink alcohol.
  • If you will drive yourself, never forget that driving at this altitude and on this terrain is a completely different challenge.

In general, Leh and Ladakh is a wonderful place, despite all the warnings mentioned above. The landscape, the culture, the people are indescribable. You have to see it with your own eyes, listen to your ears, and experience all your senses.

And most importantly, do not try to finish everything in short span of time. Leh and Ladakh are not a place to be seen in a hurry.

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5 Best PS4 games that you can’t stop playing – 2017 Edition

5 Best PS4 games that you can’t stop playing – 2017 Edition

Play Station also known as ‘PS’ is a great platform for all those video gamers who love to be a part of the arena and fight for their survival. With the upgrades in technology, gaming consoles such as PS3 and PS4 too have upgraded, making it smoother and enjoyable.The interesting part of modern-day PS4 games is that the villains are more dangerous and very hard to kill.

While the year 2016 was filled with exciting games like Doom and Over-watch, the current year 2017 also has some amazing games to play.

5 Best PS4 games that you can’t stop playing – 2017 Edition

Here is the list of 5 Best PS4 games that you can’t stop playing easily.


Middle-earth: Shadow of War is bigger and more ambitious in scope than “Shadow of Mordor”. The way it expands the nemesis system with far greater variety and fortress sieges make it even better. Also, not to forget the battles with memorable Uruk captains remain challenging all the way through the campaign.



Mass Effect: Andromeda is an expansive action role-playing game with a few great moments that recapture the high points of the landmark trilogy and energetic combat and fantastic sound effects contributing to a potent sci-fi atmosphere. It is one of the best PS4 games of 2017.


3. FIFA 17

FIFA 2017 does promise something for every football fan, from the casual observer to the full-kit fanatic, I still find myself wishing that EA Sports would spend a little more time focusing on the basics. You could probably create the perfect football game by letting Konami handle everything on the pitch, with EA Sports responsible for everything in the game. Create your own team, win different titles and get a reward for that. It is one of the best football games that will provide you a real football experience.



Aside from the smaller-feeling plot, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided improves upon its excellent predecessor in every other way. Its impeccably designed environments are flushed with possibility, remaining completely coherent while supporting a wide variety of routes and character builds, and Jensen’s prodigious new feats of techno-wizardry add a new dimension to both combat and exploration. Mankind Divided will never stop challenging you or reward your curiosity. In fact, it will let you explore its beautiful, ruined world while carefully weighing your decisions along the way.


5. Call of Duty – WW2

Call of Duty also widely known as COD, is one of the best PS4 games available on the market. It’s the fourth-best-selling video game franchise with nearly 250 million sold copies. The series began on Microsoft Windows and later expanded to consoles and handhelds. COD WW2 is the fourth release of Call of Duty series. WW2 takes the COD franchise back to its roots. You will storm the beaches of Normandy on D-Day before fighting your way across Europe, experiencing events of the Second World War including the battle of Bulge and The Rhine through the eyes of a soldier.

Call of Duty – WW2

If you are a fan of war games, this one is a must-play for you.

5 Beginners’ Winter Treks of Himalaya For This Season

Beginners' Winter Treks

The popular beginners’ winter treks are offered by many hiking organizers. You have to choose the right one and be aware of important guidelines regarding winter treks of Himalaya. Moreover, they will immerse you in the blithe and pure joy like any Himalayan trek offers to a novice.

5 Beginners’ Winter Treks of Himalaya

1. Kedarkantha

Duration: 6 days
Altitude: 12,500 feet
Basecamp: Sankhri, Uttarakhand

Not only Kedarkantha is an amazing short trek but also each campsite is unique. Juda ka Talav, the second camp, lies on the bank of this so-called lake. The lake is frozen and you could actually step over it. Please be careful as cracked zones are risky to step. From the summit camp, you will actually view the apex of the peak, during non-cloudy and clear skies. The final summit day will be the most exhausting one.

