We need talented Indian writers

We welcome any talented Indian writers to join our team to write articles on our site about India on the categories available. We will be introducing new categories in the time to come, please keep checking the categories menu.

We welcome any talented Indian writers to join our team to write articles on our site about India under the categories available. We are willing to pay $5 per 500 words of article. Each article should contain a minimum of 500 words and there is no maximum but you will be paid only $5 per article regardless of the maximum length.

The article titles must be very popular at the current moment and must have the potentials to go viral. Hence please choose trending topics to get approved.

Here are the other criteria

1) You need to include a minimum of one suitable HD image for each article. The image size has to be landscape with a minimum of 960px width and 520px height. You can get it from Google images. It has to be high definition image. You can include unlimited images in your article.

This is how you need to filter for the HD image settings in Google images

2) You will be given a WordPress author account at our website so that you can write and post your articles anytime. Since it is a WordPress site and you can write your articles online at anytime and publish it. You must write a short bio on the author account and upload your photo and state your social profile plugins on your author account.

3) You must be willing to share your article on your Facebook or twitter pages. Your Facebook or twitter account must have good number of friends and you must state the total number of friends you have in your application. You must also upload a screen shot showing the total number of friends from FB and Twitter. We will give priority to the writers who have the highest number of friends on both FB and Twitter combined. Even if you have one of the account you can still apply.

4) Important : A gentle note, if your articles do not garner much visits or shares over time, we will not continue engaging you as our authors. Hence choosing a hot and trending title which has the potential to go viral is your utmost importance to maintain your relationship with us.

We will be hiring multiple writers. However each writer is limited to get paid only for 10 articles per month. You can write more articles in the subsequent months. This is to control our budget.

Once posting your article, please remember to set the following settings on your article

Finally to claim your payment, kindly submit a screen shot proof to show that you have shared your article on your social networks.

Here is the workflow

1) Every month, an amount of USD$100 will be funded into each author’s escrow account.
2) The authors must propose their titles and get the approval from the editor and upon approval the articles can be written and submitted for publishing through their Indiamouth.com author account.
3) The editor will approve your articles.
4) You can write the next batch of articles till you reach your $100 threshold.
5) At month end, you upload a report to Upwork/Freelancer in a word document providing the links to the article and the screen shots of the social network sharing for each article. The payments will be released from the escrow account based on your report.
6) If you reach your $100 threshold much earlier than the month end, you still have to wait till month end to get your payments processed.

How can you promote your articles?

  1. You may share your articles on your social networks.
  2. You may email your articles to your friends and families.
  3. If you are part of any large Whatsapp group, you may share your articles on it too.
  4. You may also share your article on Facebook pages with high traffic as follows :-
    • httpss://www.facebook.com/narendramodi/
    • httpss://www.facebook.com/IamSRK/
    • httpss://www.facebook.com/Timesnow/
    • Etc.

20 Replies to “We need talented Indian writers”

    1. Yes sure can, i have updated the clauses on this page on how to become a writer, can you please read the clauses and let me know if you agree to get started?

  1. Hi,
    May I know how to join your team? I’m a freelance writer and blogger from India. I am very much interested to work in your project. I’m a blogger and writer with more than 1.5 years experience. So I think you’ll find the skills that you are looking for.

    To know more about my work please go through my samples, ask for my samples. I can write a blog post or article with all SEO supplements within 24 hours.

    I’m always available on Email and hangouts. Please have a voice call or a chat if necessary. I’ll be available more than 60 hours a week and can start the project as soon as possible according to you.
    Thank you for consideration
    Best regards
    Simli chattaraj

    1. May i know how you get to know our site?

      I have updated the clauses on this page on how to become a writer, can you please read the clauses and let me know if you agree to get started?

  2. Hi
    My Self Gopal Khetani and i am from NOIDA.
    httpss://hindirasdhara.blogspot.in/ (recently [1 week back] created for hindi readers.. already 150+ vieers from UK,US & UAE apart from India.
    httpss://gujaratirasdhara.wordpress.com/ (created 1 year back for gujarati readers.. very popular from all over the world)
    i wrote microfiction stories, light humour articles on recipe, travelogue, short stories etc. won many contests also.
    i agreed with your terms and conditions.

  3. Hello,

    I am interested for that you can see sample below:


    I have 4000 Facebook Freinds / 2000+ Twitter Folowers / 10,000+ Linkedin Connection / 1000+ Instagram Followers

  4. Hello! I have another 2 writers from my family – They are very well experienced and they have unique topics/posts to write – How can I join them?? – I am already awarded writer by you on Freelancer and also i have submitted 1 article on your website – Add me in your whatsapp group for further communication – Thanks – My no. is +918866767556

  5. Dear sir,

    My name is Saurav Satyadarshi Ray and I would be delighted to write for the esteemed publication.

    I have an experience of about 3 years and 6 months in content operations, content writing, copy editing, and content management domains.

    You can find some of my works at:

    You can call me at +91 9658601541.

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