OPPO blesses us with a 25MP Front Camera Smartphone


OPPO Phone will now have 25 MP camera

The selfie trend is here to stay and understandably, now, we need to have better and upgraded front cameras. Afterall, what can be the best way to capture all your happy moments than clicking a selfie with your loved ones. Clicking a picture has become one of the most common things while attending any party or just for a casual day out. And OPPO is all set to make our dreams turn into reality. Continue reading to know why.


What if we tell you that you can now click amazing quality selfies with your smartphone. Even though there are many smartphones available in the market, none comes with a 25 MP front camera. OPPO F7, as mentioned earlier, is the company’s upcoming launch and we are pretty sure that the device will blow our minds.

The brand is all set to introduce its new device in the market. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the device makes OPPO’s selfie expert series more attractive. The new OPPO F7 comes with various features and benefits, which further adds to the company’s reputation and position in the market. The device will launch in India on 26th March 2018. Followed by this, this model will be launched in other South East Asian Markets.

OPPO has introduced AI beauty-recognition technology with the F5, making the selfie more real, natural, and personalized. Now, OPPO F7 will further advance the technology with the second generation AI Beauty 2.0. It has a 25 MP front camera with High Dynamic Range Sensor (HDR) technology. The device also has features like Cover Shot and AR (Augmented Reality) adhesives. The OPPO F7 will not only take the selfie to the next level but also will produce the most refined and animated photos, thus making them much more fun.

The OPPO F7 will be one of the leading smartphones in the current market

With the 25 MP front camera and HDR sensor technology, images taken with OPPO F7 will have a wider range of luminance levels when shooting images with bright light and shadow. The contrast and colour range of pixels will expand to reveal more detailed, bright and vivid self-portraits.


Sensor HDR technology

Along with the powerful 25-megapixel front camera, comes an integrated HDR Sensor technology. Taking the perfect selfie has never been so easy with this interesting feature. The HDR Sensor technology is a pre-determined feature of the new OPPO F7. It will help you click on impeccable selfies, such as a combination of impeccable colours and incredible contrast. For young people, who are always busy loading images on social networks, the powerful OPPO F7 hardware plays an important role as the image speed is faster, resulting in a more colourful and clear image in various light conditions. The HDR function can also be used in conjunction with the AI beauty mode for consumers, who are looking for the ideal selfie. This function can be used to take a picture or capture a video.

Other features of OPPO F7

The OPPO F7 has many functions with AI power supply that will make it your best accessory. The AI album will automatically group photos for faces, places, and scenes based on multiple search tags and editing tools. The other part of the AI album is the new ‘Moments’ feature. This will help the user to quickly remember the precious moments in which a photo was taken, such as birthdays.
The ‘AI tab’ is a split-screen function in which the user can play his or her favourite applications. Intelligently, you can use it to classify meetings and main hours, travel tickets or films and the status of the e-commerce order by recognizing e-mails and text messages.

AI technology also guides the administration of the F7 system. The artificial intelligence manager intelligently allocates the processing power of the 64-bit 64-bit Octa-core processor (6 GB for the 128 GB version), ensuring that the phone works at its best, 80% more than its predecessor, the F5. The AI also manages the use of energy, which allows for longer battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+: Developed For Today’s Communication

Samsung has recently unveiled its flagship Galaxy S9 and S9+. This incredible phone has voice tool with AI-powered, improved cameras, and other new features. Samsung has designed and developed this model for today’s communication.

This model is designed with a double-aperture lens that powers an advanced low-light camera, the super Slow-Motion and AR Emoji custom video capabilities. Galaxy S9 and S9+ ensure users will capture all those moments that make their lives epic.

Galaxy S9

In addition, the new Galaxy S9 and S9+ offer a refined Infinite Screen from edge to edge. In addition, Galaxy S9 and S9+ arrive with the new SmartThings application which unites the existing IoT (Internet of Things) of Samsung in a unique and intelligent experience.

The Most Advanced Functions of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+:

Today in all the smartphones, cameras are used for more things than capturing images. Consumers are looking for a camera that is as smart as their phones and with high-tech technology so that they can easily express themselves with images and high-quality tools that allow them to tell their own story in a personalized way.

In the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung has designed SuperSpeed Dual Pixel Sensor with memory power and dedicated processing that can be combined up to 12 frames in one single shot that resulting in the best quality images.

Following Are Amazing Camera Features:

Super Slow-Mo:

Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 has the dynamic slow motion feature that captures 960 frames/second. Galaxy S9 and S9+ also offer Motion Detection, a smart feature that detects any movement within the frame and switches to automatic video recording.

Once the users are done with Super Slow-mo video, they can set background music to it. Users can choose music from 35 different options which are pre-installed. Also, they can set a song from their playlist. It is also very easy to share, create, and edit GIF files.

Low Light Camera:

Galaxy S9

Good lighting while taking photos is the secret of the best photography art. However, it is common to take pictures in poor light conditions and today’s smartphone cameras have a fixed aperture that cannot be adjusted to light environments. Samsung automatically lets in more light when it is dark and less light when it is too bright and generating photos sharper wherever, whenever.

AR Emoji:

Galaxy S9

Samsung allows users to create an Emoji that acts, sounds and looks exactly like them. This new technology of AR Emoji is booming among the consumers. This unique feature has the ability to create an animated digital version of the face.

It captures user’s 100 facial features and creates a 3D model that mimics their all the expressions, such as tilting the head and blinking the eyes. This is an innovative way to communicate using AGIF format. This format can be easily attached and can send through message platforms.


Galaxy S9

It’s Samsung’s intelligence platform and now it is integrated into the S9 and S9+ camera. This feature uses Augmented Reality and machine learning technologies to provide useful information about the user’s surroundings.

This amazing feature can recognize and detect objects in real time and generates its information and shows at the top of the image wherever the camera is pointing.

Isn’t that a Smart Phone in a real sense!

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are likely to launch in India in the Month of March – 2018.

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