Beginners' Winter Treks 1
Kedarkantha summit

2. Kuari pass

Duration: 6 days
Altitude: 12,763 feet
Basecamp: Joshimath, Uttarakhand

The panoramic view of seven thousander peaks from the Kuari pass is mesmerizing and pristine. Basically, Kamet Trishul, Nandadevi are few of the peaks that form USP of this trek in Garhwal Himalayas. The famous Curzon trail will let you spot the footprints of Leopards, Himalayan black bears, and other wild fauna. In addition, you will experience the vast meadows and possibly snow-covered Rhododendron trees.

3. Sandakphu

Duration: 6 days
Altitude: 11,950 feet
Basecamp: Jaubhari, West Bengal

Sandakphu is the highest peak of West Bengal. The summit offers remarkable panoramic views of Lhotse and Makalu, the fourth and fifth highest peaks of the world. Kalipokhri, the second campsite is a lake, said to be in the shape of Shiva’s right foot by the locals. It is also known as the Black Lake. Well, if you turn lucky then you might spot a red panda while you hike.

4. Chadar

Duration: 8 days
Altitude: 11,123 feet
Basecamp: Leh, Kashmir

The frozen Zanskar river is an excitement factor of this most popular, experiential Chadar trek. At the same time, it is difficult not by its terrain but walking on the ice is quite unsafe. Do equip yourself with waterproof gloves and shoes to enjoy this ice and snow-laden trek. The views of the sheltering peaks are stunning.

Beginners' Winter Treks
Chadar trek

5. Kheerganga

Duration: 2 days
Altitude: 9,700 feet
Basecamp: Tosh, Himachal Pradesh

Kheerganga is a very short but indeed one of the best beginners’ winter treks. Thus, you could just go solo. Having said that, be equipped with the necessary belongings and gear. Get yourself armed with knowledge. Put on your hiking boots and poncho, if it rains or snowfalls, and hike up to the meadow where Hindu God Shiv penanced for many years. Furthermore, there are cottages available to rest for a night, while you gaze at the night skies.

Having described some of the coveted winter treks of Himalaya, please do not be reckless. Because the snow layered terrain makes it difficult to ascend as well as descend. Thus, it is equally important to read a list of essential things you should carry for your first winter trek and certain mistakes that you ought to avoid there when on a winter trek.

Nevertheless, embark on your coolest journey and return back to unforgettable memoirs!

5 reasons for why Running transforms you


I was not aware that I shall be addicted to running until I was diagnosed with a serious ailment! I missed running from that day. Having been scared of the constant movement it imposes, I stopped. I missed it when I’d seen the roads as I walked for a stroll to market. I’d felt like ditching my bodily disorder and run any moment I felt like. This is indeed like a passionate love story.

This is not a weird filler, but a fact! It proves the significance of running in one’s life and especially, mine. Today, there are many who would strongly agree with my views. I observe from past good amount of years, there is a rise in the number of people choosing morning walks and jogs. Consequently, when you observe a modification or an improvement in your capability, it leads to a fascination with the sport.

The reasons are the precipitate of my experiences with Running for past 3 years.

1. Running Easily Creates A Bond With Nature

Early morning runs feel heavenly. Basically, it is not worth-stating. Because, you are out there in open, underneath a vast sky, running on the trail, and you feel sweat and breath. But the real thing is when you will feel the breeze. The stroke will be the first discerning fact of you in connection with nature.
Seamlessly piercing the atmosphere while you increase the number of strides and the miles you cover, the plunge is deep.

2. The Pleasure Will Arrive When You Will Cross Your Limits

The awareness of breath is key to the sustenance of long runs. Pushing your limits eventually transcends you into another realm of greater energy. You must have reached your limit and the very second you think that you will take a break-it is the moment to keep running and not follow your mind. These aspects pull you in the communication with higher self. This exercise is beneficial in any form of physical exertive sport to attain a degree of excellence.

