Indian IT Industry Hit By Lifestyle Diseases | The IT Boom & Growing Pressure on Employees


Private Workers Majorly Afflicted By Lifestyle Related Ailments in India| Are You One of Them? So you work in IT Industry? Oh! You work at a very senior position? Boasting about your pay package? Well! What about your Health Package? Confused? Clueless as to what ‘Health Package’ I am referring to? No I am not referring to the so called Health Insurance that you have. Let me clear it out for you. I am talking about the most priceless possession of yours which is your HEALTH. What are you doing for it? Most of you will say one single word; ‘NOTHING’ or you will say two sentences; ‘I AM HEALTHY. I DON’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING.’

According to a survey nearly 85% of employees in Indian Private Sector are afflicted to lifestyle, chronic diseases and acute ailments and IT Industry is the worst hit. If you are not one of them then the sedentary lifestyle of yours will make you one of them soon. You work hard to meet deadlines and to get your appraisals. I agree that it is vital to work hard but not at the expense of your health. It is of utmost importance to carve out a daily part of your routine for the wellness of your body as you will only be able to work hard if you are physically fit.

Spiraling Profits; Higher Incomes But No Quality Of Life And Health Levels At All Time Low

Following are the lifestyle diseases which are the most prevalent and have made the Indian IT Sector their very own comfy and comfortable home:

  • Hypertension: You eat badly. You sleep badly. You work night shifts. You eat at irregular hours. What is the result? Your arteries start getting clogged with all the bad cholesterol you are ingesting. Your heart finds it more difficult to send blood to your organs. Your income gets a boom and so as your blood pressure surpassing its systolic and diastolic healthy levels. Congratulations!! You have set yourself a very good foundation of obesity, heart disease, kidney ailments and diabetes.


  • Obesity: You eat junk food as you say that you don’t have sufficient time to have healthy meal. But have you ever considered the fat percentage in your body? Obesity is the main cause of almost all lifestyle related ailments.


  • Diabetes: So you kept on toiling your body even though you knew you are suffering from Hypertension and Obesity. Welcome to Diabetes then. Increased levels of fat in your body has made your cells more resistant to insulin so carbohydrates are not efficiently used up and the result is in front of you. If you get diabetic you are more prone to many other conditions like kidney diseases, blindness etc.


Almost all of us are running a rat race in this global environment of stiff competition which is adding pressure on our health leading to silent diseases and various other effects like daytime fatigue, physical discomfort, back pain, arthritis, knee problems, psychological stress, regular headaches, depression, general anxiety disorders leading to further deterioration in performance as we lose our self-confidence and ultimately pressure increases more.

I have seen many employees smoking outside the company premises. Some take it as a style and some say that it helps relieve pressure and I ask only one question; ‘What about your lungs? To this they have no answer or they say with their so-called style “Oh! Nothing will happen.”

Steps Taken Up By IT Industry To Curb The Menace of Lifestyle Diseases

Good thing is that the realization has finally dawned upon us and various measures are being taken up by the private sector to promote health and well-being amongst its employees:

  • Corporate companies have their own gyms and yoga centres inside the office premises itself and their membership is provided to the employees at a very nominal cost or free.
  • Corporate wellness programs are hosted in which the employees are given counselling regarding diet, nutrition, fitness, personal life and relationships, importance of regular workouts and maintaining a positive work-life balance.
  • Infosys has a 24 hours hotline for employees who are suffering from depression to contact psychiatrists.
  • Regular health check-ups are conducted and the employees who are on verge of getting afflicted or are already afflicted are provided guidance to improve their lifestyle.
  • Team outings are promoted every once in a while so as to free our minds from stress.

These wellness programs have many benefits like reduced absenteeism, reduction in increasing health care costs thereby improving productivity and an increase in employee’s loyalty thus an overall positive increase in work performance.

In the end I will like to say that everything is ultimately in our hands. No matter what the organization does to improve the well-being of its employees; if we don’t take initiative ourselves we are ultimately heading to our inevitable doom.