3. Easiest Way To Relieve Stress

Living in present is a key to de-stress and redeem yourself from the chains of stagnation. If you run you live in present. The wandering and fragmented mind agitate the muscles. Therefore, it limits our ability to consistently perform. The fear builds within thereby becoming an obstacle to your trials.
Essentially, while running, you have to be in the present, simultaneously, maintaining a check on your breath and body. This is indeed a mind-exercise that break-frees you from the worldly anxiety.

4. The Adrenaline Rush/ The Eternally “High” Feeling

The best part is that it delivers, an individual, with an adrenaline rush. Well, everyone is aware of that feeling — You are high! You are on top of the world, oozing abundance of confidence, no fear, and no inhibition. This is how exactly your state will be if you make a regime of daily runs! The catch is to keep a strong faith.

5. Marathons

Marathon serves as an objective to initiate the morning jog. Firstly, I registered for 11 km which became a sheer driving force for me. Secondly, I sincerely woke up, without any excessive self-motivation, every morning. This was my beginning to gradually become an avid half-marathoner.


Winter is the season of workout and long run. Get yourself registered, put yourself into right footwear and clothing, take a warm-up session and just RUN!

Running is a fantastic experience. Read other interesting articles by me here.

Kerala blasters vs Bengaluru FC: start of a new rivalry

kerala blasters

Indian super league never fails to deliver the excitement. As the league picking up its pace, there are two groups of fans who already started the bout on social media. Kerala Blasters vs Bengaluru FC, it surely is a contest to watch out this year.

Known for their exceptional fan support, Kerala Blasters is THE TEAM with the most number of attendance in Indian super league. Having won the Fan club of the Year award at Indian sports honors, the yellow army Manjappada is starting off the season with positives.

However, the yellow army never misses the boat to bring in new rivals each season. With ATK and Chennaiyin FC as their all-time rivals, they are gathering two more into the mix this season.

Jamshedpur FC vs Kerala Blasterskerala blasters

The battle between these two started as Jamshedpur FC lured thin their former gaffer Steve Coppell. Kerala Blasters Finished last season as runners-up under Steve Coppell and his assistant Ishfaq Ahmed. However, things started boiling when Ishfaq left the Kerala side to join the new entrants from Jamshedpur.

It didn’t stop there; the scuffle went even further on social media as Jamshedpur signed three former blasters. It led to the hacking of Jamshedpur’s Wikipedia page and labeling them as “curry leaves of Kerala Blasters”.

In return, the Jamshedpur FC fans also hacked the Kerala Blasters Wikipedia and named them “old age home” in allusion to their veteran signings. Even though the comments are removed from Wikipedia, the brawl still goes on. It guarantees the audience a tensed match when these two takes on this season.

Kerala Blasters vs Bengaluru FCkerala blasters

Now, this is where things get arousing for this year’s Indian super league. There’s a tension rising between these two teams as the contest is fast approaching. It all evoked as Manjappada beat West block blues to clinch the Fan club of the year award. Known for their loyalty to their clubs, Manjapada and West block blues are without a doubt the best fans the game has produced.

The two time I League champions is looking to replicate their glory on Indian super league. Having won their first game against Mumbai City FC, they have shown their intentions already. However, the blasters are witnessing yet another slow start to their campaign.

In terms of numbers, the blasters could compete with some European clubs. Nonetheless, when it comes to supporting their team West block blues comes to a step above. They are well coordinated, and they are in full voice till the fulltime whistle.kerala blasters

It’s unfair to say the blasters did not cheer for their team. Anyhow, the exceptional numbers in the stadium make it a difficult task for the Manjappada. In fact, the comparatively low number of attendance in Bengaluru makes it easier for West block blues.

Although Manjappada is doing their best to bring the fans together, it’s obvious that it may take some time. But one thing for sure, seeing 40,000 supporters chanting would definitely be a moment worth waiting for.

It’s good to see the amount of rivalry between these fan groups, and it’ll surely help the league to attract more fans. Kerala Blasters vs Bengaluru FC is going to be the most enthralling match with these loyal fans groups at their back.

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Please Do Not Follow These 9 Things On Your Himalayan Winter Trek!

Himalayan winter trek

Things to Avoid on a Himalayan Winter Trek

1. Inattentive on Snow-Trail

It is not that easy for an amateur trekker to hike up the snow-layered trail. Once you discern the trick, it will be easier to traverse on a Himalayan winter trek-trail without having a fall. Let the pole-stick help you determine the thickness of snow-layer, so as to cautiously step. Treading through the knee-deep snow will gradually become one hell of a task rather than enjoyment. You will be drenched. Therefore, ensure to remove the shoes and empty the snow-flakes, stuffed in the pockets of rucksack and other belongings. Do change your wet socks after you reach the camp.

2. Keep the Feet Wet

Thoroughly dry your feet. Apply anti-fungal talcum powder before pulling on another pair of socks. This is a must daily chore after you reach a camp and retire for the day. Read on 10 essential things to carry on your first winter trek.

3. Excessive Baggage

Cut down the unnecessary and extra possessions. Pack only one extra pair of an outfit, and only the things that are really important to you. Do not carry the properties with their packaging, loosen them. You will be provided with more gear that will add to the weight of your rucksack and hence let them be light, beforehand.

4. Ill-Fitting Footwear

The footwear should neither be tight-fitting nor be loose ones. The tighter ones will suffocate your feet. At the same time, the loose-fitting shoes will produce excessive friction, especially while descending. The friction might lead to traumatic bites. With the snow terrain and extremely harsh weather, the toes’ tissues and nerves will be affected by the constant rubbing of toes to inner soles.

5. Skip Sunblock or A Moisturizer

It is a tendency of men to skip these lotions as they think it is suitably not needed. Moreover, they do not want to apply sunblock out of the sheer laziness that creeps into anyone of us, in cold weather. The chapped skin is really uncool and causes discomfort in the movement of the muscles. Nevertheless, please apply at least before you begin the hike-day to keep yourself tan-free.

6. Trek with Your Sweatshirt On

It is indeed cold, very, very cold! You might begin the trek all clothed with layers and jackets. Sooner, one realizes, as sweat trickles down, the futility of the sweatshirts or jackets loaded on the heated bodies. Subsequently, bear the pleasant weather for some moments, as you start the hike. You will eventually feel warm. Furthermore, keep your head covered by a bandana or skull cap.

winter trek
Kedarkantha winter trek in December 2015!

7. Litter

Please do not litter. Collect your waste in a garbage bag. The wrappers, leftovers, used sanitary napkins (for women), the basic waste could all be accumulated in a small plastic or cloth bag. The garbage could then be discarded at base camp after you return.

8. Scatter Your Belongings in Tent

This is a general guideline for any seasonal Himalayan trek, except not a trivial one. The space in a tent does not allow us to live like in a cozy and spacious home. Plan your ways to arrange your needful daily accessories. Keep some pouches and smaller bags to divide the necessary gear.

9. Leave Your Group

It is a selfie age. Apart from being a narcissist, the scenic beauty tempts a hiker to collect innumerable memories. Well, keeping in mind that you are basically in an unknown place, sincerely be in a group. Losing a trail is not fun, as it is not a friendly terrain.

Comprehend over important guidelines for Himalayan winter trek! Be aware before you leap!

Himalayan Winter Trekking — Important Guidelines

Winter Trekking

Perhaps you are under an awe of excitement and bliss you will feel right there in Himalayan terrain, or perhaps you are on the opposite territory. The territory of confusion of what to carry and observe. The uncertainty bothers each one of us even if we had been to Himalaya number of times. Especially, if it is winter trekking, it becomes a greater dilemma to bring the correct gear so as to suit the harsh cold weather.

There are many trekking organizations cropped up for past a decade. The firms comprise trek guides and porters for successfully leading the group to a trek-spot. Moreover, they also provide the fellow trekkers with all the essential gear and equipment, thereby there lies no concern when it comes to trekking-gear.  Consequently, ensure to book with a company that is reputed and popular in the business.