So quit being a rat and quit taking part in the rat race. We are humans and not rodents. If you really want to be like an animal; there are many great animals out there. Be like a lion! Be like a tiger! So folks take initiative yourself and sit on the driver seat of your car of health

Transforming the Humble Khichdi

So now Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Union minister of food and processing industries has cleared the air concerning khichdi and the National Dish. No, the government has no intention of declaring khichdi, an Indian dish prepared from rice and lentils, as the National Dish. But does that affect our love for this humble soul food? As if that’s going to happen! Indians love their khichdi. It’s the comfort food, the sick food, the one-pot meal, the healthy food, the quick-to-make food, and baby food, all rolled into one. A few adjustments to the spices and the ingredients, a few simple accompaniments and voila! You have one or the other form of khichdi at your service.

And the timing couldn’t have been better to talk about khichdi. On November 4th, 2017, celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor led a team of chefs to cook an impressive 918 Kg khichdi at the World Food India event. India now holds the Guinness world record for achieving this feat! And the superfood with its wholesome goodness is getting all the attention it deserves.

Yes, we all know that the khichdi in its simplest form, that is rice and daal cooked to a runny consistency with a little turmeric powder is typically the sick food version. But there’s a lot more to the modest khichdi! And it’s a good choice to turn to when you are too lazy to cook something elaborate.

Veg it up!

Think orange carrots, green peas, red beetroot. You can get creative and add different colored peppers and beans or turn gourmet with broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini and baby corns. How about some leafy green vegetables? Spinach or fenugreek leaves added while cooking the khichdi and topped with lemon juice before serving is the iron boost you need. Put in some diced pumpkin or bottle gourd if you are aiming to shed those pounds. Cabbages, cauliflowers, almost all vegetables gel well with the modest khichdi.

Meat of the matter

Meat and khichdi for some might sound antithetic, but many Bohri recipes have ingredients that complement the combination well and make for a wholesome meal. Mutton is usually used, but you can use chicken too.

Get pulses racing


Experiment with the pulses used. Though traditionally toor (arhar) daal, chana daal (split bengal gram), and moong daal (split yellow gram) are used, you can try combinations of pulses or use grains like barley, whole wheat, or millets like bajra (pearl millet). Try soaked whole green or brown chana or kabuli chana for a protein punch.

Baby on board? Fret not!


It’s by far the simplest and healthiest food for babies who are just starting on solids. A simple seasoning of roasted cumin powder adds flavor. It any day beats store-bought baby food. You can use unpolished rice and split yellow gram to increase the fiber content and make it easy to digest.

Get some company

Yes, having someone to share your meals is a great thing. But, here, we are talking about accompaniments for the khichdi you have made. A simple kadhi or plain yogurt seasoned with salt, and a salad with low-fat dressing goes great with khichdi if you are trying to lose weight. And if there are roasted papads to give that crunch, the combination is too good to resist! And if you want to indulge, think tadkas (tempering), finger-licking pickles, stir-fried vegetables like okra, potatoes, coccinea, or even bitter gourd if you like it. Add dollops of ghee to enhance the flavor and aroma! Go nuts and add raisins, almond slivers, chopped cashews to the preparation for a nutty flavor and a nutrient dense meal!

So go make some right now!


SpeakLis, an app that will help people with hearing disabilities

Speakliz is an app that is able to help communicate to all those people who have some kind of hearing disability. This app was developed by an Ecuadorian startup that translates sign language into any other language, including Chinese

The creators of this app for smartphones and tablets are three young Ecuadorian entrepreneurs who manage to translate sign language in four languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and Chinese.

Carlos Obando Villarreal, Hugo Jácome Andrade and Lennin Encalada Monteros worked on a technological project 9 years ago. These young Ecuadorians wanted to create a technological product to get all those with hearing problems to communicate with other people. But, one day, all change, the destination united these entrepreneurs to create SpeakLiz, which is an app that translates sign language with the help of an electronic bracelet in 20 different languages, among which stand out: Spanish, English, Portuguese and Chinese.