Important Guidelines – Winter Trekking

Physical Exercises

A month before the date of a trek, take up morning jogs and runs or some cardiovascular exercises. The arduous trek will be taxing to your body if you do not train it well, beforehand.


The higher altitude regions affect the body differently from the lower zones, where you come from. Therefore, acclimatization day holds a greater significance for any Himalayan trek. Firstly, do not cover your ears as you put on your skull cap. Secondly, let the head be covered and move out for a walk rather than cozying inside the tents after you reach the camp.


Know about the region of trek you choose and book. The knowledge will only help to feel one with the place when you really step on the place. Furthermore, there are already multiple blogs available online by the previous backpackers. Surf through the information on the particular trek before you begin the adventurous sojourn.


Carry a right pair of shoes, the ones that are waterproof or resistant. Traversing through snow-clad terrain is demanding and exhausting. On top of it, the snow wets our shoes and socks. Wearing a waterproof footwear is advantageous for the comfortable hike.  Arm your feet with Gaiters, although it is optional. Quechua Forclaz 500 footwear is within the budget and serves rightly.

Toiletries and other Necessities

Sanitizer, wet wipes, mouth-cleanser, moisturizer, toilet paper will keep your hygiene and sanitation intact.

A medical kit consisting of basic medicines for pain and fever, an inhaler to release you from the discomfort of common cold, and some pain reliever aerosols will be quite helpful to you and your accomplices.

Although an insect repellent is unneeded, let it be in your essential kit. It might be helpful in lower camps.

While winter trekking, sunblock, and sunglasses are very important to keep you safe from the ultraviolet radiation.

Keep an empty water bottle for a daily nature call and morning chores, it will prove worthy, if there is a water body or a stream nearby your campsite. At the same time, wet wipes are easy and handy, if there is a shortage of water.

Let Himalaya be clean and pure. Therefore, a garbage bag will be of umpteen use to store the daily litter.

Basic Essentials

Select quick-dry trousers and t-shirts, while you shop for the trekking outfits. Likewise, Quechua offers a great variety of them according to your budget.

Equip yourself with enough warm clothing to sustain the nights’ extreme weather.
In addition, keep your phone and camera batteries inside your sleeping bag during the nights, to avoid its untimely drain.

Carry a normal torch or a head-torch to help you perform the chores after the sunset. It turns pitch dark by 6 pm.

Last but not at all least, do cherish the hot soups and teas and avoid skipping the meals. Sip water at regular intervals to keep yourself hydrated. Mixing it with glucose powder serves helpful in replenishing the energy. Well, pissing in the woods will eventually become easy and habitual!

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Indian super league: ending the goal drought with a goal feast

indian super league

With the addition of two more teams into the mix, the expectations are of course high for this year’s Indian super league. However, for a league that lasts up to five months, it must be entertaining. The fans demand enthralling matches boosted with the addition of several goals.

Be that as it may, things were not so intriguing as the season kicked off. The lack of goals surely raised criticism and it was affecting the complexion of the league. what was it going wrong? Well, the season just kicked off and it was too soon to give an appraisal.

indian super league

Let’s look at the past, was this the same for first three seasons?

It wasn’t, the previous three seasons never saw a goal drought and was able to produce a number of goals even from the beginning. Take the last three inaugural matches of Indian super league. The 2014 inaugural season started off with a bang. The hosts Atletico de Kolkata thrashed Mumbai city FC 3-0 to give a flying start to this footballing revelation.

Yet again, it was Kolkata who kicked off 2015 season with style. The ISL 2014 champions scored thrice to beat Chennaiyin FC 3-2. The same goes for ISL 2016 season where we had a winner from the inaugural match. This time it was Northeast United who edged past the Kerala Blasters 1-0 to open the score sheet.

Indian Super League 2017

indian super league

We had a winner on all three occasions. However, things were not the same this time around. Unlike the previous seasons, 2017-2018 Indian super league started off slow and it took three days to end the goal drought.

Anyhow, the third day witnessed a goal feast when FC Goa locked horns with Chennaiyin FC. The Goan side scored thrice to thrash Chennaiyin FC 3-2 in a game which produced the first goal of this season. With Bengaluru FC adding two more into the goal sheet, we were treated with seven goals at the end of day three.

The league is finally up and runningindian super league

It certainly took time to light up, however, it proved the critics wrong with the number of goals in recent games. As the fifth match of the league ended with another goal feast, the fans are delighted with this footballing carnival. Indian super league is stepping up its game, and we can hope for more enthralling matches in coming days.

Is the number of foreigners affecting the game?

indian super league

Well, this is a place where the league lured in both positives and negatives. By reducing the number of foreigners in the squads, Indian super league is clearly creating openings for the Indian players. However, it’s visible on the pitch how it affected the flow of the game.

We are witnessing the Indian players failing to step up on occasions, and this clearly alters the game. We should wait and see what the outcome will be. For a league on a quest to grow football in India, pleasing the fans expectations should be one of its main priority.

It’s too soon to give a judgment. The number of foreigners must come down, and the question is, is it a bit soon to reduce the numbers?

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India’s T20 series win against New Zealand

India vs New zealand

India secured a historic win in the Paytm T20 international series in the country, against New Zealand. This was the first win in a series of this format against the Kiwis by the men in blues. India’s record against New Zealand till this point had been abysmally poor. It was 5-0 to the favour of the kiwis. After two wins in the subcontinent, in New Delhi and Thiruvananthapuram, it stands at 6-2.

How it all began?

In Feroze Shah Kotla, on the 2nd of November, India was successful in finally achieving what it had been trying for their last five encounters. The brilliant New Zealand finally succumbed to the men in blue, after a superb knock from the opening pair of the Indian batting line-up, Rohit Sharma, and Shikhar Dhawan. Yuzvendra Chahal also produced a stunning performance. Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan’s partnership of 158 runs was India’s highest in this format of the game. India set a total of 202 for New Zealand to chase, which was also one of their best in the T20 format. With this win, India has achieved the target of winning against every opponent they’ve played in any format. Shikhar Dhawan won the man of the match award.

The Kiwis are no pushovers!

New Zealand won by 40 runs in the second match at Rajkot, where Colin Munroe’s phenomenal century of 59 balls (7 fours, and 7 sixes) helped them attain a target of 196. India failed to reach the target, after losing seven wickets. Trent Boult was one of the key bowlers of the Kiwi squad as he added another 4-wicket haul to his list of accomplishments. He picked up his form after a poor display against India in the first match of the series, where he conceded 49 runs from 4 overs. The Indian team failed to stop the Kiwi steamroller as they were outplayed in a brilliant display of cricketing genius.

Indians celebrate in their match against new zealand

Fans showed undying support!

The run-up to the third and final match of the series was fraught with excitement. It was being held in Kerala, at Thiruvananthapuram, at the Greenfield International Stadium. The locals were very enthusiastic about the match that had been allotted to their city as International cricket returned to their city after 29 years, and they joined in numbers to cheer for their team. Even though the rain did dampen the atmosphere, it could not tamper with their spirits. Due to bad weather, the cricketing skirmish was reduced to 8-hours per side.

Despite all the odds, India won against New Zealand…

India scored 67 for 5 wickets after batting first, with Manish Pandey’s 17 being the highest individual score. After repeated knocks through the back-to-back dismissals of Martin Guptill and Colin Munroe, the Kiwis couldn’t stand up to the task and lost the game with 61 runs on board, after losing 6 wickets. Jasprit Bumrah’s two-wicket haul after giving away 9 runs, guided the men in blue towards victory. The Kiwis deserve a fair amount of applause for providing top-notch competition. And, they fought the series very well. India proves its dominance in its own backyard once again in any format of the game. They have been unbeaten in the country since the loss to Australia in 2015.