Today, the startup adopted the name: TALOV and is ranked in the ranking of the 200 most innovative companies in the area of ​​technology that will compete in the PITCH program, which is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz.

However, the design of this app was not easy, because many years and research were necessary, besides the financing problems were present.

“We even face discrimination that considers Latin American ventures as ‘little’ competition compared to what is done in other more mature territories in terms of technology, said one of the representatives of this company.

However, these entrepreneurs managed to raise a fund of almost 50,000 dollars, which allowed them to develop some things and accelerate the processes.

But, at the beginning of the project, this young company designed a translator glove of sign language to voice and text, thanks to an application developed in Android. On the other hand, each of the members of this company worked on similar technology projects to help achieve good communication of people with any type of hearing impairment, including using ios.


The three entrepreneurs were professors of technology, when a series of circumstances occurred in 2016, which favored the union of the three founding members, which allowed them to unite all their efforts and research that resulted in Speakliz and thus get a strong solution to correct the communication problems between people.

At the beginning of 2017, this Android-based app was launched through several digital stores; In this way, the popularity began to grow and the company began to have visibility as a startup and the business model, which has two different forms; the first is through mobile app customers, explains a spokesperson for the company, it has a cost of $ 29.99; the second aspect is a platform in which corporate clients can generate their own tools and apps, to make their spaces inclusive for people with disabilities.

The dream of the founders of TALOV, is to reach the 900,000 downloads of SpeakLiz, by 2022, which would translate into 18.9 million revenue. But the most important thing is to end that barrier of communication that separates the hearing impaired with the rest of the people in the world.

You Are REALLY Missing A LOT If You Haven’t Watched These Movies 2017!


Well, okay, long-lost siblings in the Kumbh Mela reuniting to the tune of Bollywood songs are a thing of the not so distant past. A Bollywood movie is not about melodrama anymore. Bollywood movies are now more thought-provoking and real-life centric.

You know what, you are no Bollywood movies fan if you somehow missed out on watching these best 2017 Bollywood movies. Really. I mean, like, how could you?

1. Hindi Medium

Undoubtedly, this is one of Irrfan’s best movies till date. Hindi Medium tells the spicy tale of parents who had Hindi as their medium of education and desire nothing but the best English medium school for their kid.

Irrfan’s timing with comedy is matchless– you simply cannot afford to miss the showroom scene in the beginning. You’ve been warned! This one instantly takes you to Chandni Chowk where the seasoned Dukandaar leaves no stone unturned to coax you to fall for the Manish Malhotra design.

The movie tickles your funny bone while the gripping twists towards the end are an eye-opener for us all. A profound piece this! One amongst the best movies of 2017 so far!

2. Poorna: Courage Has No Limit

If you are looking for a real dose of serious inspiration, this is it. Period.

Directed by Rahul Bose, Poorna is inspired by the real story of Malavath Poorna, the youngest girl who conquered the formidable Mount Everest with her sheer will and determination. Aditi Inamdar is brilliant in making her character come alive on the silver screen. Words fail me, Rahul Bose!

A Bollywood trendsetter in every sense of the word, Poorna is one of the best Bollywood movies of 2017. A must watch for people of all age groups, this is brilliant cinema. If you haven’t already watched it, you haven’t lived. Like really!

3. Begum Jaan

Srijit Mukherji’s dream would never have been fulfilled had he not picked Vidya Balan to play Begum Jaan. The way she carries herself in this film set in the gloomy partition era will make you a fan if you already aren’t one.

Begum Jaan, unlike many Bollywood movies, carries deeper implications and a profound meaning in every single frame. The cinematography is superb and so is the direction. Anu Malik breathes new life into Bollywood songs with his music.

The fierceness of Begun Jaan’s spirit contrasts with her tender, clement character. Begum Jaan is the real queen protecting and upholding the honour of those who look up to her, in life as in death. Begum Jaan is indeed a strong contender amongst the best Hindi movies of 2017!

4. Secret Superstar: One of the best Hindi movies of 2017 so far!

One of the best movies 2017 really. This is the touching story of the venerable Shakti Singh aka Aamir, oops, Insia, brilliantly played by Zaira Wasim. But let’s face it, Shakti looks cute beyond doubt in the film, doesn’t he?

The film portrays the beautiful mother-daughter bond and packs in a powerful punch. A little tear will for sure trickle down your cheeks during some power-packed performances.

Against all odds rises Insia with the support of her mother (Meher Vij) who’s the real hero of the story. Aamir once again emerges as the silent killer with his unmatched performance, as always.

Finally, a 2017 Bollywood movie that redefines Bollywood music, thanks to the genius of Amit Trivedi. Megna Mishra, the real voice behind the secret superstar, lives up to her title. Her voice will take you inside Insia’s little world for a quick sneak peek. Beware, there’s no return! 

Time’s Up! GO, Watch ’em Now!

So, there you are, folks, with the best Bollywood movies of 2017. You mark my words, these Bollywood movies would be written in golden letters in the list of 2017 Bollywood movies.

What now? Still waiting? You know what, you are missing all the fun and inspiration.

Happy Watching!

Come on, now. I CAN’T BELIEVE you’re still reading this! Go, go, go! Watch these best movies of 2017 released this year, and do yourself a favour, please! about attitude!

World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index: India Finds a Place in the Top 100

World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index: India Finds a Place in the Top 100

November kicks off on a good note as India makes significant improvements in its business environment and lands a spot in the World Bank’s annual Ease of Doing Business Index. From being ranked 130 last year, India moves several steps up the ladder to land at 100. This is a really remarkable development and reflects of a healthy ecosystem to start businesses in the country. Over the last few years, several efforts have been made by the Indian government on simplifying efforts to start a business and pave way for advanced entrepreneurship and this report strategically arrives at a time to show that changes are evident.

World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index: India Finds a Place in the Top 100World Bank has been releasing its annual index since 2003 and India has always bagged a spot ranging between 130 and 140. The organization has benchmarking parameters on which it analyses and ranks 190 countries on two cities per country. India this year scaled up on several parameters including those on starting a business, dealing with construction permits, getting credit, protecting minority investors, paying taxes, enforcing contracts, and resolving insolvency.

On the taxation front, India made a leap of sorts, moving over 50 places. Since the cut off period for the indexing was June 1, 2017, the index does not take into consideration the post GST-implementation period, which when done will further have a significant impact in the rankings. One of the best jumps has been on paying taxes, where it has moved from 172 in 2017 to 119 this year.

Being one of the top ten nations to show highest improvements this year, India’s ranking will help fetch not just foreign investments but also convince local investors to overcome hesitation into investing. One thing that we should remember is that out of 100 reforms, only 42 reforms have been implemented at the time of indexing. With the reforms on parameters like registering a property in place, the scope for simplifying ease of doing business is bound to grow manifold.

However, India still lags behind Bhutan – the country with the happiness index and the highest ranking economy in South Asia. Bhutan is ranked 75 in the index, showing we still have a long way to go though the leap has been really commendable. If we have to make it to the top 75 or the top 50, as envisioned by the Prime Minister, Mr. Modi, we need to up our game on parameters like trading across frontiers, electrification and its supply and most importantly, registering a property.

If you take a closer look, the time taken to enforce any contract in early 2000 was close to 1,420 days. Fifteen years later, the duration has just increased to 1,445 days, signaling the need for serious reforms. With that said, the reforms on these parameters are expected to be implemented by May 2018 with major emphasis on reducing the processes and making most of the procedures online. For instance, an aspiring businessman in India has to complete 12 rounds of procedures to start his or her business when compared to 5 in higher income countries.

When the reforms are implemented and as India becomes more digital, the ease of doing business is bound to increase and scale further up. Like the honorable Prime Minister has said, bagging a place in the top 50 is really doable.

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